Stag Arms Offering American Flag Rifles

On the heels of Independence day, Stag arms is now offering American flag rifles.  Only available as the model 3 and 3L, the rifles will feature a hydro-dipped American flag coating.  If you are interested in picking one up for yourself or as a gift take a look at the press release below for more information. Stag Arms is also hosting a contest to win one of the American flag rifles, check out the link at the bottom of their press release for more info on how to enter.

STAG ARMS, one of the world’s largest AR-15 manufacturers, is now adding the American flag to its specialized coatings on rifles. The American flag coating is currently available on Model 3 and 3L rifles and is applied using a water transfer process known as immersion printing. It produces a very strong and durable coating to the rifle. STAG ARMS marketing manager David Larson said, “Everyone at our factory is proud of the USA and releasing this rifle right around Independence Day is the icing on the cake.”

The MSRP for the Model 3 right hand version is $970.00 and the Model 3L left hand version is $995.00. The coating cannot be applied to the rifle or lower once it has left our factory. The rifles can be purchased through our network of dealers, online at our website in the individual item pages as an upgrade option, or by calling our sales office at 860-229-9994 x1.

Stag Arms is also hosting a contest to win an American flag rifle for free. Entries must be received by 5PM EST time on 7/11/14. You can enter by visiting



  • Turner

    That’s called Ameriflage

  • Vhyrus

    Voted ‘Most likely to get you shot by an invading military’ by Tacticool Magazine.

  • LCON

    sure cover this but not the Salient Arms International Optimus Prime Rifle.

  • windexsunday

    Correct me if I am wrong but wouldn’t this technically be in violation of the US Flag Code?

    • Maybe. But I don’t think the Flag Code has been tested in court to determine how far something looking like a flag is covered by the code… and this is about as far away from being a flag as something ‘inspired’ but it can be. In any case, it is not a punishable offense according to US Supreme Court.

    • Steve Truffer

      It’s not textile, a pin or badge. They’re fine.

  • ColaBox


  • I like the design, and I am not normally a fan of ‘artistic’ hydro-dipped designs.

  • gunslinger

    murika… f’ya

    this is how freedom looks? what other goofy sayings can we come up with?

    • The Hun

      Haha- we are so free that this gun is semi-auto because the govt tells us that is how it has to be or you go to prison for a long time- oh yeah- you need a gun permit card to own it.

  • MrPotatoHead

    That’s an abomination and disrespectful to the Flag and all it stands for. I’d rank that up there with flag shirts, bikinis, and tank tops.

    I for one will not be buying their garbage.