Taurus MFG Fires CEO Mark Kresser

According to Caleb Giddings at Gun Nuts Media, credible reports have confirmed that Taurus International Manufacturing have fired their CEO Mark Kresser. His release is a sudden move for the company after it has been trying to re-invent its image under his leadership for the past several years.

No official word on who is to replace Mark, but that information will come in due course and we will keep you posted.

Nicholas C

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Couldn’t possibly hurt!

    • Vhyrus

      You obviously don’t remember how bad Taurus used to be. I’m not saying they’re good now but they are definitely better.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Does it matter how bad Taurus used to be if right now I wouldn’t even possibly consider a single one of their products?

        Oh sweet, Tapco has surely gotten better too! That must mean they’re doing great work!

        It really couldn’t hurt that they are getting rid of their CEO.

        • M

          Kinda, the community tends to be unapologetic with this sort of stuff and a tarnished history stays for life.

        • John

          Hey now. I still buy Tapco’s… G2 triggers… and um…. slant brakes….lol…to stay compliant…

          they should really just names themselves: The 922r store…

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          Tapco has some really good products out there, such as their G2 trigger groups, retaining plates and AK or SKS polymer magazines, while other products still leave a lot to be desired ( such as some models of their polymer buttstocks, depending on the individual application ). The important thing is that they are gradually improving on an overall basis, which is what matters for the consumer ( read end-user, such as you or me ) in the long run. In the meantime, as with any other manufacturer, including even the most consistently reputable ones, do your research, know the product, and think carefully about its application before you buy.

          • Zachary marrs

            Hey now; their 10/22 stocks aren’t half bad

      • John

        If anything, over the past few years, they’ve gotten worse.

    • DiverEngrSL17K


  • This is most interesting… Mark did a great job of pulling Taurus forward. Taurus was total crap before and now they are “Almost Decent”.

    • Zachary marrs

      No, if anything, they are worse, they used to be good back in the 80’s but not anymore

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        You have a good point there. I think the distinctly mixed impressions and results concerning Taurus firearms come about not only from the time period in which they were made, but also the fact that some models are well-made and perform very well, while others are the opposite. Add to that the complications of QA/QC variations within the same model line and even, sometimes, between production runs of the same model line, and we can see why informed opinions and experiences vary so much. Consistency, or the lack thereof, appears to be the biggest single bugbear for Taurus firearms at the time of writing, so anyone looking at purchasing one will have to evaluate these guns carefully and thoroughly on a case-by-case basis.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Oh look, the obligatory gun snob posts have started.

      • Guest

        Every shopper I’ve seen debating between a PT92 and an 92FS always asks if the Taurus is as good as the Beretta. No one ever asks if the Beretta is as good as the Taurus. Just saying.

      • Zachary marrs

        Oh shove off, my first non rimfire gun was a hi poimt 995 carbine, I still shoot it, Taurus is crap, wether the guns go off if you shake them, or when you shoot the gun and it goes full auto and field strips itself on the last round

        • Sulaco

          Truth is something some people can’t stand…

    • Stephen

      I have three good gunsmith friends (who don’t know each other) and all say the firearm they work on the most and send back to the manufacturer is… Taurus.

  • sianmink

    Looks like it’s due to a corporate takeover. CBC/Magtech just got controlling interest.

  • dan citizen

    All right everybody, submit your resume.

    • DiverEngrSL17K


  • USMC03Vet

    Thanks, Obama…

    • dan citizen

      I know, right?

  • We’ll be posting it later but they have already hired a new CEO

    • dan citizen

      is it me? I sent in a really cool resume. The trick is to bulk it up with a bunch of covert stuff they can’t check…

      like this:
      REPLACE: “Fry cook at McDonalds from 2/11/09 to 2/14/09”
      WITH THIS: “Covert Fry Technician at McDonalds 12/7/1941 ro 2/14/09”

      And this job-winner:
      “Member-of-secret-mall-based-security-rapid-response-anti-terrorist-CQB-team at SECRET location from 9/11/01 to Present”

    • Kivaari

      The gun industry has a reputation for chewing up CEO-types. A person could be a great CEO, but if you have to turn around a company that has tens of thousands of defective or sub-standard gizmoes, it can be too big of a job. If a CEO sitting in his corner office, can’t get the crew to improve in making the product, and can’t hire an effective customer service department, the cumulative effect is you are leading a lost cause.
      My first clash in the service arena of the gun business came with Beretta nearly 30 years ago. Beretta’s poor customer service, drove my business to other gun makers.
      I bought a Benelli Nova riot gun a few years back. The gun had to be slammed butt down to extract fired cases. Often the extractor ripped through the rim. I wrote Beretta, and had no response. I sent a dozen fired cases with torn rims, no response.
      I took the gun to a dealer in Olympia (WA) where I bought it. The dealer said every short barreled Nova he sold had the same issue. He refunded me. In this case the dealer once again had to handle an issue with the manufacturer. That screws the dealer. Dealers can only absorb so much added cost and paperwork. Once the gun is sold, the maker needs to invest in a superior customer service department. The attitudes of the staff oozes across the phone lines. It can turn a customer into an anti-Taurus (or fill in the blank) COUNTER SALESMAN.
      You want the very best people taking customer calls in your warranty department.
      When Colt started the warranty period clock from the day the gun was shipped from the factory, even if it remained unsold for 3 years, it was out of warranty. Talk about angry customers and very angry dealers getting generated, that causes companies to fail.
      Make ’em right the first time. Stand behind the product. If a dealer buys your product, with your lifetime warranty, it doesn’t do any good if half of your product is getting serviced and then sold as refurbished. When buying optics just look at the products being sold as refurbished. If there are enough product going into a refurbished product line, then your product is inferior. Think optics and hunting electronics. Your product stinks if you have enough items to fill a vendors catalog.

  • guest


  • John

    Good. Maybe they’ll hire somebody who knows how to run a company. My local shop stopped carrying Taurus products entirely as they had to return more than a quarter of everything they bought, and of course it would take several months to get Taurus to fix anything.

    One customer even had a .44 magnum Taurus revolver blow up the first round down the pipe requiring stitches.

    • Fast dad

      Have you ever met Mark and had the chance to have a serious conversation with the man? Do you realize all that he had done in the 4 years he has had at Taurus? Do you really have any idea of his commitment to making a better company, creating better service, and making a better firearm.
      After having several problems with a Tracker 44 mag. (That was built years before Mark had joined Taurus) I was given the opportunity to visit the Taurus operation in Miami and speak with Mark and his team. I toured the complete facility and was told that whatever I wanted to see and whoever I wanted to speak to was available to me for the asking. I saw everything in that facility. I went through the repair facility and spoke with the gunsmiths. I went through the manufacturing and machining facilities and spoke with the workers. I went through the customer service dept. and had meetings with the dept. heads about my experiences and problems encountered with my Taurus. I saw first hand the changes that had been made, and were being implemented to improve everything about Taurus in the U. S.
      I’m sure you have heard the problems other US gunmakers have recently had. All manufacturers have problems , cars, firearms, appliances , pharmaceuticals. How many of them would take the time or money to bring a customer 4,000 miles to hear about the problems they have had firsthand so that they could make changes to improve their product, and service. I would say not many if any. But that’s what Mark Kresser did.

  • Secundius

    It the ex-CEO didn’t see this one coming, then he wasn’t a very good CEO. or maybe they just didn’t want to pay his over inflated salary.

    • dan citizen

      They told him they were moving all the stuff out of his office for cleaning.
      “Here Mr Kresser, we’ll place your pictures in this special dumpster…”

      • Secundius

        @ dan citizen.

        I sure Mitt Romney and the Bain Capital Investment Group, the employees of the companies, that he and his investment group just liquidated they same thing. What’s your POINT.

        • dan citizen

          No point at all, just me being silly.

          • USAFRPK

            The Taurus CT9 is a reliable weapons platform. The BIG problem is only 10 round magazines are available. If this decision came from the likes of this CEO, then it was time to say farewell. And, you can not even get any high capacity magazines for it even though the Brazillian police and military use them. What utter crapolla! I own several Taurus semiautomatic pistols and revolvers. For the most part, they have been good handguns, especially the semiautomatics. If you do not like Taurus products, might I suggest not buying any?

          • dan citizen

            I love Taurus firearms. I had an older .357 revolver for years before my brother mooched it off of me. It was later badly damaged from a high fall (don’t ask) and Taurus repaired it free of charge, even though he told them how it was damaged.

            I carried one of their older 92’s for a couple of years and it performed very well in real world use and the only time I needed to use it the Taurus did an admirable job, right up until I was shot, and then it became irrelevant through no fault of it’s own.

            So even though now I am old and fat and I carry a different firearm, I still have a warm regard for Taurus products.

  • T Rex

    Hopefully the new Taurus Holdings CEO will fire everyone in quality control and customer service then start over. After my experience trying to communicate with some Shaniqua in customer service about an undersized out of tolerance chamber in a Rossi Tuffy .410 shotgun that required spent shells to be driven out with a dowel rod, I steer clear of any Rossi or Taurus product. Fortunately I bought the little snake gun from Academy and they handled the return and warranty repair that Shaniqua did her best to hassle and discourage me based on her vast troubleshooting working knowledge of firearms. Before that experience I assumed it was virtually impossible to screw up producing a gun as basic as a .410 single shot, but I was wrong. After staying on hold for an hour I tried in vain for another 15 minutes to communicate with the Ebonics fluent customer service rep who wanted to know what kind of bullets I used in the shotgun.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      T Rex, I’m really sorry to hear about your bad experiences with that particular Tuffy .410. I sincerely hope your concerns have since been resolved to your satisfaction, in spite of one “Shaniqua”. I have the same exact weapon that I pack away as a survival shotgun, and it has been 100% functional and totally reliable from the get-go even in the most unforgiving field conditions. These completely opposite experiences with the same gun serve to only reinforce my previous comments that Taurus seem to have consistency issues with their QA / QC, resulting in some guns built to exact tolerances that work perfectly while others of the same type are out of specification and barely work at all.

  • Matt V

    All I know is the 2 Taurus revolvers I own work flawless. I have A 6 month old model 608 8 round .357 magnum with over 500 rounds down range without one problem and a raging bull 500 S&W magnum (that I purchased used) i have fired about 250 round through plus the unknown number the previous owner fired. I really like both of these guns and highly recommend them. Guess I just had better luck.

  • Justice

    Too bad for Kresser. It might not necessarily be his fault; the company was not that good to begin with. I hope the new CEO will do better.
    I’ve had 3 Taurus semiautos and all of them worked just fine. I’m about to buy a 4th. They’re as good as the Glock’s and S&W’s I buy, but it is cheaper and easier on the wallet.

  • Kivaari

    I must say that Taurus earned a poor reputation over decades. Quality control issues did result in many customer complaints. The customer service staff was rude or nearly impossible to talk with. I have owned and used a few Taurus .22 magnum and .38 Special revolvers. The ones in the last decade were OK, but could have used finer interior parts finishing. All of them required polishing small parts.
    Having hung around the gun business, owning 2 stores, and working in other shops, Taurus did have a huge problem. Several stores finally stopped selling Taurus products. Like AMT, I would tell customers, I would NOT help them with warranty issues. If they wanted the gun, it was with that understanding. I did not have issues with the M85’s, and sold many.
    When dealers get worn out taking care of a manufacturers failures, it seriously erodes the confidence in the product. New-in-the-box semi-auto pistols having warped or broken grips that allow parts to move out of place really detracts from its image as being a reliable pistol.
    I also have to admit, that after so many defective guns passing through my hands, that I no longer even look at them. That’s not good for business.
    It isn’t just Taurus, Colt, Beretta and Charter Arms failed the customer service test as well. If only the customer service people could be more polite, it would soften the pain customers feel.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      A well-presented, factual and even-handed comment — thank you.

  • jack