LaserLyte & Taurus Team Up!

laserlyte taurus

LaserLyte announced a joint project with Taurus to sell the PT840, Millennium G2 and PT92 pistols with the unique Center Mass laser sighting device. Phil previously reviewed the LaserLyte Center Mass laser (on a shotgun) here.

laserlyte pattern

This is the Center Mass laser pattern at 10 yards.

According to LaserLyte:

The LaserLyte CM-MK4 projects a ring of 8 red laser dots with one red laser dot in the center as the aiming laser. The circle grows at 1-inch per yard, approximately the same configuration as a shotgun aimed at a moving target. The red laser circular pattern gives the use the advantage of a wide field-of-view while keeping both eyes open for aiming. The advantages of the CM-MK4 are many, from learning the sight pattern of their Taurus personal defense pistol, to immediate and precise aiming when under threat to helping individuals with vision issues confidently return to the shooting sports.

LaserLyte states the pistol/laser combinations are already shipping to distributors, and the guns will be available through Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops and other large retailers. No word on pricing, and these specific gun and laser combinations are not shown on the Taurus website yet.

Richard Johnson

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  • gunslinger

    i thought this was for shotguns.

    although this idea is pretty neat to give you a rough area of impact.

  • Vhyrus

    Considering the accuracy of the average Taurus this seems like the perfect addition.

    • BOB

      hur hur hur…. merica, fck yeah!

  • USMC03Vet


    Does this mean a new judge is coming out to use something like this?

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Maybe on a shotgon. Sure as shit never on anything else.

  • Stan Darsh

    Laserlyte ant Taurus have some decent ideas when it comes to their products, they just both need to spend the time and money to up their QC game or fizzle out.

  • Sam Schifo

    This would actually be great for a shotgun, if you could calibrate the spread of the laser to the spread of your shot, you could know roughly how your shot is going to pattern when you shoot it.

  • Aaron E

    I like the laser pattern, but for a pistol I would prefer the outer circle to be at least half the size shown to make target acquisition easier

  • Eric S

    Does this mean I might get my Predator triangle marker at some point?

  • mig1nc

    This would be more useful if it could project an EOTech reticule instead of just dots. Or maybe.. enough dots to make it like an old “dot matrix printer”.