SilencerCo Releases “Salvo 12” 12-Gauge Shotgun Suppressor

UPDATE: Chris Cheng was at the event and has posted up live pictures of the new suppressor mounted to various Mossberg, Remington, and Benelli weapon systems. 

I’ve been hearing rumors of new 12-gauge suppressors from a few manufacturers for awhile, but SilencerCo is the first to market with the first “commercially-viable” suppressor, named the Salvo 12.


The new Salvo 12 is a “fully modular” design that can add or remove baffle sections. As a shooter adds sections, the suppressor gets progressively quieter at the cost of weight and length. At the full 12-inch length, SilencerCo claims the suppressor drops report to 137 dB, below OSHA’s 140-dB limit.


The suppressor mounts via existing choke threads “via an adapter” for “most common shotguns” (SilencerCo shows video of a Benelli M4 and what looks to be a Mossberg 930). Inertia-driven guns may be SOL with the increase in weight. No word on if the various adapters allow the user to continue using other choke tubes or if various adapters will have built-in chokes.


More details as they are available. Our Chris Cheng was invited to the release event.

SALVO 12 Specifications (From SilencerCo)

12 ga.


12″ – 32 OZ
10″ – 27.5 OZ
8″  – 23 OZ
6″  – 18.5 OZ



12″ – 132.0
10″ – 134.1
8″  – 137.0
6″  – 140.6

12″ – 137.9
10″ – 141.1
8″  – 145.1
6″  – 149.2

Hard Coat Anodized

7075 T6 Aluminum
17-4 Stainless Steel

User Serviceable
Variable-Length Configurations Lifetime Warranty Lightweight


Nathan S

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  • Andy

    I think I’d rather use it on a pump; most semi-auto shotguns I have are finicky as is. Besides, I suspect a pump should be quieter since I assume it’s the same as a bolt-action rifle compared to a semi.

    • Steve Douglas

      in all the reviews i’ve read today they have been running them on benelli’s, mossberg and remington semi autos with no problems. of course the pumps run flawless as usual too.

  • Cahal
    • 1leggeddog

      But his shotgun silencer looks built-into the gun.

      • bbmg

        A good suppressor needs volume, especially for a bore the size of a shotgun – so the only way to effectively do this without having too much weight on the end of the muzzle is to have an integral suppressor.

    • kevinp2

      Cool video, thanks for sharing the link!

    • valorius

      Much quieter than the one this article is about.

      • Smokey_the_Bear

        You don’t know that, because you haven’t tested them with a Decibel meter.

        • valorius

          I used my calibrated ear.

  • Bill

    What’s most badass about that video is it appears the shooter is using a ghost ring sight system.

  • iksnilol

    So 30 cm for hering safe? Would it be somehow possible to make it wider so that you can have the mag tube running through it? Was thinking 30 cm barrel with a 30 cm suppressor permanently attached with the mag tube running through it.

    • bbmg

      Herring safe, not recommended for trout

      • LCON

        What about Salmon?

        • dan

          Only Chinook salmon all other species stay clear

  • 1leggeddog

    I’m a bit… “bafled” (pun intented) as to how a shotgun suppressor actually works.

    How is the wad, containing the shot, not expand while inside the silencer’s baffles and blow the whole thing apart?

    If it does “naturally” NOT expand while passing through, then why haven’t we seen more shotgun suppressors done by now?

    • bbmg
      • Steve Douglas

        silencerco greatly improved over the antiquated ported tube design that doesnt promote sound reduction by replacing it with guide rods that allow more gasses into the baffles to reduce sound signature

      • 1leggeddog

        Ah-HA! Now i get it.

        So instead of the gasses being expanded directly into the baffles of a suppressor after the end of the barrel, the suppressor has its own “barrel” but with holes in it to keep the wad and shot intact while travelling through it.

  • Dracon1201

    Will this be available for the KSG?

  • valorius

    Not exactly “no country for old men” is it?

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    1400 USD. What a major ripoff. The Br-Reflex from Finland is less than half the price. How the hell do they justify the price?? Wear and tear on a shotgun suppressor is negligible, and it will probably last for life with no maintenance.

    • JumpIf NotZero


    • Steve Douglas

      buy the one from finland… wait you can’t import it for less than $1400. this is very exciting news to see a premium product everyone has been asking for so it seems they can charge what they want and they’ll still sell like hot cakes

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        US citizens can´t import from Europe, and European citizens can´t import from the US unfortunately. I was not suggesting others to buy the finnish one, but was rather comparing price points. What exactly makes a suppressor “premuim”? Just paying a premium price? Even with the cost of labour, and 25% sales tax here in Norway, prices are still WAY cheaper than in the US. That being said, I´m not bashing on SilencerCo´s quality, but rather on the price point.

  • razzz

    Europe is far ahead of America when it comes to suppressors for shotguns.

    • Snakes on a Car

      Do they? and if so can they import them to the US civilian market?

      • wetcorps

        We have worse gun laws, but they tend to be better regarding suppressors.

        If protectionist laws allows to sell suppressors in the US from abroad (I’m not sure about it), trying to sell 30$ suppressors to the few people who got a 200$ tax stamp doesn’t seem very profitable 🙂

      • Mark Apsolon

        The GCA of 1968 will not let them be imported, if we could I’d have that suppress that fits on my vz 61 over that “bump” on the barrel 🙂 Get rid of most of 922 and we would be good to go

        • Snakes on a Car

          That sucks.

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    TAKE MY MONEY! oh wait, It costs more then my shotgun… never mind.

    • 1leggeddog

      in my case, the cost of 3 shotguns.

  • nightingale

    There’s a neat trick… they SLOW DOWN the video playback for every shot – to give the shotgun’s report a lower and softer sound. >Hey, ever hear what someone’s voice sounds like with the speed slowed down? Total B.S. marketing ploy. It’s $1,400 and you don’t even get to hear how poorly it works.

    • bbmg

      It’s not like the sound was the original recording anyway, pretty sure it was added on post-production.

    • Steve Douglas
      • nightingale

        Now THAT is a far better video, with real-time shots and sounds. I’ll admit they are very well suppressed.

      • 1leggeddog

        ok that is fucking quiet!!!

    • floogy

      So if it sucks, design and manufacture your own.

      • nightingale

        Floogy, maybe you’re having difficulty keeping up with yesterday’s events? Let me try to help –

        A new video of this product was offered, below. My new opinion of this product was offered, below that.

        And just so you know, folks read/write product comments here to gain insight before spending serious money (like $1,400) …not just to troll because they’re unemployed and bored like you. Let me offer your own advice back to you: ‘If you don’t like these comment boards, go design and launch your own.’

  • Roy G Bunting

    Take this design, integrate it into an 870 barrel so the expansion chamber hangs just in front of the magazine tube. The 6″ base module would come out to about 18″ overall length, and the 12″ configuration would be ~24″. You lose your extended magazine tube, but gain suppression, without relying on choke threads to hold up to 2lbs and with a much closer center of gravity. If demand is seen, create other dedicated suppressed barrels for similar shotguns.

    The integration would have to be permanent to avoid SBS regulation. That is how I’d do it. If SilencerCo (or another manufacturer) is reading this, I forfeit any and all IP rights to this idea. Please produce it.

    • LCON

      How about a magazine feed semi auto or even… Dare I say it AA12 short barrel.

    • Steve Douglas

      you can buy your own suppressor and have it pinned and welded yourself without the hassle of waiting for a manufacture to do it. I highly doubt you’d see this can pinned on a remington at either factor since freedom group owns AAC

  • Mark Apsolon

    any word if the choke attachements will be available for the Vepr and Saiga 12’s

  • bfmusashi

    I’m not a shooter so would someone mind telling me what niche this is filling outside poaching? I’ve been around skeet shoots before and never thought they were so loud that this was something people clamored for.