Nifty gun mechanic in upcoming video game

One of the developers working on the video game Homefront: The Revolution, due to be released in 2015, is also a TFB reader and he has been working on the gun mechanics of the game. He and his co-developers are aiming to make the guns as customizable as possible. One really nifty feature is the ability to swap out AR-15 upper receivers. You can see this mechanic in action in the below video. Skip to the 10:00 minute mark …

I must admit I am a little behind the times when it comes to video games, but from what I have seen there has been very little innovation in video game gun-play in recent years, so it is refreshing to see a developer so passionate about it.

And just to preempt comments, yes, of course, in real life you would not be running, gunning and swapping receivers on the fly. But that did not stop gun makers trying for years to sell the concept of the universal pistol-replacement-pdw/carbine/rifle/LMG/sniper firearm to militaries around the world. The ill-fated H&K XM8 being a prime example …


The many theoretical H&K XM8 configurations.

Steve Johnson

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  • Andy

    There’s more on-the-fly customization at 5:28.

    This game looks way more interesting than the standard Call of Duty fare. I might have to pick it up if I ever have free time for video games again.

  • electrozity8

    Shame the first Homefront was garbage. Let’s hope there’s more to the sequel than just swapping receivers.

  • They’re really pushing the Q-side of QD mounts 😛

    • The Other JR

      There’s a delicate balance between realism and gruelingly long animations.

      • Tell me about it. Every time I watch a character reload a pistol in Arma 3 I sigh and drum my fingers.

        • Are you enjoying it? I tried it for a couple of hours when they had a free weekend, and while it seemed realistic from a tactics point of view (in so much as I can judge these things), I thought the guns were weak. It may be the first video game in which I shoot worse in game than I do in real life. Don’t know what I was doing wrong, but I felt like I did when I was a little kid desperately trying to hit the bull at the range.

          • Arma has always been immensely satisfying to me. I was a little disappointed to trade in M16A4’s from Arma 2 for future gunz in Arma 3. But Arma 3 does simulate the Tavor reasonably well, so that earns it a special place in my books. Their version is actually very similar to the one in my safe! I love that they simulate ballistics and a wide variety of stances/firing positions.

  • echelon

    As long as the game actually comes out. Word out of Crytek UK is that people have stopped working on the game because they aren’t getting paychecks and one of the lead designers or leads just quit…

    I loved the potential of the first Homefront and when I heard that Crytek was making the next one I was super stoked. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a cursed franchise…this was one of the big highlights for me at E3 this year.

    What wouldn’t be cool about an open world, sandbox style dystopian Red Dawn style game?

  • TangledThorns

    Heh, that is new.

  • Paladin

    Am I the only one wondering why his sling is attached to the charging handle latch? That just seems like a bad idea for a whole host of reasons.


      Ain’t nobody got time for that when you’re too busy fighting God-less commies~!

    • when you need to charge your gun at arms length you just pull on the sling 😉

    • FWIW: The Steyr MPi69 SMG had the front of its sling attached to the charging handle.

      • Paladin

        That may in fact be the case. But if you look real closely at the footage, you’ll see that’s not a Steyr MPi69.

        • I was just citing it as precedent, not identification.

          • Paladin

            And I was just being snarky, it’s a habit of mine.

        • Mike

          IT”S NOT?!?!?!

          Color me surprised!

    • Mike

      There was no sling attached to the charging handle, just a carabiner keychain with Ol’ Glory on it.

  • ColaBox

    This kinda thing annoys me, while I applaud the guys making the new HomeFront for doing this, extreme customization has been a suggestion in gaming for a LONG time. The fact that it took this long for a company to do this says to me how out of touch these companies are with the fan base. At least its a step in the right direction. Also, HF1 was great, lets hope this can do better.


    I’m surprised Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hasn’t been written about yet (as far as I know). Despite its stigma, this entry has some pretty interesting weapons.

    • LCON

      A few however stretch even the concept of suspension of Disbelief. The 3D Pinter Rifle

      • HSR47

        A 3D printer rifle? That sounds interesting; How do they propel the 3D printers? Do they use a massive gunpowder charge, or is it just a massive railgun?


        • LCON

          I see what you did there and I applaud your most effective use taking it literal.

  • iksnilol

    Not customization but Metro 2033 and its sequel has many interesting gun mechanics.

    How was the first homefront? Didn’t play it, would anyone recommend?

    • floppyscience

      The first game was terrible on all counts. It was a run of the mill Call of Duty / Battlefield “inspired” shooter with an unbelievably ridiculous story and absolutely nothing unique or memorable.

      • LCON

        IT was basically the Video Game for that Red Dawn Remake.

        Kim Jong Unnnn… Whats his name? pulls of Reunification of Korea. The US suffers the biggest economic fail ever. mean time Korea expands into Japan, And China A guess Korea Becomes the new Super power as the US becomes the Ukraine. And then Kim hits us with EMP and Invades.everything east of the Mississippi is free Every thing west is occupied and the mississippi is radioactive. Game is the resistance fighting to take back the west.

        Of Course Since the only thing that really keeps North Korea form being over run by the south is the South not wanting to deal with having to pay for dragging the hermit kingdom into the 21st century, China and the threat of Turning Seoul into a smoking hole. the game makers had to massively upgrade the Koreans well Down grading the US Military. it was more or less mediocre

        About the only unique bit was that they seemed to have a deal with PWS for use of the Diablo SRB.

        • Mike

          Ukraine, not The Ukraine.

          Also, I liked Homefront. The game wasn’t the greatest, but it is worth a bargain bin playthrough. The story was a bit out there(lel at NK being more than a historical footnote), but swap NK with China and it starts to make sense.

    • Mike

      It was fun. If you find it in the bargain bin then grab it and enjoy a few hours of an underrated game.

  • n0truscotsman

    Im curious as to how a zero applies to those optics, and how they are able to get batteries.

    I might see how gamers criticize it before I steer away from Bioshock Infinite. Im living proof that older guys can “discover” video games. The problem is the time. 😀

    • Mystick

      On an AR upper?

  • Zachary marrs

    This was the game that had white castle and jansport stores all over the place. Looks interesting, I wish they didn’t fold to busy bodys about changing the Chinese to north koreans, but ill still play it

  • LCON

    “And just to preempt comments, yes, of course, in real life you would not be running, gunning and swapping receivers on the fly. But that did not stop gun makers trying for years to sell the concept of the universal pistol-replacement-pdw/carbine/rifle/LMG/sniper firearm to militaries around the world. The ill-fated H&K XM8 being a prime example … – See more at:

    Was the Aim or Was it Rather a Universal base form which armorers could Configure there weapons for the specialized role. I mean The XM8 barrel Required tools for a Change unlike the Magpul Massada which bragged of a Quick change Barrel.

    • gunslinger

      wait, but you can walk over a band-aid and erase the dmage from 20 mg bullets!!!

      • Zachary marrs

        Hide behind a picket fence

  • Mike

    Didn’t the USA win at the end of the first? I’m gonna need to go and play through again to get a refresh on the story.

    • LCON

      yeah one big offensive in San Francisco bay. with what was left off the US Army and word that Europe was finally going to pay the US back for helping end WW1/WW2 but since this one is set 4 years latter looks like the war was not over and a counter Offensive ended with the even more of the US under the KAP.

  • Anon. E Maus

    Something that would be neat for a modern shooter would be if you could assemble your own gun from a varying set of parts, grips and stocks would largely be cosmetic, then there would be things like longer or shorter barrels, automatic sears, magazines, sights, you know, to be able to build your own rifle for your own liking.