AR-15 Torture Test: Helicopter, Tannerite, Cop Car

Andy of Florida Gun Supply sent this to us. They torture test an Enfield Rifle Company’s MERC415. They drop it from a helicopter. From the video, it seems they are only a couple hundred feet off the ground. They don’t mention what altitude they are at. It was interesting to see the baseplate of the PMAG fail and the spring popping out.

Then they blow up some tannerite next to the gun followed by driving a patrol car over the gun.

Nicholas C

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  • Frank

    This was done by Daniel Defense about three years ago.

    • Frank
    • sianmink

      I was about to sat, didn‘t LAV do pretty much exactly all this with a DDM4?(and shock everyone with how well the aimpoint on it held up)

      • Frank

        Yeah they did a few more as well. They did a water test, mud test, and shot it with a shotgun.

    • dan

      I was going to say the same thing

  • Joe

    “it seems they are only a couple hundred feet off the ground.”

    Physics young man, physics. At 100 meters (~300 ft) the gun hits the ground at ~44mph. Pretty fast.

    • Nicholas C

      My point wasn’t that the height is not a good test, just that it would have been nice to know exactly how high up they were.

  • Van the Handcannon Man

    Don’t forget the guys who did this and more to a Glock 21:

  • Esh325

    These “torture tests” are nothing but silly over the top advertising, they prove nothing.

    • Ergo

      I’d rather see a torture test involving how the rifle runs after a few thousand rounds down the pipe without cleaning.

      • Joshua

        Go look up Filthy 14, or go take a EAG course with Pat Rogers and use one of their rack guns. All of their guns have multiple thousands of round down them with no cleaning and just a little added lubricant.

        • Ergo

          filthy 14 was a bcm rifle. the video and comments are concerning an enfield rifle. Everyone knows a bcm will run that isn’t at issue.
          At issue is a worthwhile torture test for the enfield rifle. Any off the rack rifle could survive the video torture test. Not any off the rack rifle could run a few thousand rounds without a hickup.

    • dan citizen

      Standard infomercial fare…
      “Tired of your rifle always falling out of your helicopter?”
      “But wait, there’s more!”
      “For a short time only you can get a second rifle for just shipping and handling!”

  • dan citizen

    I guess they missed this test….

    • Yellow Devil

      To be fair, I wouldn’t fire any weapon that was just submerged without properly draining, M-4 or otherwise.

      • dan citizen

        Agreed, I know some weapons are rated for firing during, after, or partially submerged without clearing. But I wouldn’t do it unless there was no other option.

    • Joshua

      Ahh yes, the special custom OTB variant HK416 against a base line non OTB rated M4.

      You do realize that the HK416 used in that video has a number of proprietary modifications made that allow it to work with a obstructed bore.

      Most rifles are not OTB rated and would fail a test where the bore is full of water or any other form of obstruction.

      • guest

        Just be thankful that there was comparison to an AK, or the whole AR crowd would have to run and retreat to their electronic-chip production cleanrooms, the only place where an AR can actually fuction without failing.

        • Joshua

          Really? Mine always performed fine in Afghanistan and Iraq, I had no idea they where whole countries building electronic components….amazing!

        • Joshua

          Also want to add, that during the initial testing of the AR-15 by the Army one key point that was brought up over and over was water retention in the bore.

          The video you linked is the AK-47(the OTB part), it’s has a .30cal bore which means when the barrel leaves the water it immediately begins draining out of the bore. OTB is not a concern in large bore rifle because the internal diameter of the bore is large enough to not hold water.

          Once you get down to the .223 bore size of most modern rifles it becomes a major issue, as the small bore diameter actually retains water left in the bore unless you uncork it by charging the rifle.

          The AR-10 being a .30 cal rifle would also not retain water in the bore in a situation where you are submerged and then emerge and need to fire, it is strictly a issue with SCHV(Small Caliber High Velocity) rifles.

  • dan citizen

    iraqveteran8888 set the standard for torture tests.

  • claymore

    A bit late LOL. I along with another Trooper and some Local Marines were in a film like this way back in 1986 produced by Colt when the M-16A2 first came out.

    Did the same stuff but no helicopter ran it over with a Jeep and drop tested it from the roof of our range roof and even simulated falling into water and dunking the rifle. It was COLD so cold we had to smash the ice on the brook before we could fall in.

    We also showed the M-203 blasting a “hut” on our range but used a practice round and 1/2 lb of C-4 with a couple gallons of gasoline in the hut set off remotely. The results were spectacular the hut vaporized and a large fireball rose about 30 feet in the air.

    We thought it was a bit much for a 203 round but the producer loved it and said we will just tell them the hut was an ammo bunker.

    Anybody ever see a Colt ad like that?

  • M

    What was with that edit at 1:12. Failure from the get-go?

  • Zachary marrs

    “Enfield rifle company” way to create false brand recognition.

    its like me starting a company called garand rifles Or krag rifles

    • John

      Or Springfield Armory…

      • Zachary marrs

        Ooh, shots fired.

  • BB

    I would like to see a torture test that is so tough that even the GoPro breaks down.
    When is GoPro start building AR-15s?

  • CA

    You don’t need a helicopter to throw it 25 yards. The Magazine failed, that’s really weak. I never liked PMAG’s from the get-go. The standard magpul aluminum magazine is nice though.

  • skro

    If you gun drops from a helicopter during a firefight you are spose to land it, pick up your gun and get back to the gun fight? I think the year 2000 Call of duty kids now have important jobs and think real life is a video game.