Adams Arms Releases Piston-Driven AR Pistols

The glut of AR-style pistols keeps getting larger (and that’s a good thing!). Now, Adams Arms has released their Tactical Evo “Upgraded Pistols” featuring their piston system. The new pistols utilize Adams’ sister-company VooDoo Innovation’s barrels, available in both 7.5″ and 11.5″.

The 7.5" model is pictured. The 11.5" is the main article picture.

The 7.5″ model is pictured. The 11.5″ is the main article picture.

The latest pistols have a full retail of $1,412, but are currently on priced at a special introductory price on Adams’ Arms website for $1,099.00 The pistols include an Samson Evolution handguard/rail running all the way to and under the gas block.


The 7.5″ complete upper.

The new pistols are full compatible with the various arm braces hitting the market. The uppers are also available stand-alone without sights at $777 for both 7.5″ and 11.5″, respectively.

Full Press Release Below:

Adams Arms Announces New AR Pistols:

Following their recent broadcast across the media outlets regarding their new and improved pricing, Adams Arms continues to push forward to bring fresh and exciting products to the market. This week, they announced the new addition to their lineup of piston driven rifles: their AR Pistol.

The new Adams Arms AR Pistols are currently being offered in 7.5″ and 11.5″ barrel configurations with an amazing introductory price of $1099, which includes a Samson Evolution rail. The AR Pistols are currently available on their site and through distribution partners and exclusive dealers.

The AR Pistol has become increasingly popular since the ATF ruled that the well-known arm brace does not fall into the same category as a standard rifle stock. Adams Arms has long produced short-barreled uppers for individual purchase, which have been very successful, so the natural order of progression was to move toward offering consumers a more complete package.

One of the biggest benefits to the Adams Arms pistols is their exclusive use of VooDoo Barrels, which offer superior accuracy, velocity, and longevity over the competitors, making the use of shorter barrels a more viable option. Combined with the Adams Arms piston system, which runs cleaner and cooler while increasing the service life of the weapon, their new AR Pistol is a great new addition to your collection.

Nathan S

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  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Will someone PLEASE make a bufferless AR pistol? Preferably one compatible with existing pistol lowers? Rock River Arms had me so excited with their PDS “Conversion kit” for AR lowers, but it never came to fruition.

  • BryanS

    Thank you Sig!

  • “Pistols”. Damn I hate SBR laws.

  • Cymond

    Wait, “various arm braces”? I only know about the Sig, are there others? Variety is good.

    • ClintTorres

      AFAIK, Sig bought the patent.

  • Dave S.

    I am in the middle of a pistol build and I bought a Voodoo 11.5″ barrel for it. Not all together yet but the barrel does look very nice. Just waiting on my can then can let her rip.

  • Zachary marrs

    The biggest problem with piston ars, is (imho) that they are all proprietary, unlike say, the piston system on the m1 carbine, or m1 garand. If someone was to force me to get a piston ar, it’d be a ruger (id still bitch a lot, but…)

    And the only round that makes sense in a ar pistol is 300 blackout, and I hate that round

    • echelon

      Actually the AA piston system is as close to “standard” as you’ll find in piston ARs. It’s used by various other companies as their piston system. Besides, they’ll still run even if the op rod is broken. And you can buy full replacement kits for the piston system and BCGs…

      The Ruger piston system is a b* compared to the AA system. It’s way more complicated to take apart and it’s heavier. Plus Ruger pins their whole system on and you have to send it back to them for repair/taking apart or you void the warranty.

    • ClintTorres

      5.56 makes sense if you like to shoot on the cheap….300blk…not so much.

      • Zachary marrs

        300blk makes sense out of a short barrel……5.56 not so much

        • ClintTorres

          Yeah, anything more than paper, swingers or gongs is questionable.

        • echelon

          I would disagree. It seems that anyone I talk to in the LE or Mil world that has to do CQB or room clearing prefer 5.56 SBRs over 9mm or 45ACP subguns…just subjective anecdotes but they live it vs. monday morning quarterback opinions, you know?

          To me it’s more about the right tool for the right job.

          • seans

            A 300 Blackout would be much preferred for CQC, but the only military units that even got it are the SMUs. Whiteside sof isn’t so lucky yet.

          • echelon

            To be sure I wasn’t disagreeing with the statement that 300BLK makes sense out of a short barrel – the round was designed for that after all. I was commenting more about 5.56 not making sense.

            And you are correct. 300BLK hasn’t reached the adoption levels yet where it is widely available and practical for use. Hence my comment that as of right now 5.56 is the preferred CQC round as opposed to pistol caliber rounds.

            I suppose in a broader sense we could say rifle caliber rounds as a whole do make sense in shorter barrels for CQC work…again, the right tool for the right job, etc…

  • Nessie

    Could someone explain the foreigner why you’d want this over a carbine? Just to get shorter barrel lengths?

    • echelon

      Easier handling inside a home or building, “truck gun”, urban environment use, F* You to the government just because they say we can’t have “SBRs”…shall I go on? 🙂

      I can reliably hit steel at 400 yds with my 11.5”. It may not kill you in one shot but I don’t know any human that would just willingly stand there and take incoming fire from a “puny” 5.56 pistol…

  • echelon

    I just built one of these with an 11.5″ AA upper, SanTan Tactical full ambidextrous lower, KAK tube and Sig brace…I love it.

    11.5″ is the lowest I’d go for a “pistol” or “SBR” with 5.56. The velocity loss from 11.5 to even 10 is pretty bad and going to 7.5″ is worse.

    • ClintTorres

      Ballistics By The Inch says velocity loss from 11″ to 10″ is approx. 50fps for 55gr.

      • echelon

        In my own subjective testing with different ammo I’ve had on hand I’ve seen 80 to 100fps drops with a 10″ upper I had and subsequently sold. I use 2500fps as the baseline for 5.56 lethality. This in itself is somewhat subjective depending on who you talk to.

        With my 11.5″ AA upper I’ve not had a load go under 2500fps with 55gr being the lightest I’ve shot. With the 10″ there were several kinds that went well below 2500.

        Again, subjectively, although there is obvious fps loss any time you shorten the barrel I feel that the weight and length savings going from a 14.5″ with pinned muzzle device to an 11.5″ is acceptable in light of the fps loss.

        YMMV. And I don’t think there’s any magic bullet – either. The 5.56 was designed to be used in a 20″ barreled rifle so even going to 16″ is not doing the round justice, IMHO.

        Here’s a good read:

        • ClintTorres

          Thanks for the link.

          Yeah, I was agonizing over barrel length on my pistol build.

          What ended up selling me on 10.5″ was price. I ultimately decided not to go whole hog on what will end up being nothing more than a range toy.

          If I want to reach out, I’ll have to shoot my 20″ or my 18″ Grendel.

          • echelon

            Yeah I think realistically 10″ is probably the shortest I’d go on an AR. The other reason I went with a piston system is because on the DI upper it was very ammo finicky as well. I think the piston system aids the cycling in a short barrel system.

            I also think 200 meters and in is pretty much tops for a “pistol” in a rifle caliber.

            There’s wisdom in picking the right tool for the right job! 🙂

          • ClintTorres

            When ordering from the pre-made uppers at the place I purchase from, I had a choice between wylde chamber/pistol gas or 5.56 chamber/carbine gas when what I really wanted was wylde chamber/carbine gas. Oh well, at least it was melonited.

            Life is so full of compromises…especially if you want a deal.
            $240 for upper was just too cheap to pass up.

          • echelon

            I hear that! I’m in the business so that takes some of the sting out, but yeah the AA uppers aren’t the cheapest on the block. Much cheaper than PWS or LWRC though…

            The conversion kit only runs about $200 or so as well, which isn’t bad if one has the know how and desire to do it themself.

  • carmachette

    I admit it – I actually bought the 7″ from AA yesterday. Couldn’t pass it up give the Voodoo barrel, Samson handguard, Samson sights and JP trigger group. I’ve got my “serious” 16″ and 18″ ARs and wanted something fun and loud. I’m ok with the ballistic performance drop for what amounts to a range plinker, but understand that the AA 7.5″ has been chronoed at just under 2500 fps with XM193 55gr. (see

    This will be my third AA purchase and so far I’ve been very impressed with the build quality and customer service. I think the 11.5″ may be slightly more practical, but you can always suppress the 7.5″ with a heavy 7.62 can, like the SDN or Specwar which are warranted to that barrel length.

  • Anon. E Maus

    Wow, an AR-15 pistol with a gas-system that offers no benefits to me over the original DI system, and for just twice the price? Where do I sign?

  • ozzallos .

    This is not impressive with a buffer tube.