Midwest Industries Yugo M85/M92 KeyMod Handguard

Midwest Industries recently released their new KeyMod Handguard for the popular Yugo M85/M92 Krinkov AK pistols. Like with their other AK rails no gunsmithing is required and it installs in a few minutes with wrenches they provide with the handguard. It’s made out of 6061 aluminum and features five anti-rotation QD sockets for swivels and comes with one 2.1 inch KeyMod rail section. Additional KeyMod rails are also available separately. It comes with a topcover that has an integrated 1913 rail for optics and accessories, a topcover made specifically for the Aimpoint T1 and Primary Arms Micro dot is also available.

It’s made right here in the U.S.A. and comes with a lifetime warranty. The version with the standard top cover retails for $144.95 while the version with the T1 topcover retails for $154.95. Check them out over at MidwestIndustriesinc.com.



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  • Dave

    I wonder if there’s any sort of heat insulation.
    I was waiting on the manticore renegade but they keep pushing back the top cover availability date, this looks like a winner.

    • Jeremy Star

      There is no heat insulation. I chose to get the regular 4 rail version because it’s cheaper and already has rails where I need to put covers so I don’t burn myself after a couple of mags.

      • Dave

        I wonder if you can mix and match because i’d like to be able to co-witness my optic (despite the cheesiness of the m92’s sights).

        • Jake W

          I have SERIOUSLY considered knocking off my front sight and replacing it with a flip-up on the rail. But, gunsmiths ain’t cheap.

          • Jeremy Star

            Every M92 I’ve ever seen has a canted front sight. Unless you get that fixed it’s not really worth it to co-witness.