Kahr Arms Pushing Purple Pistols

According to Shelley at Gun Nuts Media, Kahr Arms will be offering two pistols with purple frames. The CW9 and CW380. These will be exclusive to Davidson’s



According to Shelley:

The MSRP on the purple CW9093PRDAV is just $435.00 and the MSRP on the CW3833PRDAV is $404, and both pistols are being sold exclusively through Davidson’s. The purple CW9 will be available beginning in July and the purple CW380 will be available sometime in August.

Kahr Arms has released some other color combinations in the past.

Black and Orange 1911



Robin Eggshell Blue PM9



And a Cobat Blue CW9


Nicholas C

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  • ducky

    How about purple bullets …

    • the ammo addict

      20mm Vulcan high pressure test bullets are painted purple…and also have a very strange shape!

    • Raven

      I remember seeing this documentary on gangs, they were interviewing this one guy about weapons. So he starts talking about the special slugs that he’s got, that paralyze anyone they hit…and then he holds up a purple plastic snap cap.

      • RocketScientist

        I believe the quote was something along the lines of “These right here they put a n***a to sleep”. Also saw that one years ago.

  • Zachary marrs

    Orange on a gun thats not non lethal? No thanks

    • Would you really trust a gun’s lethality based on the color it has? Even if I saw an orange handgun, I’d at least want to unload it and check if, indeed, it is loaded with non-lethal ammunition or not.

      I’m -all- for colors and customization, provided people don’t lose their common sense and remember that color codes on a firearm to denote less-than-lethality is COMPLETELY ARBITRARY… Have we already forgotten “Treat every gun as if it was loaded”? To me that means everything that is shaped like a gun, loaded with standard ammunition, until proven otherwise. Even airsoft should be treated that way until one is absolutely sure the thing shoots plastic pellets and not bullets. It’s -really- not that hard.

      But of course, the brand of common sense I drink may not be what everyone else drinks…

      • Zachary marrs

        No. I disregard all 4 rules of gun safety. Really? Ive seen leo’s leave bean bags and birdshot in their 590’s, ive even seen them leave blue simmunition slides on their guns

        This is just inviting Murphy to complicat things

        • Ha. There’s Murphy, and there’s personal responsibility. Lack of the latter invites the former. LEOs who leave birdbags and birdshot in their shotguns are irresponsible LEOs, and good gods, are such people dime a dozen in the job, and a shame to their better members. They’re hardly my standard of safety, unfortunately.

          If anything, your examples pretty much confirm what I said…

          • Zachary marrs

            You’ll get no argument from me.

            It didn’t help that their rifle targets looked like they used a sawn off shotgun at 100 yards

  • 101nomad

    Just me, but, no thank you.

  • ks

    Kahr Arms Pushing Purple Pistols….tell me why they are “Pushing” these pistols….cheaper than other colors?, directed at some market?, what?

    The only reason I can think of to purchase one of these is when my pistol goes missing with the TV remote I can find them both together easily. (now there is a marketing idea….marry & bred my remote with my gun….I would never have to leave the couch….except for beer!

    • Nicholas C

      They arent really “pushing”. I was going for alliteration.

  • JohnnyBGood

    Kahr needs to realize their guns really only look good with black/stainless, all stainless, or all black. That blue one was the only exception and that was because they were going after the “tiffany blue” gun market.

  • Sulaco

    Gay/transgender market? Following Burger Kings marketing? H@## why not.

    • Right, because gays and transgenders only like vibrant colors.

      • Nicholas C

        Each person has their own preference, sexual orientation aside. However I have noticed that the majority women that come into my work looking for a gun, usually do not like Pink hand guns.

      • Sulaco

        A stereotype I know but its true of some that I know and if you believe TV true for all as they push it….

        • Oh, sure, and the police will always be there to protect us, and all gun owners are racist old fat white guys. See where the stereotypes go? Television is neither my moral compass nor a reliable source of standards. Please be less of a bigot and please stop confirming the stereotype that gun owners are racist rednecks. THAT’S how you will get more people to enjoy what you enjoy.

          • Sulaco

            Never said it (TV) was but it makes the cultural stereotypes every day and no one says a word, rainbow wrapper from Burger King anyone? I made no moral comment about lifestyles, (I was talking with a gay friend and he thought the purple gun was “cute”, thought he might get one), you just assumed I did and as a member of the cult of perpetual outrage jumped on a chance for a soap box. You sir are the bigot a word thrown around not to enlighten but to silence those you that don’t fall in line. Gay folks like blacks in the reconstruction south may need protection more then the average bear, room for all kinds, just get on with it and stop trying to be thought police. Here ends the sermon.

          • I have to say your previous comments certainly didn’t seem like you were against the stereotypes I see – so sorry if I sounded hostile on my own, but I was not trying to silence you, I was replying to what I felt was an erroneous and bigoted reasoning. That some people find guns of nonstandard color cute is one thing, but attributing it to them being gay is what I find bigoted. Tastes and colors aren’t affected by sexual orientation.

            I’m not trying to be thought police, sir OR MADAM, but unlike you I am not making assumptions, I base myself on what people say and do and react accordingly. And you’ll call me “madam”, thank you once again for assuming that I was male; which I am not, but that’s hardly the issue here and I’m not taking offense at that.

            So yes, sorry, but I don’t think you are in any good situation to give me any sermon or to call me thought police. You sir aren’t just a bigot, but also an idiot. Don’t bother replying to that comment, you’ve certainly shown me that you’re not worth further talk.

            I -am- outraged at how gun owners are, themselves, confirming their own stereotype at more than one occasion because I am ALSO a gun owner. I reply because I feel concerned, not because I’m on a hypothetical outrage bandwagon.

          • Sulaco

            “Don’t bother replying”, you madam have just proven every point I made. I have not called anyone names, only those with no argument do so…

          • Sigh. Fine, have fun with your thinking that somehow sexual orientation affects whether people like their guns black or purple, as if it was ANY relevant to the topic of gun ownership. Have fun thinking I want to perpetuate outrage when you’re the one who clearly correlated the color of a gun to a “gay/transgender market”.

            In short? Have fun being a bigot and an idiot if you want to. But freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of consequences.

  • Scott Tuttle

    I dont like guns that look like toys.

  • Secundius

    Are you sure that’s purple??? Looks more like Mountbatten/Plymouth Pink, too me!!!

  • Secundius

    Well, it does give the word “Accessorizing” a whole new meaning. But, then again, if I’m dead. I’m not going too be caring about the color anymore, am I.