Troy Industries AK-47 Battlerails Now Shipping

Earlier this year we posted pictures of the new rails for the AK-47 from Troy Industries, well now they’re finally available. Known for their high-quality rails for the AR-15, this is their first for the AK-47 variant rifles. The Troy Battlerails for the AK-47 are machined from hardened aircraft aluminum and feature a MIL-SPEC hardcoat anodizing finish and stainless steel fasteners. Just like with their AR-15 offerings, the Troy Battlerails are lightweight and feature a small diameter grip. They’re also modular allowing the user to customize where they want to mount lights, grips or lasers. The new AK rails are available in two sizes, Short and Long. The Short version actually extends 4 inches past the standard AK hand guards while the Long Battlerail extends a full 7 inches past the standard hand guards. The Long version also has 3 inches of Picatinny rail space on top.

Along with the new AK-47 Battlerails Troy has also released a replacement Railed Gas Tube that fits all stamped and milled receiver AK rifles that use a standard length gas tube, however it’s also adjustable for variation between different AK manufacturers. The gas tube features 5 inches of Picatinny rail space for optics or accessories and provides a lower 1/3 co-witness depending on optics. The Troy Railed Gas Tube can also be used alone with factory hand guards in case you wanted to keep some of the classic wood look.

The Troy Long Battlerail retails for $139.95, the Short retails for $124.95 and the Railed Gas Tube retails for $149.95. Check them out at


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  • echelon

    $150 for a railed gas tube? Pssssh. I think for $150 you should get the long hand guard and the railed gas tube…

  • MrPhantom

    Why do people still make railed gas tubes for the AK again? Quality dogleg mounts and railed side mounts are pretty widely available, and they don’t lose zero every time you clean your weapon. Or you could, y’know, use an optic that’s actually designed for the weapon and not have to worry about rails at all.

  • That Guy

    They need to double the length of this hand guard to four feet and it will finally be long enough. Gotta make sure that Tier-1 Operators with long arms can “C-Clamp” their AKs.

  • BOB

    In before the Troy hate…

  • Blake

    Something like this would look really good on an SKS with a synthetic stock (in lieu of the factory wooden handguard)

  • hkryan

    I’d like to see pics of the railed gas tube with a normal lower handguard installed. And how is it stabilized well enough for optics? The UltiMAK is $50 cheaper and mounts solidly to the barrel…

  • guest

    The only thing I’d buy over here is the railed gas tube. If it can hold a very solid zero for a red dot and still be detachable for cleaning, it’s a winner in my book.