CMMG 5.56 Pistol

CMMG is now making an AR-style pistol in 5.56 NATO. Previously, the company made AR-style pistols in 9mm and 300 BLK only.

Unlike the existing pistols, the 5.56 NATO version will have a 12.5″ barrel.  The 9mm and 300 BLK guns use an 8.2″ barrel. This pistol uses a free-floating KeyMod hand guard. KeyMod hand guards are thinner than traditional quad-rail designs.  Compatible accessories can be attached directly to the hand guard. Also, short lengths of rail can be added for non-compatible kit.

An ambidextrous, single-point sling attachment is standard, as is the Magpul MOE pistol grip and 30-round magazine.

CMMG AR Pistol Specifications:

Caliber: 5.56mm
Barrel: 12.5″ medium weight, 1:7” twist
Muzzle: A2 Compensator
Hand Guard: CMMG RKM11 Free-Float KeyMod hand guard
Receiver: Forged 7075-T6 AL
Trigger: Single Stage Mil-Spec Type
Furniture: Magpul MOE Pistol Grip
Weight: 5.3 lbs unloaded
Length: 28 inches
Magazine: 30-round PMAG
MSRP’s: $1,049.95

I’ve previously had the chance to shoot and review the Mk4 AR pistol in 300 BLK.  That gun ran well and was accurate.

Richard Johnson

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  • Blake

    Good call on the bbl length…

    • Duray

      …or bad call on the cartridge, depending on how you look at it. I run an 8″ Blackout.

      • Blake

        yeah, it’s called a “carbine” round for a reason &ltgrin&gt. But I guess enough people want a .223 earsplitten loudenbanger™ that CMMG saw a profitable market opportunity…

        However, given the recent trend in .223 “pistols” (now accelerated by the Sig brace), I’d expect that we’ll see a few ammo mfrs release “pistol defense” .223 loads in the not too distant future, just as the 22WMR saw a few years ago after a plethora of 22 mag pistols came on the scene.

        • valorius

          I agree. 5.56mm with faster burning pistol powder would be a heck of a lot better in these short barreled ar “pistols”

          With current loads id stick with the lightweight barnes tsx loadings.

          • Blake

            If one wanted to get started working up a load for one of these crazy things then the Hodgdon load database would be the first place to look.

            The fastest burning powder in the official load data for “.223 pistol” is H4198. They quote 2755fps for a 20.5grs starting load of the stuff with a 40gr Nosler Ballistic Tip from a 15″ carbine bbl.

            Another thing to look into would be a “reduced recoil” load using H4895. Hodgdon’s formula for this is 60% of the max load of H4895, which would be 16.5grs with the same 40gr Nosler.

            It would be interesting to mess around with both loads & see which worked better in a 12″ .223 bbl.

  • bull

    that aint a pistol… its a “firearm” 🙂

  • Vitor

    When naked of a buttstock, one can note how the buffer tube is a quite weird feature of the AR design.