Soccer Ball Gun

No offense intended to our European, South American, African and Asian readers, but I find it really difficult to get excited about the game of soccer, although if they adopted this German’s invention I think I would take up the game …

In other news, the German police have raided his home after a soccer ball gun was discovered in Venezuela.

Steve Johnson

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  • DelQ

    I absolutely LOVE this video…what a hoot! This guy is great – and he has a blast showing off his inventions..

    • Mr. Fahrenheit

      I think I’ve seen a video where this poor guy takes a nasty ricochet to the head with a ball bearing after he shot one of his slingshot inventions.

      I’ll admit I’m slightly more squeamish than the average guy, but it was a nasty little video.

  • Fred Johnson


  • Fred Johnson

    Okay. After watching it again, someone needs to standby with a shotgun to knock that ball out of the air. Skeetbol, anyone?

    • How about the goalkeepers (right word?) instead of facing the field they face towards the goal and are armed with shotguns, players cannot cross a line separating them from the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper cannot turn more than 80 degrees in either direction.

      • Fred Johnson

        Exactly!!!!! Arm the goalies!!!

      • hkryan


  • MP

    Not sure how much energy is there, but I was mildly concerned about his head when he loaded it the first time.

  • CrankyFool

    Dear God, what’s the BC on a soccer ball?

    • dan citizen


    • Y-man

      Sorry, what’s a “BC”?

  • vaquero357

    Ahhhh Zee Germans….. Taking ze innozent slingshot und turning it into a veapon of war!!!!

  • gunslinger

    this guy is awesome. hit channel is amazing!