DIY Bipod For Steyr AUG

What does an Estonian reader of TFB do after he has purchase a €1,750 Steyr AUG rifle, €1,000 worth of optics and a €200 muzzle brake? Spent €2 on a DIY bipod, of course!




The trick is cut off the articulating pads found on the end of cheap spring clamps, then dremal out the inside of the clamp and glue in rubber pads.


The spring clamp before.


The spring clamp after modifications

The bi-pod attaches to the Steyr AUG’s fore grip (in the folded up position) and seem to work quite well. The bi-pod can be seen in action below …

Thanks to Kask for the photos. Kask blogs at Asjadest II.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Zachary marrs

    I mean this in the best way possible; this is sssoooooo f_cking ghetto,
    Cool, but ghetto

  • Doc

    “Dermal” means “of or relating to the skin” whereas “Dremel” refers to the name-brand rotary tool, or informally the verb form of using such a tool. Get it together, TFB.

    • Zachary marrs

      Seriously, they need to run spell check, or something. Its almost like a high schooler’s rough Draft.

      • ShootingFromTheHip

        Haha, the irony — pot calling the kettle black! You have an unnecessary comma after “spell check”; “Its” should be “It’s”; and “Draft” is arbitrarily capitalized.

        • Zachary marrs

          Thanks for correcting me, unfortunately I’m typing all this on my phone, so forgive my spelling errors.
          But I’m not the one running a website.

          • People seriously all this for two letters reversed and you know full well what he means. Yea I missed proofing a couple before they were posted. Blame me!

          • Zachary marrs

            Its real cheap to get a third party to check the spelling, so why not do that? It’s just… unprofessional

          • We don’t have the time to hire anyone. The number of post we do daily prevents it. If you see an occasional error just ignore it. After all you don’t write a letter to the editor of a newspaper that does it and they do.

          • Zachary marrs

            There are services you can hire online for CHEAP. And if a newspaper constantly made spelling errors and refused to correct those issues, I’d stop reading it. This issue has come up multiple times, and y’all will say “yeah we’ll start proofreading better” but nothing ever happens.

            Why not just have the writers open the articles in ms word and correct all the parts with squiggly lines under them?

          • Well we’re doing what I hate to see happening getting off the subject. Lets move on.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Yes, by all means let’s get off the subject… once you have been firmly trounced on the issue.

            The guys are right- this is supposed to be a professional organization. It’s time to start running it like one.

          • Doc

            If my newspaper continually published spelling and grammatical errors, I would. It’s sort of embarrassing from what are supposed to be professionals. I understand I’m just a loud angry twat, but I understand that i type like a punchdrunk baboon, and I take the time it takes to reread my writing where it will reflect on me professionally. You don’t think a history of spelling errors can harm a publication’s reputation? Google up ” The Grauniad” and see what you find. Take it as a compliment that readers expect better of your publication.

          • claymore

            So Mr. perfect you better check your lack of doing it correctly yourself. Try making the i a capital ……………..

            “understand that i type like a punchdrunk baboon”

          • Doc

            I’d be hilariously embarrassed if I was getting paid to write these comments. Or if I typed like you.

          • claymore

            LOL you made the mistake while criticizing others for their mistake.

          • BattleshipGrey

            Phil does have a point. I notice grammatical and spelling errors all the time from big national news organizations.,, as well as my regional papers. I’m not saying it’s okay or that people shouldn’t try to do it right before the “send” button is pushed, but TFB isn’t alone.

    • noob

      What? don’t you sand your dermis with a dremel tool? it’s great for a mani-pedi 🙂

      • BryanS

        Hell, they sell it for that exact function… for pets.

  • Mike N.

    Man, that is a gigantic freakin’ muzzle brake so close to your face.

  • Kris

    That is going to last…oh, say 1 or 2 shots…if you use it in any situation other than completely stationary on a bench. Cool for the Call of Duty kiddies…not much use any way else.

    • JSmath

      Definitely not for any sensible use on a firearm, but between the recoil of 223/556 and the size of that spring clamp – it probably won’t come off between a hundred rounds at a time.

      It won’t be nearly as useful as an articulating bipod, but there would be no point with that build.

    • wetcorps

      This is Europe. Our rifle are never shot off the bench.

  • Timothy Chaffee

    Who needs tacticool when you have practi-cool?

  • JSmath

    Looks like he wrapped the grip with either electrical tape or F4 tape. It’s like putting rattle can paint on a Ferrari – even if you manage to get it right, you’re still a special kind of retarded for doing it.

    I say that, but I’m about to ghetto rig/fud a Sub2000. Difference is, I’m only paying $400 in base cost and the Sub2000 is a definite yes as far as modifications are concerned.

    • Markus

      Nope, that’s neither electrical tape nor F4 tape. If you look closely at the first two pictures, you’ll notice it says HEAD at the bottom, meaning it’s most likely the kind of grip tape one puts on tennis racket. HEAD being a major premium sports-equipment company based (partly) in Austria.
      Not a terrible idea IMHO, if you have rather large and/or sweaty hands and know how to propperly wrap that stuff so it stays where it’s supposed to – especially since the AUG grip is pretty much just plain, almost smooth plastic and there really is no way of replacing it with an aftermarket grip with more texture. I suppose if that stuff manages to stay on a heavily used tennis racket, it will do just fine on pretty much any rifle out there.

      • JSmath

        In my defense, you can only read “A.D.” in the first image and it’s illegible in the second (though you can make out that it’s 4 characters long). I did actually try to make it out and search it, but couldn’t find anything. I have popup blockers on my browser, so maybe they’re better when opened, but I get redirected back to the article however I try to open the images.

        My expectations were set low by the spring clamp bipod.

        • Markus

          You’re right – it’s probably because I know their logo/signature-font and my subconsciousness supplemented the rest. You can take a look at the full sized pictures by going to the blog linked at the bottom of the post, but it’s barely legible there as well unless you already know what you’re looking at.

          To be honest, now that I’ve seen it I might someday try it on my own AUG just to see if it makes a noticeable difference. Worst case, I wasted 5 bucks and have to scrub off the glue residue afterwards.

  • Markus

    Considering how ridiculously expensive the Steyr-made picatinny forend is (+300 Euro last time I checked) I can somehow see why he’s going that route…

    • Gallan

      Heard the Steyr Aug is cheaper to manufacture than the M16. But why is it more expensive on the market?

      • JumpIf NotZero


    • Julio

      But Ratworx sell a neat Pic-rail that replaces the folding fore-grip, as do Armalon in the UK. Either lets you mount a VFG and a bipod, and a flashlight/laser/ [add your choice of paperweight here]. So what Steyr want for their fore-end is essentially their own business!

      • Markus

        Maybe I’m blind, but I couldn’t find any AUG rail on Armalon’s website and Ratworx apparently doesn’t ship outside the US, as do most smaller US companies due to ITAR. Brügger & Thomet once made one which unfortunately only fits the A1 and A2 variants, not the current A3 and to top it off it was even more expensive to begin with. So yeah, it’s of course Steyr’s own business and they could just as well charge 1000 bucks for a simple piece of metal… it just sucks for the consumer who already spent a small fortune on their rifle and a bunch of their proprietary and equally expensive magazines, which for some reason retail for *much* more (some places > $100 each, no joke) over here in Europe than in the US.

        • Julio

          Just give Peter Sarony a call at Armalon. I know he makes them, because I’ve got one (see picture below). You can also order an optional spigot to take a P/H or Versapod-type bipod, leaving the rail itself free for other accessories.

  • A2H

    At first I loled, but then I realized this was a serious article.

  • Andrew

    “€1,000 worth of optics”

    In what country does an EOTech 512 cost €1,000???

    • Miguel

      Probably in Brazil(and maybe even more!) Because of HUGE import taxes, v.a.t., licences, red tape, insurance… and only registered competition shooters and collectors are allowed to buy/import them.

    • 11b

      It said Estonia…

    • John Doe

      He does seem to have a magnifier too, it’s flipped to the side.

  • dan citizen

    Soon to be available with quad rails in desert camo for $1000

  • TangledThorns

    Who needs a muzzle brake that large, especially on a 5.56 rifle? Is he unable to handle the recoil?! Nothing more annoying than the tacticool fool in a range with the ultra-loud muzzle brake.

    • Rogier Velting

      Larger muzzle brakes are more effective at reducing recoil (and producing sound), but with the low recoil of 5.56 it does indeed seem rather pointless. Not to mention the increased shockwave is more likely to rip the “bipod” off than the original recoil would’ve been xD

  • ensitue

    Jeeze, and I though I was a grammar Nazi but I see that I’m just a novice compared to some here.
    I see nothing wrong with saving money, especially after buying an AUG, I have two bipods that were $10, I use them when taking pics of my rifles, so sue me. I shudder at the thought of spending $200 on a bipod when a cloth sack filled with poly foam packing peanuts is virtually free and weighs mere ounces