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  • guest

    Now that’s a nifty little thing. Imagine this being useful to avoid range neighbours complaining about brass flying their way.

    • bbmg

      Yep, and there’s nothing for forensics to find 😉

      • guest


  • gunslinger

    can you make one for under 50 bucks?

    • Stephen

      Probably – I know I have a coat hanger, a section of mesh and a couple of old mounting rings.

      I like the clamp on brass catcher but I have seen others where the hot brass melts the netting and fabric.

  • Tim U

    Is the bag piece big enough to work with AR-10 type rifles?

  • KSUJedi

    I have one, it works well. Have used it with 9mm, 223, and 50ae. Catches all well, I would imagine it would catch 308, but don’t have an AR10. 223 brass is sufficiently hot enough upon ejection that I have had some case mouths slightly melt the netting enough for them to stick to it, not melt a hole through. They pull free relatively easily, but not sure how that’ll hold up after 10’s of thousands of rounds, I’m about 1000 into it. Don’t have the same problem with 9mm or even 50ae, just don’t think they get as hot.

    • ricktesta
    • Voodoo

      Mine ended up with a hole in the net large enough for brass to go flying out on my first range trip with it. Not so happy about that.

    • TBT

      I have one that I use for my AR10. Never had a problem with cases
      melting the mesh. Only issue is that the top piece that slides one the
      rail mount isn’t quite long enough to click into place. It’ll stay put
      for static range shooting, but it can slide off if you want to run and
      gun (a-la 3-gun). YMMV though – the poor fit on my rifle might be due to
      the contour of the receiver around the brass deflector and forward

  • Douglas

    I just picked one up for $36.12 at Amazon.

    We’ll see how it is when it gets here. I’ve used the UTG catcher, but had a lot of difficulty with it not staying open, and preventing brass from ejecting.

    • Get some torx wrenches handy. You’ll need them to attache the mounting block, and adjust the brass catcher mount.

  • dan

    I use an butterfly net mounted to a base I just set next to my gun, I had the old caldwell Velcro attached version and after about 5rnds of 308 the bag would sag down to much and wouldn’t allow any more shells to eject, this new design looks like they solved that problem with some extra support rods and made the opening bigger.

    • Andy B

      yeah, the old version is definitely crap. I have both and the new one is much better. I use it on .223 and .308 ARs mostly. I bought two so I wouldn’t have to keep swapping the rail part between the two.

  • USMC03Vet

    Much cheaper than a PFC doing police call!

  • guest0

    not new, ive had mine about a year, got it for $32 at cabelas, caldwell wants just about as much for the pic mount so just buy more than one if you want to use it on multiple guns

  • hkryan

    Zipper bottom is a good idea!