Midwest Industries Tavor Extended and XL Keymod Handguards


Looking to add an extended KeyMod handguard to your IWI Tavor bullpup rifle? Midwest Industries has two new options for Tavor owners, their new Extended and XL KeyMod handguards add 2.2 inches and 3.25 inches of length to your Tavor. Both models include a KeyMod topcover as well as one 2.1 inch five slot rail section for mounting accessories. They’re made here in the USA out of 6061 aluminum with a hard coat anodized finish and are available in both black and Flat Dark Earth. The XL model is only for Tavors with 18 inch barrels however.


The Extended model weights in at 8.7 oz without the rail and 9.6 oz with the five slot rail. The XL model weights in at 10.1 oz without the rail and 1 1oz with the five slot rail attachment. An optional end cap for an internal weapon light and additional KeyMod rail sections are also available. The Extended version retails for $149.95 while the XL version retails for $165.95 over at MidwestIndustriesinc.com.

Ray I.

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  • Vhyrus

    Honestly I think the tavor is one of the few guns that come with just enough rail to get the job done. I added the lower rail to mine and I can fit a light a grip and a sight no problem. What else do you need?

    • TV-PressPass

      I’ve only got a small pic rail on top. So having a proper space for a light mount and extra inches to grip were worth the $$

    • KestrelBike

      Agreed. First though, I love that companies are investing in add-ons for the Tavor, this can only be a good thing.
      Ultimately, my Tavor is great as-is (the only thing I’m considering adding is an ambi-safety. I’ve had a light on there that I took because I just don’t see myself using it) The weapon’s weight and balance OOTB is just fine for me.

    • USMC03Vet

      Cup holder for tactical re-hydration. Water bladders are so last season.

  • BuzzKillington

    the front end has a very pulse rifle from aliens look to it.

    • 1leggeddog

      Which is awesome.

    • TV-PressPass

      More space for your space gun!

  • hydepark

    Too bad they decided to go with the problematic and dated keymod instead of what will most likely become the industry standard very soon: M-LOK.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Classic Internet Post.

      Opinionated, wrong/misleading/misdirecting, hyping something only narrowly on the market… You’re a super star!

      • hydepark

        My experience with key mod started and ended a few years ago. Even quality attachments would quickly come lose with blue loktite. And I’m not the only one. M-LOK while not widely tested by us should be leaps and bounds ahead in that area alone.

        But nice try just the same.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Cool story, oddly, none of my loctited keymod screws have ever come loose. “And I’m not the only one.”

          And remind us all… What is it in MLOK that’s different in terms of ability of screws to come loose? Oh, that’s right…. Nothing. The nuts on the other side of the screws themselves do cam into position for alignment. But the screws are no different, still tiny machine screws that will back out. If you have screws coming loose in keymod (user error) you’ll have screws coming loose in MLOK.

        • Jack

          A few years ago? Did you help design keymod? Keymod wasn’t introduced to the public until mid 2012. It’s barely 2 years old.

          • Shanksabunch

            Ohhh SHIIITTTTTT….Burn!

        • Heck I haven’t had any come loose with a little blue loctite.

          Also as I promised I called Sig to satisfy your doubts on the MPX did you see my info post?

    • Jack

      Dated?? Why? Because m-lok was introduced slightly later?

      Problematic? It’s everywhere!! What’s the problem?

    • ThomasD

      Industry standard is a pretty high bar.

      What exactly are the problems with the keymod system?

      Other than being a direct competitor, that is…

      • hydepark

        Yeah you’re right. Magpul and Geissele have no experience or ability to set industry standards. My bad.

        • ThomasD

          Those two not being “an industry” you are (this time) correct.

          • hydepark

            LOLZ. As Tim and Eric would say, “great job!”

  • TV-PressPass

    I like mine very much 😀

    • Criton

      It is when I see pics of ones setup like yours that I keep telling my self that I need one….and I don’t. I just want one.

    • USMC03Vet

      Damn, Bro.

      That is one sexy ass rifle. NSFW that image!

    • Riot

      That is very nice looking.

    • ColaBox

      You somehow managed to make the Tavor attractive, I salute you sir. Well done.

    • FourString

      It’s like a sleeker L85A2

      • Anon. E Maus

        It’s like an L85 that actually works.

        • FourString

          H&K upgraded L85A2 is pretty reliable, A1 had the problems. if ur talking about the weight and safety location tho ur correct

          • Curious_G

            What’s an ur?

  • Lee

    Midwest really has been making some great new products the last few years. This product is great looking but I would really like it if they had a large hole milled into the very front of the rail. This way you could possibly mount a light inside of the handgaurd/rail. I think this weapon platform would kick ass with this particular setup…where you have the end of a light sticking out under the barrel.

    • Jack

      They offer a front plate that does that.

      • Jack

        There is an issue with clearance of the light on the 18″ barrels die to the bayonet lug.

  • Secundius

    Is it available in 5.45×39.

  • Dropship Ace

    This is doing scary things to my sci-fi boner.

  • Secundius

    I like the two-tone color scheme. It give the rifle Real Class Looks.