Maghack High Cap Magazine Adapter

Looking for a cheap way to increase magazine capacity? Enter the Maghack, it’s a clamp that connects two magazines together making it into one large magazine. Just remove the floor plate from the top magazine, attach the Maghack and voila. OK there’s a little more to it than that, you can see how it works in the videos below. There are some caveats however, your new super high capacity magazine will be twice as long and twice as heavy. Of course it’s not legal in magazine capacity restricted states. It’s available for Magpul PMAGs, Tapco mags, ProMags and SGM Tactical Saiga 12 mags.  It retails at just $10 over at


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  • derfelcadarn

    Clever for the fun part but betting ones life on this is probably unwise. The weakest part of any semi/full auto firearm is its magazine.

  • Andrew R

    Oh boy! Looks like a cheaper knockoff of California Competition Works’s product!

    • I wouldn’t have any use for one–

    • JSmath

      One of the few times where I honestly couldn’t care someone had their product ‘knocked off’. At $40, that’s some ridiculous overpriced bullshit, I give no fucks that it’s 6061 and made in California (was going to say America, but California really isn’t..).

      Magpuls empire has grown entirely on identifying overpriced (metal) crap, and making a better polymer alternative sold at much lower price. These guys are just continuing the trend.

      And I’d probably never own/use either, to be honest. Just way too much volume taken up, I’d rather have more mags in bags. I can see where it might come in handy for a 3-gun competition, but I’d always be under the impression that if any malfunction occurred it’d 90% be the coupler’s existence in my mind.

  • jamezb

    Lol that’s kinda clever, but just a goofy range toy…but it gives me ideas for a few “hacks” that might bring new life to guns with hard to find magazines.. let me swirl the ideas around. Maybe I can cook us up something tasty…

  • hkryan

    At least the price is not through the roof.

  • DV

    Just dont dive into a prone position.

  • nadnerbus

    I was just thinking the other day how I wasn’t getting enough magazine related malfunctions.

  • Nathanael S.

    Let me put it this way, for the price and with two proven magazines from a good manufacturer, I’d rather stake my life on this guy than a $170 Surefire that jams like a teenage garage band. Ok, bad metaphor. But seriously, it’s not a terrible option if you want to go higher capacity..

  • USMC03Vet

    Oh, God.

    Can’t wait for the Californian politician to comment about this one. Those 30 caliber magazine clip extenders 60 round assault ammunition reloaders!

    • JSmath

      In half a second.

    • FourString

      You forgot “with evil features”! EVIL I say!

  • Cymond

    I find it hard to believe that the floor plates (labeled as ‘base’ in the diagram) won’t have stability problems. It seems like if they tipped, it would mess everything up.
    I wish someone would make a magazine coupler for quality 10-round AR mags, preferable side-by-side. I’m leaving soon, but there are many gun owners in California, New York, Massachusetts, and other mag-limit states. I taped a pair of 10-round magazines together at the base, but it’s a really poor solution.

      • Cymond

        Cool! and they make Glock mag couplers, too. I’ll try to find out if they ship to the USA.

    • iksnilol

      It’s called a piece of plywood + duct tape. Doesn’t look pretty but (looks cool though) works just like regular clamps would. That is it keeps the mags side by side with the feed lips pointing in the same direction.

      • Cymond

        Unfortunately, a standard 10-round magazine doesn’t protrude enough for that old trick. I guess those cosmetic 10/30 magazines would work with a coupler.
        I think the best option would be something like the Springer Fastmag. Until very recently, there was no option for a Gen-3 PMAG, and there were no Gen-2 10-round PMAGs. (I just discovered the Gen-3 Fastmag a few minutes ago).

  • You know, I also have a hack that involves two magazines and duct-tape.
    It’s called “Jungle-style” magazine taping.

    • David Sharpe

      Does jungle style taping allow the two mags to be used together? No, they still require reloading.

      Not that I’m advocating for this product, but your example is NOT the same.

      • Glock

        And you completely missed the point of the post you replied to…

        • David Sharpe


          He’s talking about taping two mags together “jungle style” for faster reloads. He’s also saying that this is just as good as what the article is talking about, which is wrong because this allows you to fire 2 mags instead of 1, then reloading.

  • Blake

    They should really include a cap to cover the follower on the bottom mag to keep dirt out…

    • Glock

      Magpul makes a cap… sells them with their magazines. Might not work with double the spring tension on it, but there is an easy way to find out

  • Blake

    So, how many AK banana mags do you have to ducktape together before it goes all the way around?


    • gunslinger

      the helix mag

      • J S

        Im waiting for the double helix. I hear its Darwin approved.

    • Guest

      This one is is 100 rounds, so i guess it would be roughly 6 or 7.

      • Porty1119

        What am I seeing…

        • David Sharpe

          A 100 round AK mag.

          I’d rather a 75 round drum. Looks less stupid and lighter/balanced.

          PS: No this isn’t photoshop.

      • Blake


        In all seriousness, if I was going to screw around with this sort of thing (which I’m not; 20rnds is plenty for me), I think I’d rather have that thing than a complex & expensive Beta C-Mag (provided the megabanana feeds well of course).

    • FourString

      How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop

  • Pete Sheppard

    Compared to just changing mags, that looks like a royal pain. If it makes money, it will have fulfilled its basic purpose

  • Eric

    It looks terrible and I have to wonder about the reliability, not to mention how far out the magazine sticks out. I think I’d rather get a Surefire quad mag or a good quality drum mag. If you really need to have the best capacity there are belt-fed rifles/uppers that you can get and I’m willing to bet that they’ll be more reliable than this thing.

  • 1leggeddog

    Wait a second, does this still count as one or two mags?

    Because up here in Canada, we can only have 5 rounds in semi-auto centerfire rifles. But we do have access to LAR-15 mags.

    I wonder if we could put this on 2x LAR-15 mags, have 20 rounds and still be legal.

    • David Sharpe

      I’m gonna say no but maybe.

      No because I doubt the RCMP would allow such a loophole, but maybe because they are powerless to other loopholes.

  • Duray

    What’s it for? The magazine capacity obsession puzzles me. “Dang, I missed him with those first 55 shots, but I think I’ve got him with these next 5.” I’ll take a 20 rd, and a gun I can actually carry. If I haven’t solved my problem after 20 rounds down range, I guess I’ll have to actually go through the hassle of dropping the empty and putting in another 20. Lame, I know.

    • Cymond

      Ok, devil’s advocate here.
      Why 20? What are you going to accomplish with the last 10 that you couldn’t do with the first 10? I’ve been living in California for 3 years and have never been in a shootout** that needed more than 10 rounds.
      No, I do no advocate magazine capacity limits, I’m just applying Durary’s logic to Duray’s preferred magazines.
      **(This is true because I’ve never been in a shootout at all).

    • Jimmy45

      The same reason you have 40rd mags, 60rd mags, and large capacity drum/box mags. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a cop or soldier during combat say “I wish I had less ammo…”
      Although I would pass on this Maghack contraption and use a PMAG40 instead.

  • dan citizen

    At least the price is reasonable.

    In tomorrow’s news:
    Red Jacket invents magazine coupler “Never been done before” …only $450 each.

  • Doom

    Crap, I guess I should have moved on this Idea when I had it a year or so ago… ALWAYS WITH THE PROCRASTINATION!

  • lilbear68

    yeah I guess they haven’t heard about mag springs taking a set if they stay compressed over time. don’t matter if youre using 2 springs or 5. but then if your mags are empty its all good just tell the bad guys to wait till you load up. or for long term storage try short loading the mags I/e 30rd mag stored with 25-28

  • jerome

    Im going to join two of these together with jungle clips to make a 118 round magazine.maybe i will do it with four 100 round surefire magazines.

  • jerome

    Epoxy or fiberglass resin work well also.

  • Scott

    They should make a tripod base that attaches to the bottom magazine, HAHA

  • jeffrey melton

    looks like a solution in search of a problem. i carry extra mags and change as needed. for extra cap buy a drum.