Gear Review: TangoDown SCAR Accessories

TangoDown has produced a line of spectacular SCAR accessories to help users of the rifle enhance their shooting experience.

Pictured below is my SCAR with all of TangoDown’s bells and whistles:


The first and most important accessory to me is the turned down, low profile but still accessible charging handle. I used to run an EoTech optic on my SCAR 16s, but by about the third time I busted my knuckles on it I parted ways with it. The TangoDown handle is quite a nice and affordable upgrade:


Next up is the metal stock latch and makes the stock feel much more firmly locked in when open. While not a must have in my eyes, I understand some people simply like the idea of metal latches:


Of course if you are not running much equipment up front and want a purpose built cover for the cheese-graters, TangoDown makes some nice color-matching rail covers and even a QD foregrip that I like quite a lot:


Different lengths of cover are available and they lock on really well.

Last up is the magazine. The good part is that it is cut to not interfere with the SCAR’s mag catch (SCARs are notorious for being picky with mags, as many will raise the bolt catch just enough to damage the bolt):


However with a price of $20, I will stick with cheaper mag offerings.

The prices on these accessories are as follows:

Charging handle: $59.95

Stock latch: $62.95

Rail covers: $13.00-$14.42

Vertical grip: $70.79

Magazine: $20.50

All in all I am satisfied with these accessories, but I do believe that they have priced themselves out of the magazine game.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Anonymous

    What about the Battlegrip?

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I will never understand (or forgive) why 5 different shades of tan on are the SCAR. I get that anodizing will never match paint, but I don’t get why their injection molded lower doesn’t match their injection molded stock which doesn’t match the injection molded grip.

    As someone with a lot of time spent working with paint shops this confuses me beyond belief.

    • Because idiots like me still buy them?

      • Nicholas C

        Hear hear Alex C. I dont care that my SCAR has different colors. Mine isnt all that bad ad it breaks it up a bit I think. Plus all that matters is that it is really really accurate. Makes up for my poor skills with a rifle.

    • st4

      In retrospect, I should have gotten the black one. My friend who did always gives me shit when he sees my half-coated/half-assed factory magazines. Someone ever find out why FN never bothered to color the whole mag with their tan model?

      • Sam Schifo

        I always assumed it was because they figured the top part was going to get scratched up going in and out of the magwell so they never bothered.


    I think the reason that TangoDown made the metal stock latch in the first place is because reports were that the factory latches would just straight-up break. I don’t know how prevalent that is but if it’s possible, why not just fix it. I guess just installing TangoDown’s latch will save owners a lot of headache if their’s do happen to break.

    Now one thing absolutely should be taken care of are those excuses they call sling loops. Almost every single outlet I’ve seen or read name those as cons of the rifle. Not enough articulation for freedom of movement; they’re pretty much added bumps and weight to the rifle. Either FN should replace them with QD mounts (regardless of third-party accessories), make them bigger, or just remove them all together.

    But that charging handle is a beauty though. Just a little change does a whole lot of good. That’s probably the first thing I’ll get if I ever lay my hands on a SCAR.

    • Zachary marrs

      I always thought that FN kinda halved assed the scar, I guessed when they lost their military contract, they stopped caring

      • They should have just updated the FNC with a bolt catch and other goodies, like the Swedish AK5. Now that would have been awesome!

      • n0truscotsman

        FNs problem was that they didn’t listen to any feedback about the design, by, you know, the people that would carry the damn things in combat and by those that have fired a large volume of rounds through the family.

        • Garret

          FN’s problem is that they DID listen to those very same people, the one’s who couldn’t make up their mind or remain consistent with their desires and requirements for this design. Go listen to what Matt Jaques, the FN SCAR program director at the time, had to say about the end user review and revision process before making more false assertions based on pure assumptions.

          • n0truscotsman


            Who did exactly did FN listen to? Because the core problems of the SCAR (delicate trunnion screws, delicate latch, problems with the lower receiver, problems with the gas system’s reliability) remained unsolved.

            Not addressing desires is one thing. Fixing core problems? entirely different. FN did nothing. That is why the rifle itself remains unchanged since 2007. And its not because FN worked out the inherent problems with the SCAR either.

            I have heard FN’s side of the story and am not interested in it for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, its because the SCAR’s problems remain unaddressed. They probably will continue to be so too, unless of course, the money can be somehow found to be justified (sequestration is the 800 lb gorilla in the room).

    • n0truscotsman

      Latch breakage was very prevalent with the SCAR. a PITA. I just said “screw it” to the entire thing and replaced it with the Vltor receiver extension.

      folding to the side makes no sense anyways anymore.

      Yeah I also hate the HK style sling loops. They’re conceptually obsolete in my opinion, given the existence of QD mounts which are far more stable, more reliable, more durable, and quieter. They just make far more sense in so many aspects.

  • Chris O.

    I have found the Lancer L5 series magazines to run significantly more consistent than the tango down offerings.

    • Armrer

      And how is that? Please offer some facts on that.

      • Cymond

        What do you want, a cited source for his personal experience?

      • Chris O.

        When I first bought my scar I only had PMags from my AR15 to run through it. The problem with the PMags is that they are not STANAG compliant, and FN built the scar in such a fashion that it dislikes any magazine that is not STANAG compliant. I bought several different types of plastic magazines and found the lancer series to work the best for the price. They are basically the top 1/4 of a USGI mag, mated with a plastic mag, thus avoiding the issue completely. At the time I bought them they were 16 dollars at the local shop verses 21 or so for the tango down mags. After taking them both to the range I found I had to take a small file to the left edge of the feed lip (pardon my lack of knowledge regarding proper nomenclature), in order to prevent the bolt catch from being actively engaged by the magazine body. I have since been told that this is no longer an issue, however I see no need to change what has been working well for me. I hope I have adequately answered your question, however I encourage you to try it out for yourself and choose what best suits your needs.

  • Distant Voice

    Some strange comments here.

    FN brings a civilian SCAR to you so close to the specifics of the
    military contract that it could be argued that it’s detrimental in this fast paced world. The SCAR was designed before QD slingpoints and before Pmags.

    The buttstock latches used to have a square 90 degree turn to the teeth. Now it’s radiused to eliminate that stress point.

    There are at least two companies that make SCAR specific QD points, including ones that are mounted to the existing loops.

    The problem with pre-Gen3 Pmags is that they aren’t STANAG compliant. It’s not FN’s fault for designing the SCAR around the standard GI magazine in 2003. The Pmag wouldn’t come along for another 4 years and has gone through a revision 3 times since then.

    Also, what is the use of complaining about mismatching colors on a rifle that is FDE?

    “That multicam is so good. Its colors and pattern break up the outline of the person”,

    “That SCAR is so ugly. Its colors doesn’t match the rest of the rifle.”

    • John

      “The problem with pre-Gen3 Pmags is that they aren’t STANAG compliant.
      It’s not FN’s fault for designing the SCAR around the standard GI
      magazine in 2003.”

      Wait. Isn’t the standard USGI magazine supposed to be STANAG compliant in the first place?

      • Distant Voice

        The GI mag is supposed to be what the 4179 STANAG is based on, but they never actually ratified it. FN designed the SCAR to use that square shaped notch on the back of the GI mag.

        Magpul put a V-shaped notch there for Gen 1 and 2 Pmags,

  • Nicholas C

    Nice. I want a new charging handle for my 17S, But everything else I can live without. I am not much of a fan of the Tangodown vert grip. The throw lever is really big and pokey against my hand.

  • Shanksabunch

    My Scar 16s has been a blast to own for the last 3 years. Consistent. Reliable. Accurate and Fun. I don’t have any Tango down gear on it. I do have Lancer 5, Pmag gen 3 (people only have problems with gen 2 or older…ahhhhh…don’t buy them?), and FN magazines. Rotating all of them I’ve gone through about 5000 rounds (1/3 wolf steel ammo) and I haven’t experienced any malfunctions. I don’t know why people grip about the Scar platform so much…oh wait…you don’t own one. Guess you gotta get your Troll on.

    • I have one and I don’t like it. Bizarre recoil impulse, pug ugly, reciprocating charging handle, tears up night vision, cheap feeling, and it is just big and bulky.

    • seans

      The Scar family has a lot of problems with quality control, design problems which just never made sense. You might own one, but I have had to deal with well over a hundred MK17s and 20s and there are major problems with the weapons.

      • I am inclined to hold your word to a higher regard than random dude with a tacticool SCAR from the internet.
        Thank you for sharing this info Seans.

      • Chris O

        What kind of failures are you encountering? Also, what are the circumstances? This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this statement, however each individual who tells it claims a different issue. How are they breaking these firearms? I’ve got almost 60,000 rounds through my scar after 2 years and it would be nice to know what to plan for.

        • seans

          If your gun has 60000 thousands rounds thru it is most likely fine. We found with are MK17s that problems would occur within the first three thousand rounds. At 5000 we considered the gun reliable. As for the type of problems, the guns had no overall theme of what would break. Again which is what makes me believe it is quality control issues, that and talking to the actual FN reps who had no explanation to our questions.

          • Chris O

            I appreciate the information. While having various conversations with the gentlemen whom it is my job to provide support, I had been led to believe that my purchase was waiting for a chance to fall apart while I wasn’t looking, always hinting at an issue with the bolt carrier assembly or the stock assembly.

          • n0truscotsman

            “that and talking to the actual FN reps who had no explanation to our questions.”

            Yes this was absolutely the case and I cannot emphasize this enough. There’s a problem with somebody’s credibility when it comes to the SCAR family.

    • Shanksabunch

      Major problems? Do share, and please tell me of a platform out there that has a 100% problem free service record…oh wait, there’s no such thing.

      Alex C. – you don’t like your Scar. Reasons…

      Bizarre recoil impulse (now your just trying to sound like some ballistic, range badass, tacticool operator, come-on man! Your writing for a firearms blog. you can do better than that. What’s the impulse? how exactly does it bother you?

      Pug ugly – You saw it before you bought it right? Should’ve bought the black one instead of jumping on the FDE hump train.

      Reciprocating charging handle – lol. There are 100 million AK-47-style assault rifles in circulation around the world. All have reciprocating handles….I love this one

      Tears up night vision – more operator shit.

      Cheap feeling, big and bulky – I’m not even sure what this means…I can say a Tavor feels cheap, an AR-15 feels cheap… seriously man… y’all need to use that big ol Texas writin brain o yours, and fix up some better explanations now. lol

      • seans

        POI shifts of up to 7 minutes and back with the MK20, going full auto randomly for both platforms, having almost 50% of your guns needing to be sent back on deployment. As for the charging handle. Yes many designs do have reciprocating handles, but look at the charging handle of the M14 or AK47, the charging handles are capable of being struck with a heel.

      • You are emotionally attached to your bad purchase, I get that but there is no reason to be upset. No operator here, I just shoot in jeans and a shirt, hunt with night vision and machine guns, hate slapping-charging handles, and dislike the feel of the platform. I feel that my explanations are sufficient, especially when you take into account that I own damn near every semi automatic 5.56 rifle ever made or imported into the USA. The SCAR is most definitely on the lower rungs of the ladder.

  • anotherWTFarticle

    Dude, how is this a review? Zero data points and shitty writing. Basically a TangoDown advert. This blog is getting shittier by the day…

    • anon

      What do you expect from a “writer” who made a name for himself stroking his own ego and flaunting his father’s cash on 4chan?