TAVOR Rifles for MA, MD and NJ


IWI US announced they are now shipping state compliant TAVOR rifles to Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey.  The new rifles are model # TSB18RS.

The state compliant TAVOR rifles have an 18″ barrel and a 2″ muzzle brake that is permanently attached.  The overall length of the rifle is 30″.  Ten round magazines are standard.

MSRP on the TSB18RS is $2,049.  Since IWI US is currently shipping these to distributors, you should be able to pick one up locally if you are so inclined.

From IWI US:

 IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd.,
is pleased to announce the TAVOR® SAR RS models for the states of Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey are now shipping to area distributors. The MA, MD and NJ RS models comply with all state statutes and still provides the TAVOR® SAR fan an unprecedented experience in firepower and performance.
The model TAVOR® SAR RS (TSB18RS) is built on the 18″ barrel model and features a non-removable 2″ muzzle break that yields an OAL of 30″ and is supplied with a 10-round magazine.
The TAVOR® SAR RS model incorporates a full-length MIL-STD Picatinny top rail in addition to the standard short rail mounted at a 45° angle opposite the charging handle. Backup Iron Sights (BUIS) are embedded and spring loaded in the top of the Picatinny rail and the front post contains a Tritium insert on a standard AR thread, fully adjustable for windage and elevation (tool provided). The standard caliber is .223/5.56 NATO. Available in Black only. MSRP is $2,049.00

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Duray

    If I put a “muzzle break” on my .45 Long Colt, how many bullets would the clip hold?

    • Tom

      Depends if you have a shoulder thing that goes up or not.

      • Lammo

        That or whether you still have any clips with bullets in them since they can’t be refilled. 🙂


      How many grain do I have to put in my custom magic bullets to give them homing capabilities for instant headshots?

    • Gwolf

      30 round clips a second is the answer.

  • DogtheBountyHunter

    What about one for NY?

    • Porty1119

      Probably not too difficult. You would just change the grip angle and fill in the space behind it to avoid having a ‘pistol grip’. Bingo, NY-legal Halo-rifle.

  • Vhyrus

    Remember boys and girls: the tavor barrel is quick change, and you can buy new barrels online. Not that I am advocating the circumvention of pointless and cumbersome firearms laws by otherwise law abiding citizens. That would be irresponsible of me :).

  • interwebs762

    As a Marylander I am happy that we have access to these now… but it is embarrassing. Thanks, IWI, for putting up with our dumb laws

  • the hun

    You would think the IDF would need all of the Tavors they can get their hands on to kill Palestinian kids.

    • anti hun

      obvious troll is obvious

      • bucherm


        I mean for one thing the IDF mostly uses Drones and helicopter gunships to kill Palestinian kids. Seriously, he needs to get with the times.

        • FrenchKiss

          Gfy Jew-hating stupid cocksucker

          • bucherm

            Ease off the pedal Frenchie, it’s a joke.

          • FrenchKiss

            Sorry you sounded like the other guy. I have been known to have an itchy trigger finger.

          • ToMaZi

            Pfff, drones are normally just used for surveillance – We prefer to have boots on the ground so we can collect that oh so tasty gentile blood. I mean what are we fighting for if not for our Jewish vampiric treats.

          • You got that right!

    • Tim U

      They wouldn’t be killing those kids if the Palestinian adults with guns wouldn’t keep shoving them into the line of fire. The only people who want a high body count over there are the Hamas militants.

      • Anonymous

        Gfy, Muslim-hating stupid cocksucker! 😐
        The Zionist Regime of Israel has killed too many Palestinians before Hamas shows-up.
        Palestinians are not just Muslims, there are Christians between ’em also.

    • Guest

    • SP mclaughlin
      • suchumski

        no problem, hide behind your kids and we shoot you thru your cover,
        no more kid games, beter your kids then ours!

        bay the way, now with no electricity your frouthen “viktims”
        you misstreat for telegenic-korps-palliwood
        will smell in the patology, the
        large and the small ones!

        and if we knock on your roof, runn…… 😉

    • Anon

      That reminds me. Every morning to the office I see the same bum out in the intersection yelling about the lizard-alien pedophiles out to get us. Most of the time he’s clothed, mostly. I’ll give the guy credit, he keeps finding that same corner every time he gets out of jail due to overcrowding.

    • FrenchKiss

      Gfy jew-hating asshole.

  • Beaumont

    Muzzle “brake”, not “break”.

  • John Daniels

    Why not just put on a 20″ barrel with a crowned muzzle?

    • Cymond

      Probably because they would need to produce barrels specifically for that. This way, they’re just welding a muzzle brake onto barrels they already have. It only takes a few minutes and a few dollars.

  • John Bear Ross

    Muzzle brake = a device to mitigate the recoil impulse felt by the shooter.
    Muzzle break = a reason to visit the gunsmith.


    • Mystick

      It’s not the first time…

  • Mystick

    I’ll just wait until I move out of The People’s Republic of DCBaltimoria… and buy fully functional and featured firearms.

    • FourString

      and fully automatic no? *grin*

      • Mystick

        Not necessarily. I’m not a rich man, unfortunately.

        • FourString

          i hear ya. happy switches shud be a god given right sigh

  • michaeljball

    MA has no OAL requirement. I had an FSC556 on my SAR16. Sold it and built an SBR instead. It was a great rifle but not quite there yet…


  • Misa Miodrag

    30″ overall length is still a pretty short rifle, our Canadian “non-restricted” versions are about 29 3/4 overall. Still compact, but with a benefit of a longer 18″ barrel.

  • MDShooter

    Glad I got my original Tavor cash & carry before the laws changed in MD.

  • Cymond

    It seems the MSRP has gone up $50, but I’m glad they’ve changed from a 16.5″ barrel with 3.5″ brake to an 18″ barrel and 2″ brake.


  • joedeats

    I could kinda care less if blue staters get to share in the 2nd Amendment or not. If you don’t have the common sense or guts to move to a free red state you will get what your Marxists overseers allow you to get.