X-Products Confirms Can Cannon is In Development

As a direct results of the positive response from the prototype, X-Products has confirmed on their Facebook page that the Can Cannon will be headed to production. Posted on July 4th, X-Products stated that they are needing ATF approval and will have pre-orders online in “about a week.”

x-products-can-cannon (1)

Photo courtesy of Jerking the Trigger.

By that timing, the Can Canoon should be online here shortly on X-Products’ website. No word on release, but X-Products hopes to have the Can Cannon in the $200-300 range.

Can You do the Can Cannon?

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Blastattack

    That’s awesome! Love how the can explodes in mid-air too. There must be some expansion area behind the can, otherwise I imagine that the blanks would be inclined to puncture the base of the can.

    • sianmink

      I’d guess there’s a diffuser of some sort, just like on the nerf guns.

    • BillC

      The can explodes mid air because someone off camera shot it with a shotgun. At the beginning of the vid, you hear “Pull”, then a second shot.

  • Andrew

    So, based on BATFE’s ruling on the Sig Arm Brace, stating it is perfectly fine to shoulder it like a rifle stock, since the item’s “original intended purpose” is all that matters…that means this could legally be used instead as a Molotov cocktail launcher/blunderbuss/mortar?

    • J.J

      Yeah isn’t that crazy? But my .22 is banned… Go figure.

    • Ken

      I can’t imagine why it would be different from a muzzleloader. It does not use fixed cartridges.

      I’m fairly certain a Molotov cocktail is already considered a Destructive Device on its own, without the need for a launcher.

      • Cymond

        From what I understand, it uses 223 blanks. What would happen if it was loaded with an actual round of 223? Would it fire? Is the barrel less than 16 inches?

        • Ken

          It could be made to only chamber the blank and not a live round. That can be done by reducing the “bore” diameter just in front of the chamber, so only a rosette crimped blank or simply a primed case filled with powder and a wad will chamber, but a live round will not.

      • dickG

        “I can’t imagine why it would be different from a muzzleloader. It does not use fixed cartridges.”
        Because it has a thingy on the end that goes up!
        And, it looks veeewwy scawwwy.

        • Ken

          I’d love to see a grenade launcher style ladder sight on it, so it really will have something that goes up.

    • Geodkyt

      If ATF follows their own consistent rulings on 37mm flare guns and potato guns (the most similar things to this), if you use (or possess them together with) them with “antipersonnel” ammunition or you use it as an antipersonnel weapon for real, it must be registered as a Destructive Device. If you don’t have antipersonnel ammo nor intend to shoot anyone in the face with it, it’s not a DD.

  • tt_ttf

    All I can see is disaster written all over this

    Idiots mixing ammo and not having a blank in there, some other idiot using this to launch aforementioned mortar or other device……hell even a can with filled with alcohol or ??? could make a nice shell

    Real weapons are not toys and this just screams danger at me

    • Paul S.

      “Real weapons are not toys and this just screams danger at me”

      Is gun. Is not safe.

    • Dieter Schaumer

      Shooting golf balls out of an AR is one thing, but cans..?

      Who would even want a can that had been shaken up that badly, even if it was intact?

      • Zachary marrs

        “Hey dale, im outta beer!”
        “Hold awn bubba, ima comin”
        “Thanks dale!”

        • hkryan

          Or “ouch, dale!”

      • Mystick

        “Pull!!” …. [boom][splat]

      • Cymond

        Who said anything about wanting the can? I doubt the can would survive the impact.
        I think this is just for fun, but I’m the kind of nut who would use this to ‘deliver’ cans down range, and then shoot at the cans themselves.

        • hkryan

          That’s not a bad idea. It’s not a can launcher, it’s a target transportation device.

    • wetcorps

      Idiots will find a way to hurt themselves or other with pretty much anything you could think of….

      • JumpIf NotZero

        But is it best to help them out?

        • iksnilol

          You could do that… but it is more fun to watch.

    • Zachary marrs

      You can make something idiot proof, but then they make better idiots

      • hkryan

        Gotta take it to the next level: imbecile proof.

    • mechamaster

      I hope the launcher has safety measure to ensure that live ammunition cannot be used. Like blank-fire muzzle adapter, or simunition gun.


    So they’re going to be selling…….a……..Beer Launcher? This could be truly epic. Set it off with a lit cigar and it’s ATF all in one package!

  • Ken

    I wonder how much pressure the barrel can withstand. I want to muzzleload it with blackpowder and buckshot (in front of just a primed case, or a blackpowder blank) to make a grape shot AR.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      You should totally do that…. I’ll just stand back here.

      • Ken

        Basically firing a four pounder gun off the shoulder, haha.

        • Secundius

          @ Ken.

          Yeah, a modern 21st centerfire cartridge BLUNDERBUSS!

  • nick

    A quick legal to own one of these? and can you legaly fire everything you want out of it?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      To explicitly answer your question, no, not legal to fire ‘everything’ of it.

  • 101nomad

    Used to do the same thing with a length of galvanized pipe, capped, with slit cut to pull fuse thru, and cherry bombs/M80s. (Note to hommieland insecurity, a “cherry bomb” and “M80” were bodacious firecrackers at the time.) Made pistols as well. A carved wooden grip, pipe bound to it with hose clamps, loaded with firecracker and ball bearing. Shot scrap plywood with them, or most anything we could hit, eventually. Make either one of those now and most likely wind up in the pen.

    • Bill

      One name for a device like that is “pipe bomb.”

      Bomb squads are a lot busier than people think, not dealing with terrorists or blowing up suspicious packages that wind up containing kittens, but cleaning up after household experiments.

      • 101nomad

        They were not experiments, they worked, they were not pipe bombs, they shot cans or ball bearings, or marbles, and you were born too late to know the difference. That was back when we did not destroy other peoples property in any case. This was in the 50s. In the mid 60s I was making pipe/barrel booby traps for an entirely different purpose, sanctioned by the US Military. What have you done lately? Besides play computer games?

        • hkryan

          Back then you were just a kid growing up. Now you’d be called a homegrown terrorist. MRAP inbound…

        • Bill

          Um, worked in law enforcement for near 30 years, including multiple trainings and responses to home-made IEDS, some of which were kids screwing around, and some which were very definitely not kids screwing around? I don’t have any computer games, but I have plotted where human tissue landed after an explosion, and recovered it with tweezers. Does that count for anything?

          Yeah, building your own explosive devices is sort of frowned upon by our judicial and legislative branches.

  • Cynic

    I would use it like in the video for a fun skeet shoot type thing.

  • derfelcadarn

    For the moron that has everything. Beyond inane and nudging up close to stupid.

  • j

    You can already buy AR can cannons from American Specialty Ammo.

  • Zachary marrs

    Dont show this to hickok45

    • Cymond

      I want to see Jerry Miculek use this for something.

  • Dracon1201


    • Risky

      shut up and take my monkey!

      • hkryan

        Sock monkey in the tube?

  • Nathan

    i have a mighty need

  • Jonathan Wright

    I remeber launching tennis balls out of a shot cup on a M-14 for shot line practice. wonder how far this would throw a tennis ball.

  • mechamaster

    Load it with potato… and let it become… ‘Potato-launcher’

  • Giolli Joker

    I would have first loaded the can and then loaded the chamber…

  • Tom Currie

    Two questions:

    1) Why would then need BATFE approval for a blank-firing UPPER receiver (which is NOT a firearm)?
    2) Why would they develop a $200-300 dedicated blank-firing upper to launch coke cans when the same function was accomplished years ago with a launcher that screwed on in place of the flash suppressor? (The can size version seems to have disappeared from the market, but the smaller diameter “golf ball launcher” is still available, although sometimes hard to find).

    • Cymond

      Why seek approval? The barrel is less than 16″, so it may be considered a SBR. The projectile is over .50 caliber, so it may be considered a Destructive Device. Finally, it’s kinda cool, so logic dictates that it’s probably illegal.

      • Tom Currie

        Barrel length and caliber are only of concern in a firearm. The upper receiver of an AR is _not_ a firearm.
        The manufacturer of the upper is totally in the clear, but you do raise a valid point that the BATFE might go after customers who installed this idiot toy onto their own lower receiver, thus building a SBR or DD

        • Ken

          As long as the chamber is made in such a way that it can only chamber blanks and not live rounds, I’d imagine it’s simply a muzzleloader.

  • Beenthere


    AR-15 Pop can/Tennis ball launcherAttaches to virtually any AR-15 with a threaded barrel. This simple to use design is ready to go by simply removing the Flash Hider from your AR-15 and installing The pop can/tennis ball Launcher. By using a blank 223 round you can propel the can/tennis ball!!!Threaded for 1/2”x28 TPIPrice: $39.99


  • Ken

    But it’s black and looks scary, so there’s that…

  • Secundius

    Unless the range exceeds that of a Potato Bazooka and cheaper than a Potato Bazooka. It’s going to be FAR cheaper to build and use a Potato Bazooka.

  • Secundius

    An updated M79 Grenade Launcher. I’d like to see the M203 version of this Blunderbuss?