Remington R4 Adopted By Philippine Army

The Remington Defense version of the M4 Carbine, the Remington R4, has been adopted by the Philippine Army to replace some of their aging M16A2 and M14 rifles. The first of 63,000 carbines have just arrived in the country. The photo above shows one of the first Philippine Army R4 carbines (AFP stands for Armed Forces of the Philippines). The Straits Times reports

Lieutenant-Colonel Noel Detoyato, the army’s spokesman, announced on Saturday that the M-4s – a shorter and lighter variant of the M-16A2 assault rifle – would arrive on July 19, replacing the Vietnam-era M16As and M14s most Filipino soldiers are still using.

The new rifles are part of 63,000 M-4s worth about 2.4 billion pesos (S$63.4 million) that the Philippines has ordered to modernise its military, one of the least capable in Asia to deal with external threats.

The M16 and M14 will remain the standard service rifles for the foreseeable future. M1 Garands and M1/M2 Carbines are still being issued to the CAFGU (Citizen Armed Force Geographical Units), an irregular auxiliary force made up of Army reservists and who are tasked to protect their locality alongside the regular Army against insurgents.

Thanks to Chester for the tip.

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  • tengu

    What about the AR makers in the Philippines? Ferfrans, Floro, UDMC…..?

    • stimr2

      It makes you want to think why the Filipino government went with Remington. It’s not like the Philippines doesn’t have firearm industry. Only things I can think of is that local companies didn’t have the capacity to deliver the M4s at a specific time frame or Filipino defense officials were bribed.

      • James

        None of the local firearm makers can produce 60,000 plus ARs. UDMC and FerFrans have issues with their guns. As for Remington, well there are issues propping up already, some rifles have a misaligned front sight base. Then again that’s what warranties are for.

    • MclarenF1Forever

      Quite possible that this order was paid for by US foreign aid stipulating that a certain % is spent with US companies.

    • Mgs

      We’ll the phil should by American weapons because American govt gave 50 m dollar a yean in financial assistance merry go around for dollars hehehe but ferfrans could sell their m4 to other govt agency

    • Ben Loong

      The contract was bidded out in accordance with defense procurement laws. Participating companies were Sig Sauer, Manroy USA, Remington Defense, Colt and Hanwa (South Korea). Remington Defense offered the lowest bid and passed post-qualification, hence they won the contract.

      As for why local firearms companies didn’t participate: There are provisions in Philippine defense procurement law requiring that a supplier for a large contract should have accomplished a similar contract worth at least 50% of the current contract within the past 5 to 10 years. This is meant to ensure that only firms with the capabilities to deliver on the contract participate, however it also unfortunately bars smaller local firms that haven’t ever been able to get an order of that magnitude. And if memory serves, the only local firm here that’s ever done a large order is the now defunct Elisco Tool Manufacturing Company which produced the M16A1 and M653P from the 70s to 80s.

  • Timothy G. Yan

    3-2-1…recall….then discontinue. Shoulda get it in 6.8 SPC, oh wait, Rem abandoned that too.

    • iksnilol

      6.5 is way better than 6.8 if you are going the AR in fancy caliber – route.

      • John

        But its fallen out of the limelight though. IIRC Alexander Arm’s refused to let go of their trademark until the shooting community moved on and few companies had interest in developing/producing the cartridge

  • C

    This was bidded out. Bids from local (Philippine) companies were more expensive than what Colt and Remington offered. Remington offered a lower price than Colt thus winning the contract. If I’m not mistaken there was a legal dispute between Colt and Remington.

  • David W.

    They paid US street cost for these buy the way, just about $1000 US per unit.

    • JSmath

      By the way*, though I can appreciate the punniness of your post.

      I imagine, due to the low cost per unit, this means they will not receive support and increased warranties over the items, that US military contracts tend to demand.

  • Lance

    You mean M-16A1s the Philippines never adopted the M-16A2. Yes some eilite units will and ive seen are using M-4 style weapons. I still see many A1s in use like the pic I shown you there modernized with rails ect. Overall I see both M-4 and M-16A1 being in Philippine government use for a long time.

  • Dick

    Remington R4 – because instead of killing an insurgent, make a friend of him by giving him a shave.

    • TheSmellofNapalm

      Before clicking on the link, I inferred that to mean the R4 is an inaccurate carbine. Oops 😀

    • JSmath

      As it twere, many of those insurgents might not appreciate a beard shave.

      • Verner

        That’s when you use the other R4 on them first. Or maybe give them a choice on which order should it be? 🙂

    • James Young

      They are really worried about China being so aggressive against them and their territorial waters. Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan are having the same issues with China right now. All four countries should adopt a more uniform rifle (like the AR) for the region since China is closer to war today (especially with Vietnam) than it has been in decades. Modernizing weapons can be a useful deterrent.

      I’m curious about the strange rifles the Japanese use. Wouldn’t mind seeing g a story on those.

  • Man pippy

    Suck it Colt.

  • john huscio

    Too bad the pinoys couldn’t get their hands on some Daniel defense or BCM guns……I’d think the big step up quality wise would be worth the extra cost…..especially when compaired to Remington who came seem to distinguish their posteriors from holes in the ground lately……..also take issue with the “least capable” tag they stuck the pinoys with…..these guys are as tough as anyone, having been fighting an active Muslim insurgency for decades….