Gemtech’s New Muzzle Brake Shroud

Muzzle brakes with concussion redirecting attachments seem to be all the rage these days. Remember the Ferfrans CQB Modular Muzzle Brake and the Kineti-Tech Muzzle Brake we posted a while back? Both of which included an attachment shroud to redirect muzzle blast, well it looks like Gemtech has one of their own on the way. Known for their high quality suppressors, Gemtech posted a picture of their new titanium quick-detach muzzle blast director on their Instagram page and asked their followers to help name it. No word on when it will be released or how much it will cost, stay tuned!

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  • The Other JR

    I can’t help but feel that their popularity has something to do with the fact that, protruding from a longer-than-the-barrel handguard, they look like suppressors.

    • hami

      I also believe this to be true. I think we have seen a resurgence of short barrel ARs because of the popularity of the SIG brace and there is little doubt that the concussion redirecting muzzle devices work well with those weapons. With a reasonable price tag, and a recommended length handguard, i think these brake/shroud combos could be very popular.

    • Gregory Markle

      I currently use a Noveske KX5 on a 7 1/2″ barrel in this build but the future plan is to add a YHM Phantom QD with a Weapon Outfitters Brake Shield. Optionally the 10″ ALG fore end can be removed and replaced with the 13″ version which will contain all but about an inch of a YHM Phantom suppressor. Looks good and protects the suppressor.

      • David Sharpe

        Thank you for this, I’ve been building my ideal home defense rifle (Sadly, only in my head) and I wanted a fore-end that shrouded a silencer, I thought I would have had to have one custom made.

        • No David not at all. Just about everyone that makes forends has a number of lengths that should take care of what you want to build.

          • David Sharpe

            Not only length but width as well.

        • Gregory Markle

          The rail on mine is from ALG Defense which is a sister company to Geissele. The pricing on the ALG rails is excellent and the quality is everything you would expect.

  • Drapetomanius

    I’ve always avoided brakes because I find them intolerable. I’ve lost enough hearing to the military; I don’t need to rupture an eardrum because you think it shaves .0007 seconds off your splits. I think these shrouds are a great idea, assuming they do what it says they do on the box.

  • Mr Mxyzptlk

    How do these work? The whole point of a brake is to redirect the muzzle blast in a direction other than forwards, but putting this shroud on surely just directs it all forwards again doesn’t it? Granted it will have taken some of the energy out of it by forcing the gasses sideways/backwards and then forwards again, but surely if it did this then it would reduce the overall report classifying it as a suppressor, right?

    I understand stuff like the Noveske KX3 Flash Suppressor which are just a hollow open ended tube that redirects the sound and flash straight forwards away from the firer, but having a brake inside seems pointless. Or are these just shrouds for when you want to effectively take the brake out of service?

  • steveday72

    Call it the “Red.Tit” (Redirector.Titanium).