BulletSafe Vests and Drywall vs .50 AE

BulletSafe makes bullet proof vests out of Troy, MI. Tom tests his vest against a Desert Eagle .50AE and repeats the test against his own version of the Box O’Truth. His box has 24 layers of drywall. I am not sure what he is trying to prove with the drywall as many of us know that drywall is not remotely bullet resistant.

For more information check out BulletSafe.


They have plenty more demo videos on their website showing the capabilities of their vests.

Nicholas C

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  • bbmg

    It’s safe to wear a vest that stand behind several houses?

  • hikerguy

    Well…..It may stop a .50 A&E round, but the trauma must be like getting hit with a baseball bat.

    • An Interested Person

      I`m pretty sure it would be more akin to being hit by a car. That vest was toast, and horribly deformed after the shot. I would imagine a lot of energy was transferred to the dummy.

      • Anders Albertsson

        Agreed. Catching the bullet is one thing- that energy still has to go somewhere.

      • valorius

        There are videos online of people getting hit with 12 ga slugs with a vest on, and it not negatively affecting them at all. Google away.

        • AK™

          Aren’t most 12 ga slugs equal to about 300-350 gr bullets in other calibers?
          Ruger Redhawk you can run a 350 grain,but I doubt the S&W can handle it for an extended amount of time,

          • valorius

            Slugs come in many varieties. Ive tested a 25 yo safariland IIIA vs .50 cal 1 oz 3″ remington/barnes slugs and the vest stopped the round, but the impact,was enormous.

            Test should still be on you tube.

        • Sulaco

          Seen the same thing with .308 rifles in some tests including hard plate, shootee didn’t even get knocked down. But he was braced and ready for it. We tend to forget the energy is the same at both ends of the gun. His “50” didn’t knock him over either. But having been hit with bullet shrapnel on a level 3 vest outside the strike plate I can attest it feels like a very hard punch with even that small a projectile.

          • valorius

            I once got hit with a corbon 9mm 115gr+p ricochet, but with no vest.

            It Went down range, hit the backstop and came right back at me. Felt like i got punched by a good boxers jab, but it was,by no means a “stopping” impact.

            Glad youre ok troop. Thanks for your service.

    • Mr. Mike – SSO

      Full agree, you might survive be hit in the lower torso, but for sure not in the upper.

      An example, the heart is a muscle. If you remember childhood, how many of you kicked or have been kicked with a knee on your upper leg…..leg got partly stiff, almost like a cramp, well a cramp at the heart muscle, is not really something i would like to experience .

      • valorius

        Numerous online videos of actual tests completely refute that assertion.

        • Mr. Mike – SSO

          with a 50AE ??
          Jacket without Plate ??

          • valorius

            Us military tests seem to indicate that significant blunt force trauma internal injuries only begin to manifest themselves over about 2200 fpe of energy.

      • Anonymoose

        Don’t be such a baby! Ribs grow back!

  • Sulaco

    Stopping a large caliber round is easier then a smaller faster round with better penetration. That’s why vests had to be built to stop the 7.62×25 but were fine stopping .45/.40 and 9mm. Stunt.

    • Anonymoose

      Should have tested it with .440 Cor-bon and .460 S&W.

  • kev

    50ae sure, but how does it fare against a fast round from a P90 or a MP7?

    • valorius

      5.7mm ss190 will defeat 3 stacked level IIIA vests, there are videos online.

  • TZ

    Is anyone else curious why he never shows the back of the vest of the dummy? seems like a failed stunt and tried to cover it up

    • TZ

      or the dummy**

    • mt


      I have not watched their other videos, so it may just be an oversight as all the other vids may have already proven their claims. However, if this was the only video I was shown to decide on making a purchase, I would call BULLSH1T and walk away.

    • mt

      I just watched the other videos on their site, as I suspected, once put in context, there is not much to complain about. They tested their product beyond failure multiple times and did not make try to hide the limits of the product.

      According to one of the videos, the vest that they shot 50+ rounds into before it appeared to fail, is on display in their office, for anyone to look at.

  • Alan

    >”With a 50 cal Desert Eagle”
    >”50 cal Desert Eagle”
    >”50 cal”

    He’s really trying to believe his own lie about 50 AE being a true “50 cal”. I’ll just wait for him to shoot his vest with a 50 BMG.

    • Zachary marrs

      Maybe it was a real .50 cal…

    • RocketScientist

      Am I missing something? Is .50 AE not a true .50 caliber round? I know there are a lot of cartridges whose name bears little relation to bore/projectile size, but I thought the .50 AE actually used 0.500″ diameter projos? Honest question.

      • Graham 1

        While it is a .50 caliber bullet, when most gun guys hear .50 caliber, they think .50 BMG, which is a round for heavy machine guns. Here is a comparison: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9c/300-221.jpg

      • Zachary marrs

        Back before the .50AE, the .50bmg was almost always referred to as the “.50 cal” Yes, the .50AE is a true fiddy. But for most gun people, if you say .50 cal, most would probably think “bmg” instead of “AE”

  • Wetcoaster

    That’s good, that’s real good. Show us the .500 S&W next!

    • valorius

      Ive already tested a 25 yo safariland IIIA vs .500 s&w, the vest stopped the round easily.

      There is a video of the test in you tube.

      • Sulaco

        I think the Utube vid is still around (as I recall) of the US soldier in Iraq who was shot by an enemy sniper using a 7.62x54R caliber rifle at less than 100 yards when he was standing outside his APC. The video was being taken by the enemy and we recovered the video after our troop got back up, ran around the APC for cover and engaged the enemy (the round hit the strike plate on his Dragon Scale armor and knocked him over). Our return fire hit the sniper and killed his spotter in their hide inside the back of a van. The Army liked the vid shown because the trooper who was shot was filmed giving aid to the sniper that shot him…Our troop only said he was sore from the hit. Now I remember it was on the History channel doing a story on the new at the time Dragon Scale armor…

  • Giolli Joker

    Beside the fact that there are vests able to stop rifle bullets, so .50 AE wouldn’t be impossible at all, I would have preferred to see that DE fully cycling, but they cut the action to show the impact… so we can’t judge if the round was really full power.

  • LCON

    Okay so he’s doing the $19.99 Ginsu knife infomercial gag. Pick the most ridiculous thing to try it against and wow it works… OMG so next time I need to cut a tire off my rim for whatever reason… I can use your product… Never mind the fact that its not really that impressive and the product is destroyed in the process. In this case he shows the DE which is a impressive if impractical weapon vs his vest. And then 24 layers of Drywall which is probably one house from from entry to back door.
    I will say this though I like how the Camera Guy followed the progress of the box. You could see it start out as nice little holes and then as the round destabilized the edges blow out and the holes got ugly. Nice Following Camera guy 😀

    • valorius

      Any IIIA will stop a .50 ae or .500 s&w.

  • valorius

    Ive shot .50 ae vs a 25 year old safariland IIIA and it stopped ot dead. 5.7mm ss198, 192 and 195 and even one flavor of 9mm+p+ defeated same vest on the same day i tested it against the .50.

    Same vest stopped 5.7mm ss197, 12ga barnes copper slugs, several types of 9mm+p, .45, 40 and even 10mm handloads that split and ruptured the case due to pressure.

  • jonspencer

    Vests and almost anything that you can think of are NOT “bullet proof”, they are bullet resistant.