American Classic Compact Commander Now Available In The US

Having worked firearms retail before and also having shot a lot of different 1911’s, I have always had a fondness for the American Classic 1911’s.  They are well made, function perfectly and actually look good too.  But the best part is the cost.  They are inexpensive, while maintaining good quality.

I know there are those out there that turn their noses up at American Classics, and really I have never understood why.  They work great, come with a lifetime warranty and are inexpensive for those that would like to shoot a 1911, but might be in a financial situation preventing them from buying something more expensive.

The release of the compact commander will add to their line, and I would expect them to be the same quality that all of their other 1911’s have.  For some further info, check out their press release.



Wanamassa, NJ (July 2014) – Eagle Imports, Inc., the exclusive distributor of
Metro Arms, Bersa and Comanche firearms products, is proud to announce that
the Metro Arms Classic Compact Commander 1911 pistols are now available in
the United States for the first time. For individuals passionate about the 1911
model, the Metro Arms Compact Commander delivers on fit and finish,
accuracy and dependability with added bonuses of a life time warranty and wallet pleasing price.

The American Classic Compact Commander single-action 1911 is built on the compact Officer frame with a full-size Commander slide, offering those looking for a smaller sized carry gun the firepower of a traditionally full-sized 1911. Available in .45 ACP only, the Classic Compact Commander has an overall length of 7.5 inches and height of 5 inches. It weighs 34.56 ounces (empty) and is available in three finishes: Hard Chrome, Deep Blue and the Duo-tone with a Deep Blue frame and Hard Chrome slide. The Classic Compact Commander for concealed carry is ideal due to its sleek design, smaller size and lighter weight than traditional full size 1911 models.

The AC Compact Commander also features all the safety and details of a more expensive
model, such as a flared and lowered ejection port, an extended slide stop, a beavertail grip
safety, extended thumb safety and combat hammer and trigger, all without the price tag. All Metro Arms American Classic Compact Commanders are produced in the Philippines by a company created by international sport shooting champion, Hector Rodriguez, and a former STI engineer with a mission to design and manufacture high quality firearms with built-in reliability and accuracy at great price points for the average firearms enthusiasts.

All Metro Arms firearms
come with a Lifetime Warranty.

For more information on the Metro Arms American Classic Compact Commander visit or contact your favorite firearms retailer today to see one in person.

Metro Arms American Classic Compact Commander 1911 Specifications:

  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Action: Single
  • Overall Length: 7.5”
  • Barrel Length: 4.25”
  • Height: 5”
  • Width: 1.25”
  • Weight (empty): 34.56 oz.
  • Frame material: 4140 Steel
  • Slide material: 4140 Hammer Forged Steel
  • Sights: Dovetail Front and Novak-Style Rear Sight
  • Magazine: 7-rd Magazine w/ Bumper Pad
  • Grips: Checkered Hard Wood Grip with Diamond Cut
  • Finish Deep Blue, Hard Chrome, Duo-Tone
  • MSRP: $714.00 – $812.00



  • DrewN

    1911 snobbery makes me laugh. They were designed to be built to a contract price. 99% of the guys I see have problems with any 1911 are shooting something besides 230 gr round point. If you had a Luger and bitched that it wouldn’t feed +P hollow point reliably, no one would blink except at your stupidity.

    • gunslinger

      but it’s more expensive so it HAS to be better…

  • USMC03Vet

    The gaudy huge lettering kills it for me.

    • Mystick

      Agreed. I love the 1911, but I just can’t stand it when the manufacturer plasters their name like a billboard across half the length of the gun.

      Give me a clean, unmarked slide, and I’ll be happy. I can even live with modest branding(like the mark the rear, in this example)…

  • Mystick

    At least it’s under $1000… for a 1911 these days, $700 is cheap. I guess they give it to you at a lower rate for having the billboard advertising on the side of the slide.

  • Dan42

    I picked one of these up about a year ago for a good price. Compared to several other brands, slide to frame fit was similar or better. Bluing is a bit pedestrian, but I bought the gun to carry rather than sit in a safe and the attractive price point doesn’t lead to that guilty feeling over holster wear.

    So far the gun has been 100% reliable with both FMJ and Barnes TAC-XPD HP’s. I do find the gun does shoot a bit low, and do intend to put an adjustable rear sight on it to really see what it will deliver in terms of accuracy. Based on my measurements, slide should accept the standard novak cut which is a plus for a lower priced 1911.

  • Robert Martin

    A.} Does it have that Execrable Firing Pin Block a la the 80s Series?
    If so, then I wouldn’t take it as a gift if I had to keep it.
    B.} What is the matter with the Philippine Rock Island 1911A1s for about 40% less?
    C.} The old 1911A1s—manufactured in a different era—were pretty reliable and very durable even manufactured as military weapons. The Colt 70s series was even better. A little throating was in order for those who must use the hollow point placebo. Pinning the grip safety and putting a ambidextrous safety was highly desirable and a Commander Hammer looked cool and reduced any hammer bite.
    And no Semi-Auto trigger is ever quite light enough. (2 pounds is the ultimate—if it can be made to function well. 2.5 was what you’d be more likely to have to settle for…}
    Slap some Stag Grips, Pachmayer flat mainspring housing, High Profile Sights and Bright Nickel it…
    And you have the best defense pistol ever made. Ever thing that come after is a step backward.
    {Yes you Sig, Springfield Armory—and ESPECIALLY you Glock!}


  • Needs more lettering. I can’t quite read it from the other end of the range.