SilencerCo Set To Release Feature Film?


Yesterday I received an email from SilencerCo, which I figured would be more info about the Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor they just released.  But I was pleased to see more SilencerCo humor.  This time it was Johnny Dronehunter: Defender of Privacy – Official Trailer.

SilencerCo is known for their very well made, but entirely fictitious videos.  Most recently was the release of the Wizard Staff video back in April.  If you happened to miss that one, a recap can be found here:

While I get the video is a cleaver bit of satire, I also look at SilencerCo’s record of over the top, impeccably produced videos and wonder… Is SilencerCo planning to release their own Johnny Dronehunter: Defender of Privacy short film? I would not be surprised in the least if they did.

Sam Cadle

Sam Cadle is a prior service member from the US Coast Guard, and has extensive firearms training from the military. He spent many years working counter narcotics in Central America and working maritime law enforcement and anti-terrorism stateside. He has also written articles as guest writer that are published on other firearms related blogs. He is currently a successful writer for, specializing in gun rights and politics in Washington State, as well as across the United States. His passions are long range precision shooting, coyote hunting and keeping up with the firearms community.

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  • gunslinger

    drone hunter? i can only imagine where that’s going

  • Matt in SLC

    It seems silencerco and I use the same shooting spot. Now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder if they’re hiring…

  • Avery

    Ah man, I really want to see more of the Wizard and his Wizard Wand from this yeat’s April’s Fools Day gag.

  • Bill

    I know I’m taking this WAY too seriously, but is our sport/working tool industry best served by what looks to be an out-take from Breaking Bad? What do drones have to do with privacy? Whats next on the target card, police helicopters? Sorry, not the best representation of what could be a valuable tool to anyone using a firearm.

    • Komrad

      You’re not supposed to actually take the blue pill.