Cabela’s Exclusive 1911 Pistols


Magnum Research announced the introduction of four Desert Eagle 1911 guns to be sold exclusively through the outdoor retailer Cabela’s.

The first two guns use cast carbon steel frames with a gray Cerakote finish. The matte black slides are machined from solid billets of steel. A 5″ barrel “G” model and a 4.33″ barreled “C” model will be available. MSRP for either pistol is $948.

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The second two guns, one a “G” and the other a “C”, have a case-hardened carbon steel frame.  MSRP on these pistols will be $1,120.

From Magnum Research:

POMONA, NY – USA based, Magnum Research, Inc. (MRI) has once again partnered with Cabela’s to offer four exclusive new designs for the Desert Eagle 1911G and Desert Eagle 1911C.

The first two models are the .45 ACP “G” and “C” pistols, model number DE1911GSBCAB and DE1911CSBCAB. The frame on both is precision cast, machined from high-quality carbon steel, and the slide is machined from solid billets of steel and then finished in a matte black. The exclusivity of this model is the commanding gray frame which has been treated with a high temperature ceramic Cerakote™ coating and is accented with attractive black appointments. MSRP on either model is $948.

The second two new models in the Cabela’s offering are also .45 ACP “G” and “C” pistols, model number DE1911GCH and DE1911CCH. These pistols feature a case-hardened carbon steel frame using the Turnbull bone charcoal process.  MSRP is $1,120.

Both DE1911G models feature a 5” barrel length and an overall length of 8.625”. The DE1911C models feature a 4.33” barrel length and an overall length of 7.87” inches. All four models offer a slide width of 1.28” and slide thickness of 0.92” and grip thickness 1.30”. The overall weight on the “G” models is 36.2 oz. and the “C” models weigh in at just 33.9 oz. The

sights are high-profile sculptured; drift adjustment for windage, with a pinned-in front sight blade with horizontal serrations. The convenient features of all four models also include a high-ride beavertail grip safety, extended magazine release, beveled magazine well,  aluminum trigger with an over-travel stop, stainless steel full-length guide rod, extended thumb safety, enlarged ejection port, with an attractive double-diamond checkered wood grip.

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  • gunslinger

    i can’t read the manufacture name or gun type on the slide. can they make it bigger?

    • Verner

      Yeah, should be bigger, definitely, so my grandma could read it too. LOL

    • A fan of understated elegance

      Exactly! When are manufactures going to stop treating these as billboards. I want a 1911 with either “Model of 1911” or nothing on the slide. Otherwise the grey and case hardening looks are nice. The sights are good and the forward serrations are sexy. But I am not going to put up with the cognitive dissonance of having Desert Eagle stamped on a 1911.

    • TCWriter

      I agree. If they make it bigger, you’ll be able to read it from the International Space Station.

  • James

    Do all these goofball 1911s actually sell and make money? It seems like everyone and their brother has jumped onto the bandwagon in the last 10 years.

  • Mystick

    Another billboard 1911?

  • kevin kelly

    Ew, these 1911’s are so ugly. Why would anyone want that on the side in a 120 font.

  • 2wheels

    I don’t care who wants to make a 1911, but I can’t stand Magnum Researchs “Desert Eagle” 1911s… Ugh… I hate their marketing and I hate that they think it’s a good idea to name their entire product line after the Desert Eagle.

    • FourString

      Agreed. A 1911 with the IWI stamp/seal on the slide would sell much better

  • TJ

    Oh yay… another regurgitated press release mentioned as an “article”. For Jiminy Cricket’s sake, PLEASE give us something original.