Now Available: Hogue Overmolded Buttstocks in Multiple Colors

Hogue has expanded their popular line of AR accessories with the introduction of their overmolded butt-stocks for carbines. The collapsible stocks have the trademark Hogue overmold on the buffer tube section of the stock and recoil pad ensuring the stock does not slip on the tube, your cheek, or your shoulder during firing.


Shown without the included recoil pad.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery so MagPul should be flattered. The stock takes the familiar shape of the MOE Stock adding in a few extra spots for sling mounting and and Q/D studs.

15445L 15756L

The stocks are available now on Hogue’s website. They are available starting at $59.95 for the black and $69.95 for tan, OD, red lava, pink, and Ghille Green & Ghille Tan colors. For the aesthetically minded, full kits including the grip and forend are also available in all colors.


Nathan S

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  • Zachary marrs

    Im diggin that red lava color

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    How do you overmold the buffer tube? I think you meant the cheek piece and/or riser.

  • ColaBox

    Nice lava, but how about some wood furnishing?

  • Nicks87

    Good looking stuff. I think we need a review. Hint hint.

  • airchinapilot

    I have one of these and the one that says it will fit milspec AND commercial spec is a very tight squeeze on commercial spec. Otherwise it is a tad nicer version of the Magpul CTR.

  • RawDawg

    This is probably the only stock other than the MFT minimalist that I actually would ever buy.

  • Jack Morris

    Is the forend free-floated? I can’t really tell…

  • Well, it definitely wasn’t designed by anyone with a beard.

  • gunslinger

    sad as it is, i like the red wood looking thing