Building A 10/22 Tactical Trainer With 8541 Tactical

One of my favorite Youtube channels, 8541 Tactical has started a series of videos that is showing the process of building a 10/22 as a precision rifle trainer.  John McQuay is someone that I have always followed and respected as a precision shooter.  I have followed his channel since its inception and have learned a great deal.

While I understand that there are many out there that still cannot get .22LR in their area, a .22LR trainer can be an excellent way to train inexpensively, or at the very least, less expensively than shooting 200rds of .308.  I have trained with a .22LR for a long time,shooting at 100yds to get an idea of where I can improve my shooting.  At 100yds any mistakes become magnified and much easier to see, also being a very light round it is excellent for practicing wind calls.

Check out the first two videos in the series below.  If you are just getting into precision rifle shooting, or want to more about precision rifle competitions check out the Youtube channel here:



  • ChuckyTee

    today is gonna be a slow news day it seems

    • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

      it’s been suppressed by the Salvo 12 news . lol so punny!

  • Gary from Michigan

    Pretty good videos though I should point out that you can now get a pretty good tactical trainer in the new Ruger 50th Anniversary Contest Winning 10/22. It comes with a solid polymer stock that is convertible for high and low cheek comb, and long or short LOP. It also has a pictinny scope rail and sling studs. Not to mention the flash hider that protects the muzzle.Been shooting one in Appleseed for the last couple weeks and it is a nice package. Was also out over the weekend shooting steel target at 125 yards with it using the peep sights and it was a blast. It emulates the center fire military rifles which makes it a kind of a do it all training rifle. Been seeing them in stores and online for $300-350.

    • Is that what they’re selling for now? Ouch!

      I think I paid $170 for my blued 10/22 carbine. Although, at the time, I was buying Remington 9mm for $5/box when Dick’s Sporting goods was running sales.

      • Gary from Michigan

        Basic 10/22s can still be had for around $200 in many places but once you add a decent stock, sights/scope, sling/swivals you are up over $300 easy. The Contest winner has all that stuff with it out of the box with a threaded barrel to boot.