TapRack App For iPhone

Thanks to ENDO for this gem.

There are just some things not conducive to the “app” experience, and this is one of them.  Awkwardly holding the phone like a gun, sliding the index finger across the smooth screen where the picture of the trigger is, banging the awkward grip against your support hand, then grabbing the top of the smooth screen where the slide is to “rack” it just looks (and is) dumb.  The TAP – RACK – BANG action is about action / muscle memory, and people practice it by loading primerless rounds or snap caps etc… into mags to simulate failure.

The App is free. Dynamic Idea Group is the one who makes this App. I am sure video gamers will like it. But Mike’s assessment is accurate. It is a gimmick for a phone and does not help practice for solving malfunctions. I just downloaded it and it is awkward. Aside from holding a phone like a gun with no grip, the trigger pull is long and must be reset at full length. Even though it looks like a Glock, it does not have the short Glock trigger reset. However the benefit is that it is free and somewhat entertaining.

Nicholas C

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  • C.

    Just tried it. Feels a bit awkward and it’s a little finicky. It’s a good way to pass the time…like the author said, it’s entertaining and it’s free.

  • Jesse Ventura

    Preforms almost as good as a real glock 😀

  • gunslinger

    how is it with using a huge otter defender case?

  • jdalton

    OMG, just downloaded the app, first time I tried it…..I accidentally shot my TV…not cool….

  • TapRackApp

    Thanks for the feedback! Any feedback is good feedback.

    The next version will have suggestions from users. We will be including trigger pull length and reset adjustments to try and simulate whatever you are use to.

    There is NO replacement for actual live fire training and this is more like a rainy day type of app! It has helped a few testers with their trigger press by training them to keep their trigger press flat and straight to the rear.

    If you all have any suggestions you may like to see in v2.0 please comment!

    -TapRack App