Strike Industries AR Trigger Hammer Jig

Strike Industries has released a novel contraption: the AR Trigger Hammer Jig for AR-series weapons. As Strike describes the jig:

The AR15 Trigger Jig allows you to clearly see the sear, hammer, and disconnector engagement points while under normal spring tension. The Trigger Jig enables you to dry fire the trigger without damaging the jig or other internal parts and make necessary adjustments while checking functionality.


If one mounts it in a vice, you can measure trigger pull. The jig package includes the pins, hammer block, grip adapter screws, and grip adapter. It is available for $39.95 on Strike Industries’ website. 

A “mini review” of the jig is available on Click the link to be taken to the review. In short, they are enamored with it.


Details (Courtesy of Strike Industries):

– Clear visibility to see all the moving parts of the trigger while in motion
– Enables you to practice installing the trigger without taking a chance at scratching your rifle
– Allows you to demonstrate how the trigger works
– Able to dry fire the trigger without damaging the jig or other internal parts to check for -functionality
– Allows you to mount the jig in a vise and adjust for trigger pull without having the rifle present
– Hammer bumper
– You can also install selector switch and pistol grip.

Note: Trigger assembly and Grip NOT INCLUDED



Nathan S

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  • Donald Dringus

    Let me be the first to ask the obvious question: would it be legal for a non-licensee to drill a hole and install an auto sear, M16 FCG into this contraption?

    • I probably wouldn’t risk it.

    • dan citizen


      • gunslinger

        why not?

        • dan citizen

          BATFE is always a little touchy about select fire FCG parts, frequently taking the “once full auto = always full auto” stance (notably their M14 prosecutions). They have made exceptions, but sometimes change thier mind.

          An assembled and functioning select fire FCG, even in a “non receiver” would almost undoubtedly be seen by them as a non tax stamped NFA item. The fact that it is not functional in it’s current state would be explained away by the concept they employ “readily convertible” or possibly they would say it was “constructive possession” (I have been asked to relinquish individual parts under the constructive possession concept, and I did turn them in).

          BATFE has allowed some items like cutaway guns and blank firing non-guns that contain these same parts in a working configuration. In a couple cases for dewatts they have given me very specific conditions (where to cut a hole, welded in pins, etc)

          BATFE is generally pretty friendly when you ask first, though they are reluctant to answer open ended questions. ie: asking “can I assemble an M16 FCG on a Strike Industries jig” vs asking “how do I make a non NFA working model of an M16 FCG”

          Bonus pic:

    • gunslinger

      Interesting question.

      is the autosear what is registered? or is it the receiver?

      all this is is a hunk of metal you can afix some parts to. HOWEVER if having the autosear in conjunction with regular semi auto fiearms is a no-no. well then you have the answer.

      it would be cool to see how a FA or burst assembly works in person.

  • James

    “Trigger assembly and Grip NOT INCLUDED”…but for $39….still a good price

    • John

      Yeah, I have some spare FCGs and grips sitting in a Ziploc bag that could be put to some use. If not for gunsmithing this would be a good coffee table conversation piece

      • James

        I would use it for trigger practice.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    I almost don’t want to publish my comment…. But..

    This is basically a no-ffl-required, $40, universal receiver.

    Just think of the possibilities.

    • PK

      There are already quite a few trigger jigs and packs like this on the market. It’s no more of a universal receiver than an HK trigger pack.

      That said, it’s not uncommon to see jigs used for home builds.

    • Risky

      It’s a box with holes it in. If you have the knowledge and tools to turn that into a firearm you could just make one yourself from scratch to begin with.

    • MrTorben

      i guess depending on one’s location, the no-ffl part has its value but otherwise, I am missing what everyone seems to be reading between the lines.

  • PK

    Wow, that’s a much better price than the other fixture I’ve seen in the past. Just ordered one, we’ll see how it works out.

  • dan citizen

    Great tool,

  • hkryan

    I like the selector markings!