Great Lakes Tactical’s Glock Giggle Switch

Great Lakes Tactical Glock Full Auto

I had the chance to visit with some of the good folks at Great Lakes Tactical (GLT) last week.  Based in the Cleveland, OH area, GLT manufactures a variety of suppressors, AR parts and Glock goodies.

One of the things they brought to the range was a G19 equipped with a proprietary giggle switch.  The switch allows the shooter to swap from semi-auto fire to full auto with a cross-bolt type switch.  Full auto can quickly overwhelm the shooter, but three to five round bursts can be managed easily with a good grip and stance.

The switches are not expensive, but GLT will only sell to other companies or individuals licensed as manufacturers of full auto weapons.

The company does sell a variety of other Glock parts that are non-regulated.  They recently rebuilt my second generation Glock 19 that had been subjected to the effects of bad gunsmithing.  The GLT striker and guide rod both run 100% reliably in my gun.  Also, the Melonite treatment on the slide and barrel looks outstanding.

Great Lakes Tactical Glock Full Auto

Richard Johnson

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  • gunslinger

    so how does this work?

    • Shadow
      • BillC

        I read through the patent, they called the magazine, “clips”. Credibility, flushed.

        • jonspencer

          On at least one patent drawing, John Moses Browning called the magazine a clip. It is hard to find but it is there and I forgot to save it and I am not about to do that search again. It took hours the time I did the search.

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    I own one, only mine is flatter and is almost flush with the rear.

  • Man pippy

    Not much use considering most defensive shooting is done one handed.
    A weighted version with muzzle brake might work.
    Ultimately though a Glock on full auto needs a slower rate of fire.

    • AGG

      Can you cite the research for the one-handed defense claim? I’ve been trying to find it.

    • Would be pretty fun with one of those carbine conversion kits. CAA Roni or Hera Triarii (pictured)

      • Beaumont

        On the carbine kits I’ve seen, the switch would be difficult or impossible to access.

    • dan

      Legitimate point unless you consider the fact that not every handgun owner has a handgun for the sole reason of personal defense, it’s a “giggle switch” that doesn’t mean it makes the bad guy giggle. If everything was created just for one sole purpose the only vehicles needing to go faster than the highest posted speed limit would be race cars, what do you need a ferrari for if you can only go 75? Why have a Pickup when you never haul anything? Why not just have bone stock vehicles you dont need leather or premium sound systems, hell you don’t need AC. So why? because we can damn it, stop ruining the fun!

  • sianmink

    amused they install the giggle switch but leave the crappy plastic dovetail protector. I guess sights aren’t so important at that point. XD

  • William

    Is that southington offroad club? Awesome range

  • Great Lakes Tactical

    To clarify, this is not a select fire switch. When installed it is full auto all the time.

    • Jonathan Wright

      Full auto all the time? then why the switch?

      • Great Lakes Tactical

        This PARTICULAR switch that we used. Not the production ones.

        • dan citizen

          There are some pretty good diagrams and instructions on the interweb that DO function select fire*. You should manufacture one of those**

          *not tested by me, I am not an SOT
          ** I am totally kidding, great product.

    • dan citizen

      I am confused, the item has markings for “semi” and “auto” and appears to be identical to many of the other select fire glock conversions on the market.

      You’re saying that once installed the semi/full switch does not actually function as a selector?

      • dan citizen

        I see this was clarified in another response. (prototype vs production) Thank you for the explanation.

        • Great Lakes Tactical

          You got it! 🙂

    • Anon. E Maus

      You know what you should do? Make a burst-sear for the Glock, the high rate of fire screams for it, look at the Beretta 93r, much more controllable as a result.

    • Kodey Kinder

      soooo… there going to be a production model of the select fire version?

  • BattleshipGrey

    I’m looking forward to the day that NFA/ ’86 ban is dissolved, too bad I’ll be pushing up daisies by then. I guess I can more realistically look forward to the day my state allows such giggle switches. That’ll be a more reasonable timeline.

    • Dr. Daniel Jackson

      I don’t think that will ever really happen our government would never let us have easy access to that type of firepower.

      • Porty1119

        Perhaps not this one, but likely the next.

  • skusmc

    I need one of these. Because reasons and freedom.

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      You can get them on various Philippine forums and personal ads. From 100 USD to 250 USD. Along with lightning links etc… You can buy in bulk as well…

      • Great Lakes Tactical

        We sell them for $75 if you have the proper licensing.

        • Kodey Kinder

          will there ever be a select fire version?

      • Dr. Daniel Jackson

        Yeah at the risk that customs will confiscate it and arrest you,sound like such a great idea.

  • MrTorben

    Great Lake Tactical, what is the realistic market for these? I don’t see any LE department buying them in great numbers.

    • Great Lakes Tactical

      Realistic market, people wanting to have fun. It’s like putting a turbo or supercharger on your car. It’s not REALLY needed but they are fun. A lot of ranges like to purchase the kits to rent out to people and have them for big events as the extra “wow” factor. Our big purpose for them is to test our Glock parts we manufacture to test reliability with a hard beating.

      • MrTorben

        Of course everyone loves a giggle switch but with so few potential buyers being allowed to put them on their glock, I was interested how you justified the design and production expense.

        That you are using them to speedup QA of your Glock products, obviously makes it worth it. Even without selling a single one of them to another dealer.
        Thanks for sharing

      • mrtorben

        Of course everyone loves a giggle switch but with so few potential buyers being allowed to put them on their glock, I was interested how you justified the design and production expense.

        That you are using them to speedup QA of your glock products obviously makes it worth it. Even without selling a single one of them to another dealer. Thanks for sharing

  • 1leggeddog

    Ok so, why hasn’t anyone figured out a way to reduce the ROF of this thing yet to make it viable?

    • Synchronizor

      Because the gun will fire every time the slide returns to battery. The only way to slow the rate of fire (without getting really complicated) would be to slow the rate at which the gun cycles, and semi-auto pistols cycle fast by their nature.

    • TexTopCat

      Glock sells a model G18 that has full auto selector. See the opening scene of last James Bond movie for a demonstration. It has been reported that the G18 mod is used to test all new Glocks for durability in rapid fire mode.

  • Aaron E

    If he had just leaned into a little more he would have been able to handle that long full auto burst. Even still, he did a good job of keeping the muzzle towards the target even when he was getting pushed back by the recoil.

  • snmp

    If your are the papers you colud buy same stuff in Sweeden :

  • Man pippy

    Concerning reducing the rate of fire for the Glock. The Škorpion utilizes an inertial rate reducer device (housed inside the wooden pistol grip). Perhaps someone could do something similar but on the front rail?

  • gaosmer

    dumbest product ever, I only see this item appealing to jerks, hoods, or gangs.

  • John

    OK, I have shot the Glock full auto…it is pointless other than show. You CAN add a front grip and a stock but then why use a pistol? This is for people with too much money on their hands.