H&K P30L 9mm Pistol Review

Our sister-blog All Outdoors has reviewed the Heckler & Koch H&K P30L

I have always wanted a $1,100 H&K pistol about the same way I have always wanted a BMW 7 series. In reality, there are many cars far less expensive that can deliver the utility of the BMW, but with the Beemer, you get a style and exclusivity which many cannot afford. I still do not have the $85K for a low end 7 Series, but I decided to plop down the cash for the H&K P30L after seeing it at SHOT show 2014

Beyond the exclusivity of the H&K brand and style, one of the main features which grabbed my attention was the simple but effective rear decocker. Other features that sealed the deal include the H&K trigger guard magazine release,which I have become a huge fan of, as well as the outstanding ergonomics. In many ways this H&K P30L delivers a nearly identical ergonomic experience as the Walther PPQ M2 which I am totally enamored with, but it does it with H&K style and features.

Read the full review here.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Shanksabunch

    Isn’t Jack Bauer using this pistol in the new 24 series currently? Looks like a great gun.

    • Mr_X

      Yep it is the same, although they incorrectly refer to it as an “HK30” lol.

      They do run fantastically well. Todd Green over at PistolTraining.com ran just over 91,000+ rounds through his. I’m currently at the 12,000 mark without a single stoppage, failure, or otherwise. Like all HK’s, it’s boringly reliable.

      • WV Cycling

        Dear lord, how can someone afford that much ammo? 91k rounds would cost me $26,000 or so. 🙁

  • Perky Knoll

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  • J-

    I got one. I’d give it a B+ overall. No, I’m not a H&K hater. The ergos for the grip are great and the decock is brilliant. However the trigger has a very long rest and it runs in a groove in the trigger guard which can pinch your finger pretty badly if you grab it wrong.
    The worst thing though is the sights. H&K claims they are night sighs. They are UV chargeable glow in the dark paint, on plastic sights. Yes, I know, tritium is controlled in the EU. So what. Glock and SIG import their guns with throw away sights and then push on tritium filled night sights in the US. For $1,100 I want real tritium night sights, not glow in the dark paint.