Česká Zbrojovka Store in Prague

Landed in Prague on Friday.  Hotel check- in isn’t until 2pm so I left my luggage at the hotel baggage room and headed for the Česká Zbrojovka store. I asked about taking photographs and they were a bit cautious about it. They were concerned that I was casing the joint and trying to photograph the security cameras. Not at all, I just wanted to get pics of all the great stuff in the store.


When you walk into the store it is arranged with items and clothes for the hunter rather than the competitive or tactical shooter. It looks like a country club inside.

This was at the immediate right of the checkout counter, aka cash desk.



Behind the cash desk.



There were some interesting trinkets like this Laser Hologram of the CZ Scorpion Evo 3. Only 500 which comes out to about $25 USD.


To go with my Glock Keychain, they have a CZ P07 keychain for 25 ($1.25)

cz keychain


They did have some CZ branded shirts. I picked up these two for 250 each (about $12 USD)





Once you walk past the clothing section, behind the cash desk and to the left, is the gun room. Again continuing the look of an upscale country club, there are leather couches and nice hard wood fixtures.

The following two pictures are from CZ’s store website



In the picture above, the display case shows a piece of wood and the tools used for engraving a stock.



Here are some of the guns they had behind the counter.


Model 58



Scorpion Evo3




Dan Wesson .357 Magnum.







Nicholas C

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  • Dv

    Really cool stuff

  • Kuba

    Nice! Competitive shooting is the third largest sport in the Czech Republic so there are quite a lot of gun stores in Prague.

  • dp

    Not sure if anyone cares how to pronounce the name, is goes like “cheh-ska zbro-yovka”. Meaning is I suppose familiar with most readers. The name is actually historical and goes back to 1920’s.

    • Nicholas C

      Thanks, my wife’s Czech Co-Worker taught me how to pronounce it.

  • dp

    Btw, those 35grand Czech crowns is a very good monthly managerial pay.

    • Robert

      A very good managerial pay in the Czech Republic is app. 150-200 000 Kč

  • M.M.D.C.

    “…the display case shows a piece of wood and the tools to make a stock by hand.”

    Those are engraving tools with what appear to be examples of wood and metal engraving.

    • Nicholas C

      Thanks for the clarification.

  • gunslinger

    i thought that one tshirt was of a storm trooper

  • Fruitbat44

    Nice little travelogue.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    “They were concerned that I was casing the joint and trying to photograph the security cameras. Not at all, I just wanted to get pics of all the great stuff in the store.

    Oh good thing you cleared that up with us readers. Up until you specifically said you weren’t casing the place, I really had no idea what your intentions to take photos for this article might have been! 😉

    What was the converted price on the Evo3? Were they selling them?

    The Czechs can own full autos, correct?

    • Nicholas C

      Yes, Czechs can not own Class A guns (that is what I was told they are called) However I spoke with the owner of a gun range in the Czech and he says he knows a guy who owns a full auto. Only a very select elite group of people can own one.

      Brens cost about $2000 USD and the Evo3 are about $1500 USD.

    • the morning relativity

      You can get an exception to own class A firearm (it’s solely up to police if they grant you one), but even if you do, there are severe restriction’s with owning class A firearms – most notably, police has right to inspect that you store safely your gun – so they have “search warrant” for your home anytime they want…

      But you can buy semi auto version, without any aditional paperwork as you would need with SBR

  • The handguard on the Vz58 looks a little fancier than the beaver-barf I’m used to! Very cool store. I wish more firearm companies would have “factory outlet” locations.

    • Nicholas C

      While I am not sure, I think the Vz58 was a cut out version or possibly cut to no longer be functioning. It has holes cut into it.

  • vereceleritas

    I believe that keychain is a P-07, not a CZ-75.

    • Nicholas C

      Thanks, corrected.

  • Yellow Devil

    Bucket full of Tannerite list.

  • Mud

    What is the brass doorknob device in the Dan Wesson photo?

    • Nicholas C

      I have no idea. haha

      • Giolli Joker

        Couldn’t it be a fancy “wrench” or tool to remove/reinstall the barrels?

    • Lonecoon

      It’s the old style barrel wrench for removing and installing the barrel. The newer ones look mote like a drill chuck.

  • Blake

    Awesome article, thanks. CZ really hits the quality/price sweet spot for me; we have a 527 & 83 and the collection is growing.

    I’ll be sure to find the store the next time I’m in Praha.

    • Nicholas C

      Be careful, the website does not post the store’s hours. They are closed on Sundays and during different times of the year their hours change. Sometimes they are open on Saturdays but have truncated hours. They close at 1pm.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    DP & Robert :

    I know that the both of you either were or are closely affiliated with what we now know as the Czech Republic ( and therefore Czechoslovakia in the “old” days ), and this apparent disparity in managerial pay scales has me a little off-balance. Am I missing something here — eg., the difference between upper and lower management — or has the passage of time and changed economic circumstances altered things so much?

  • Mehul Kamdar

    I would like to buy an engraved CZ 97 B or BD in the US. Can’t seem to find any resources here. Would you please be able to check with CZ if they could offer this as a service over here? Thanks!

  • Dougsk

    Anyone know what optics are on the Evo?