Egyptian Police buy 130,000 CZ Pistols; Mexican Federal Police Purchase CZ Rifles and Pistols

Sudanese Police training in Egypt with Police CZ EVO SMG and CZ pistols.

According to IHNED.CZ the Egyptian Police increased the number of pistols they ordered from Česká Zbrojovka and are now purchasing 130,000 pistols. CZ is expecting to produce a record 250,000 firearms this year and has had to bring on additional staff to handle the increased volume. When we reported on the Egyptian CZ order last year, they had ‘only’ committed to buy 50,000 pistols along with a small number of CZ Scorpion EVO III submachine guns and CZ-805 Bren rifles.

CZ Scorpion EVO III

CZ Scorpion EVO III

Lubomír Kovařík, the Česká Zbrojovka CEO, also announced that the Mexican Federal Police have ordered 2,600 CZ 805 Bren rifles and 5,000 CZ P-09 9mm pistols. The deal is worth 180 million Czech Koruna ($8,933,236 USD).  Kovarik has also confirmed that CZ will be competing with other manufacturers in Europe and the USA for the contract to supply to next French service rifle.

CZ P-09 Pistol

CZ P-09 Pistol

Thanks to Robert for the tip.

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  • dp

    Brazil, Mexico, Egypt…. who’s next? Quite amazing, but thing need to be seen in prospective. There are other makers who sell even more.

  • lee

    Royal Malaysian Police bought several in numbers (not sure how many), to replace the current service Bushmaster Carbon 15 9mm…

    • Matrix3692

      They did? i was wondering where i could find this kind of news/infomation?

      • lee

        after DSA2014, they tested the firearm and now under reservation…

  • sianmink

    Those Sudan cops look superbly low drag/high speed. Drop-leg holsters, single point sling, irons, no ear/eyepros or LBV.. Snag free=worry free!

    • DrewN

      Hey, they probably just grabbed the two nearest most squared away guys and said “picture time!” Those creases yell HQ staff to me.

    • 11b

      Lol yeah. Many Armies in North Africa/Africa/ME are more about looking good than actually performing. They buy lots of flashy equipment like air superiority fighters, but cant fly them very well or even maintain them.

    • Man pippy

      Yep it’s all about PR.

      Problem with infantry training is that it costs alot of money and you can’t get any kickbacks for it.

  • Mouldy Squid

    Good for them! CZ make superb firearms.

  • Lance

    Egypt must be replceing some older 9mm TU-90 pistols in service. Currently 3 pistols are in Egyptian servi9ce the oldest is the TU-90 a Russian TT-33 copy. Being single action and only 8rd mag limit see why they may replace them with a new pistol. The other two are newer bot made by Helwan arsenal both copys of the Beretta1951 and the Helwan 920 a Beretta 92 copy.

    • iksnilol

      Would be nice with a doublestack CZ in 7.62×25. Could also be sold to poorer countries so that they can use their old ammo.

      Thought about that since many still use the Tokarev and its clones.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        I think that would be nice, unfortunately CZ said unless a country puts in a big enough order for a pistol with those specs, they will not produce one.

  • Man pippy

    So I guess it’s official. France is probably moving away from the bullpup platform. Since there’s only gonna be five rifles in the competition.
    There’s CZ with the Bren
    Colt is gonna enter their piston AR with ambi controls.
    Beretta will be there with the ARX-160
    And I guess the other two can be no other than the FN-SCAR 16 and H&K 416.
    Which one do you think is gonna win?

    • Gwolf

      I’m going to guess FN gets it. Just for politics and what not.

      • Man pippy

        Probably, doubt they’d buy from Germany or the U.S.

        • Jak0Spades

          And yet French SF units used M4’s during the 90’s and currently use the HK 416/417 as their “main” service rifle. The HK G36 is also in widespread use in Tier 1 and 2 French SF units and Special Police Units alongside a significant number of MP5s and UMPs (9 mm). Not to mention that the standard side-arm for French law enforcement is the Sig P2022 and that the HK USP is often found in the hands of French SF units…. But apart from that, nah we probably won’t be buying German ;). If I remember correctly the tender stipulated that the offering companies had to be based in the EU, so Colt is not even allowed to compete.

          • Man pippy

            My correction, I meant I doubt France would make their standard infantry rifle of German design. It’s ok for special forces which are much less in number.

          • Jak0Spades

            France bought 250 000 Sigs P2022 as the standard side arm for all their law enforcement agencies, the largest order of the kind in a while. Granted pistols are cheaper than rifles, but don’t think they wouldn’t buy German for purely political reasons. My money is on ARX160 / FN SCAR L or 416. All these weapons have been used and or evaluated in Police and Tier 1/2 Units and none of them are cheap. CZ 805 could be a contender price wise but I think it’s extremely unlikely. Remember that the order 90 000 rifles, it’s not that many when you think about it.

          • Guest

            “And yet French SF units used M4’s during the 90’s and currently use the
            HK 416/417 as their “main” service rifle. The HK G36 is also in
            widespread use in Tier 1 and 2 French SF units and Special Police Units
            alongside a significant number of MP5s and UMPs (9 mm).”

            Sorry man, but this means nothing. Our own special forces would use a Ruger 10/22 and a .45 Single Action Army if they were the right tools for their mission. Special forces use special weapons for special situations and tactics.

            Regular forces use standardized weapons at the lowest cost possible to minimize the cost of manufacture, training and upkeep while maximizing the effectiveness of the fighting force as a whole.

      • James Young

        FNH is right there in Belgium, but very few countries seem to want the SCAR in 5.56 for some reason (price?). HK has a good chance with the 416 or the ugly G36. But CZ’s Bren is in the same class as the 416 and the SCAR, so it has a good chance as well, if the price is right.

    • Guest

      I dunno. It seems like a royal pain to train new and existing soldiers in operating a new kind of rifle, when many European armies have been using a bullpup model for thirty to fifty years.

      Maybe Fabrique National or Steyr or someone else will really win the right to produce FAMAS Felin rifles instead of their own products.

  • Blake

    Yay, the world needs more CZs 🙂

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Too bad they never got the FAMAS to work right. The lever delayed action allows the potential of better accuracy than roller delayed, and I just love the sound the action makes when firing suppressed.

  • John

    As much as I like CZ firearms, I can’t help but notice that the Bren 805 is pretty heavy for a carbine….at ~8 lbs unloaded without accessories… many of its contemporaries are in the 6-7 lb range (M4, G36C, MTAR-21)