REX Zero-1 Pistol  (Slovenia)

The REX ZERO 1 pistol is a new conventional hammer-fired steel pistol made in Slovenia by REX Firearms. We don’t have a lot of information about this pistol, or even the manufactures website address. What we do know is that it is probably chambered in 9mm NATO, has three magazines (15 round, 18 round and extended 20 round), is available in Black, Olive Green and Flat Flat Dark Earth and in three sizes: Standard (full-size), Combat (shorter) and Compact size. It has a picatinny rail underneath the barrel.

rex zero 1 -

The pistol can be seen in action in the below video …

Thanks to Lionel for the photos.

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  • Andy

    It’s only a “new” pistol if you’ve never seen a Sig.

    • Well, it does have a ambidextrous manual safety, the slide stop is integrated with the decocker like the Walther P5 and CZ99, and the magazine release appears to be ambidextrous like the HS95 and CZ99.

      I think this is the manufacturer’s website:

      • I believe it is but they have no information on individual products.

      • guest

        And for the love of all that’s holy – why do a firearms, even more so a handguns need a safety? Is there some secret, unknown disease with some obscure unofficial name like “chronic maltriggercontrollitis” that people suffer from, and due to their ailment just can’t help themselves and think that a mechanical safety somehow waives the need for trigger safety/trigger control?
        Safeties are just good excuses for lame people to think “it’s perfectly safe, I put it on safety after all hurl durp durp” or “I accidentally shot xxxxxx, I thought it was on safety I swear!”.
        The only safety a gun needs is one that takes care of an unintended shot in situations where the firearm fired and pressing the trigger was not the cause. That’s it.

        If you know what you are doing, and doing it in a responsible way, you need no externally activated safety mechanism. If you are in a situation where your firearm should not be loaded to begin with, then clear it and double check. If even the manufacturers say that the external activated safety switch is NOT a guarantee that the gun will under no circumstance fire by accident (read: stupidity), then it has no worth is a purely decorative bonus feature with no actual purpose.

        • RickH

          I’m just guessing, because I can’t find any details in English, that it can be in single action mode with the safety engaged. Now, you wouldn’t carry a 1911 cocked and UNLOCKED, would you?

          • guest

            Then uncock it, or unload it, or buy a modern gun.

        • liberty

          Thats why I like Glocks

          • Leigh Rich

            Just because you don’t like a safety the world spins around you? The Glock has shot a many of police and civilians due to the safety only being in the trigger and having to pull it to disassemble. Do a search.

          • northstar19

            GLOCK is as good as you are. As accurate as you are. As reliable as you are. And as SAFE as you are. If you can’t hit the target, if you limp-wrist the pistol, or if you shoot yourself, don’t blame GLOCK. It’s all about you.

        • Leigh Rich

          All military small arms specs require a safety due to the inexperience of troops with them.

    • john huscio

      Sig with an HK USP slide……

    • Lance

      No looks more like a Argus 98 clone.

      • Steve_7

        Arcus I think you mean. No that’s just a DA Hi-Power.

    • Steve_7

      Actually it reminds me of the Astra A-100, which was also based on the P220. The takedown lever looks very Astra-ish.

  • IronSnail

    Rex is just a part of the Arex company and they will/should just make Firearms.
    Their website:
    I think there were only 150 made so far. In short: it´s just another Sig (copy…ish)
    Arex also makes some parts for FN Herstal (Scar & FS2000). But generally they make training ammo (blanks) and links for ammo belts.
    Greetings from Slovenia!

    P.S. Keep up the good work! I´m a big fan of your web page!

  • John Doe

    Copying the SIG seems to be popular in that neck of the woods. Remember Zastava EZ9 from Serbia?

    • RickH

      Yep, EZ9 was what I was thinking. Looks just a bit slimmer. I’d like to see the inside of the frame & slide to see what the machining looks like.

    • Before that, Zastava made the CZ99, which is even more of a blatant copy of the P226, if memory serves.

    • JSmath

      Which all the above are just dolled-up copies of the FN Browning Hi-power ad nosium.

      Whenever someone makes something notably different it is either the subject of lots of unnecessary ridicule or it deserves the ridicule because sucks. So why waste time starting from scratch?

  • Havok

    So SIG and CZ had a baby….

  • SimonSays

    This is great news, what a wonderful unique piece of engineering.
    I am definitely going to get this, this way I can keep using my Sig P226 magazines. And all my Sig spare parts will be interchangable. A pinnacle of creative firearms development.

    • By the looks of it, P226 magazines won’t work in the Rex. The Rex magazines have the locking notch in the front face of the tube like a HS2000/XD magazine.

  • pddogeth

    I do appreciate that at least this Sig clone doesn’t have Sig’s grips that totally wrap around the frame. The grips only take up the side of the frame for this gun.

  • Zachary marrs

    I dont like grips that you have to use a allen bolt to remove. That may be juste though.

    • hkryan

      Agree. Allen’s are easier to R/I without leaving visible scratches and hold up way better. But a flat head screw driver can be found pretty much everywhere.

      • Zachary marrs

        Its not really that, its all the repressed nightmares of incorrectly assembling IKEA sofas, and the the little hex wrenches that come with their own little black holes.

        But yeah, that too

  • BattleshipGrey

    So, does the weapon decock every time you release the slide, or does it only decock after pushing the lever down all the way? I couldn’t tell by the videos since they didn’t show that function. I also wish they showed the three different sizes next to each other. The “combat” and the “compact” look VERY similar in size.

    • JSmath

      Here’s a Youtube if you don’t want to read:

      Decockers are the latter of what you suspect. Mechanisms used to safely decock the firearm – instead of pulling the trigger while trying to gently guide the hammer forward; Something that can be pretty dangerous for obvious reasons. Both of these methods are actually very common practice and allow a person to completely top off a semiautomatic – have the magazine at full capacity, as well as a round in the chamber.

      Some weapons like the Beretta 92FS/M9 integrate a decocker into the safety. This means any time the weapon is put to safe, the hammer is decocked ~ that means a person must fight a heavier double-action trigger in order to fire their first round once it is taken off safety. Some people prefer to have their weapon “cocked and locked”: The hammer cocked, safety on. So that after clicking their weapon safety off, they only have a light single-action trigger to fire. That can be interpreted as a reason why decocker levers exist separate from safety. Another reason is so that you can safe some weapons with only one hand (especially for high strung anonymous guests who passionately believe safeties shouldn’t exist).

      If you flip back and forth between the compact and the combat, you can make out that they’re actually different size, the same way nearly all weapons are broken up between full size (full size barrel, full size grip), compact (shorter barrel, full size grip) and subcompact (shorter barrel, shorter grip). Their compact (which is a subcompact by another name, they’re definitely not the only ones to do this sort of thing) is significantly shorter in height, it’s just whoever compiled their video stretched out the image – just compare the size of the trigger guard with respect to the grip.

      • BattleshipGrey

        Sorry to have you write up such a helpful post, but I think you either misread my comment or I mis-stated what I meant. I have a 92FS myself and am very familiar with decockers and why they’re there. Thank you for trying to be helpful though.
        What I meant in my original comment was that I was unsure if the decocker on the REXzero1 decocked the hammer at the same time you use the same lever to release the slide. The only thing I could really understand from Phil Blank’s translation is that the lever is dual-function, both as a slide release and a decocker. What the translation and video fail to iterate is whether it does both functions simultaneously or if both functions operate at separate “depths” (for lack of a better term)?

        • JSmath

          Ohhh~, welp simple mixup, no biggy.

          I would definitely just assume from how simple it would be to pair the two functions in this manner, that the decocker works as they normally do on Sigs (require being pulled all the way down, at which point decock), and it’s slide release function is an added approximately 20 degrees of upward swing, where a mechanical arm coming from the decocker (which would be helped upward by the follower on the magazine, as most slide releases work, for last round hold open) acts as a normal semi auto’s slide release when actuated up or down for that 20 degrees.

  • Lance

    Looks like a copy of the Bulgarian Argus 98 pistol.

    • Gene

      Yes it does. Love my Arcus 94 and 94c.

  • Django

    Does anyone know what the retail price is?

  • Phil Blank

    I looked, still looking, did a Google translate and found this:
    Rex Zero 1 
    Caliber: 9×19 mm 
    Length: 190 mm 
    Height: 140 mm 
    Weight (frame bullets): 810 g 
    Capacity framework for bullets: 15 

    In developing the framework has the capacity of 18 to 20 rounds and two short of the standard model guns (combat and compact). In the future development plans for guns in .45 ACP. 

  • Phil Blank

    More, their terminology is bit different:

    The gun is basically a classically designed, with external hammers and double-action trigger mechanism work.Heart and simultaneously toughest part is cold forged barrel with a solid rear end, according to a modified Browning system that locks directly into cast a hole in the shutter.Extortion the rear end of the pipe after a short joint movement apart from the shutter, pull it down the steel block, which is in a frame with a handle.The frame is entirely Glodan from solid pieces of aircraft aluminum.Release button box of bullets and a classic circuit obojestrano are symmetrical, which means that the gun adapted to use the right or left hand.On the left side of the weapon, there are two additional levers, front disassembly of weapons, which is performed in an open zipper with turning the lever clockwise.More interesting is the lever, which is located between the lever for dismantling weapons and fuses.There are a simultaneous function to maintain or unbuttoned his zipper and undoing the hammer.When the zipper remains after the last shot in the open position, the multifunctional lever can be closed and safely release the tense hammer.If you want to carry a gun ready to hammer tense, arms ensure the lifting lever fuse.This is as stated above obojestrana and ergonomically fitted to the rear of the grip-style Colt in 1911. All levers are designed to reduce the possibility of getting stuck in clothing or equipment when wearing or drawing weapons from the flow.Shutter frame for better grip ribbed front and back, on top of the chassis is a solid indicator of the bearing.The handle is comfortable at strategic points narrower than the competition and a plastic cover.The front of the frame pistol is extended until the end of the tube and fitted with an unmistakable Picatini interface that for a decent length receives most supplements.The front of the guard (fender) trigger is flat and ribbed on the front and on both sides, it allows arm finger weaker hands and not bother with” regular” flu (hand grip), when the fingers are below the trigger guard.The design shows that AREX designers did not want to find” hot water”, but in the new gun wanted to unite the best known solutions, and modify them as needed and also remedied the deficiencies that their interference with other guns.

    • mikewest007

      Obojestrano/obojestrana means ambidextrous.

  • Perhaps one of our readers can translate the text from this video

  • Secundius

    The same quality control, probably isn’t there also. One being Stamped, while other being Machined.

  • guest

    I am honestly sick and tired of these “new” firearms that bring nothing new to the table, with many being blatant rip-offs.

    • Terry

      You said it, while we are at it what is with the blatant rip-off of JMB short recoil lock breach design. Its over 100 years old so lack of originality on everyones part. Or the detachable box magazine surely someone would have invented something better by now.

      Face it there are hardly any compleatly revolutionly design aspects when it comes to firearms any more. Its now just better egonomics and engineering process.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    “steel pistol” – sorry, it is not steel, the frame is aluminium-alloy, like on classic SIGs.

    However it is a high quality pistol, with some difference ot SIG pistols.

  • Wosiu

    New Polish Pistol PR-15 Ragun seems to be better designed:

  • Michael Wilson

    when will they truly invent a “new pistol?”

    they have the tech, they just have to shrink it down to pistol size!

    yepp. im talking about a hand held rail gun! electronic ignition, magnetic rifling

    microwave pistols, sound canons, and laser blasters FTW

  • maodeedee

    What would make it new would be if it had a decent trigger that could be carried with a round in the chamber instead of the old DA/SA “crunchenticker” system where he all important first shot is a long crunchy trigger pull and then the following shots go, “tick, tick, tick,” -the same as a proper 1911.

    Either build the gun as a 1911 with a positive safety that you use every time you fire the gun or go with a DA only trigger that can be mastered with practice, practice being essential to the use of any pistol regardless of it’s mechanics.
    And then don’t stick a safety on it as an afterthought. Da revolvers don’t have safeties and neither should DA only semi-autos. Your primary safety is your brain but it needs to be engaged at all times.

    And then don’t make it so squared off and chunky looking. That’s been done to death and is nothing new. Round off all excess corners and lumps and bumps and make it a minimal size for the cartridges it chambers, and get rid of those stupid forward slide serrations. That’s just a passing fad and encourages users to hold a loaded gun in awkward positions and put their fingers too close to the muzzle.

    And Yellow??? What it this thing a gun or a Tonka toy?

    Signed, Old School

  • Secundius

    @ REX Zero-1 Pistol.

    Try to get information from the manufacturer on this Model of handgun. Is like like a dentist trying to fill cavities or even pull a tooth, for a uncooperative 3-year old.

    I suspect, but have no proof. That the REX Zero-1 (9x19mm) Semi-Automatic Handgun, might be actually a “Damascus-Steel” produced handgun. Thw Zero-1, in the guns name.
    Is actually AISI-SAE 01 rating of RC (Rockwell) hardness scale of Tool Steel. Of hammer-heat forged @ 1,450-deg. F, or greater.

  • Secundius

    As the name implies, it’s made from EO1 Tool Steel. Nothing new actually.