AR Std Charging Handle vs Forward Charging Handle

Kit Up! posted a video of an AR-15 test. A Std M4 style AR with traditional charging handle vs the new Adcor piston AR with a proprietary forward charging handle. Not surprisingly, the forward charging handle is faster. When Dave Cloyed shot the ADCOR, he mistakenly reverted to his normal M4 operating procedure. He moved his face off the rifle to clear the malfunction. However he adapted and kept his face on the gun for the subsequent malfunctions. The ADCOR upper receiver sells for $1495 MSRP. Check out ADCOR Defense for more info.

Nicholas C

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  • Martin Grønsdal

    finger on the trigger while clearing malfunctions?

    • Nicholas C

      Close, very, very close. His finger comes off the trigger but not all the way out.

      • Martin Grønsdal

        is this how the US military trains? In Norway you’d still be doing pushups.

        • Ken Adams

          Well at least you aren’t being yelled at in German

          • Martin Grønsdal

            but I would prefer not to be killed by a neglient discharge, when the grandson of my liberator fondles his new AR-15

          • RawDawg

            Then teach all the kids around you proper weapons manipulation. We already know how not to shoot ourselves or our buddies with our weapons.

          • Eugene

            Surely, by numbers of Allied troops involved and killed in the conflict, it’s the Russians, then the British Commonwealth, before you get to the Americans?

          • Tom

            Lots of people from lots of nations took part in WWII and many of them made the ultimate sacrifice. Its not a competition so lets leave the nationalism at the door 🙂

          • Agreed—

          • hkryan

            The eagle and flag was so over the top that I had to thumb it up!

        • Geodkyt

          That’s how I was taught at Fort Benning, and how I taught iut a few years later at Fort Benning — finger OFF and OUT, laying on the magwell. And how I enforced it as a team leader, squad leader, and platoon sergeant.

          Any of my troops who just came off the trigger and left their finger in the trigger guard, I smoked like a cheap cigar, until they learned not to do that anymore.

          • RawDawg

            You can’t smoke a rock.

        • RawDawg

          What’s a safety?

  • Michael Acuna

    At 4:30 Did he say he shoots 500,000 rounds a week?

    • Guest

      close. VERY VERY close. His finger comes off the trigger, but not all the way out.

    • Gallan

      Safe to say he said 500 rounds a week.

      • Michael Acuna

        Upon listing to it multiple times he said, “I shoot 500, 1000 rounds a week.” that makes much more sense lol.

        • Patrick Mingle

          the difference a comma can make

          • Michael Acuna

            Yep ^_^

    • billyoblivion

      “500 a thousand” not “500 thousand”

  • Gallan

    Also, grass is green.

  • claymore

    Why does the new upper still have what looks like a stock charging handle that can be seen at about 3:56 or so?

    And is it switchable for left handers? It looks like a portion of something is coming out the side for left handed use but can’t see if the handle switches or not.

    • raz-0

      Yes it is switchable for lefties.

      The time difference seems to be almost totally down to that bit where he is squeezing the trigger and nothing happens with the standard charging handle. He doesn’t go back to manipulate the charging handle, so whatever the delay is, it isn’t the standard charging handle.

    • Mack

      It still has the stock one, just you don’t have to use it, i have one, i use the standard handle, i removed the forward handle because it gets in the way of rail covers and makes the left rail useless.

      and it is very switch able, take 30 sec, pop a pin and its over.

      • Guest

        Just out of curiosity, how come you got one if you were going to remove the one bit that makes it unique?

        • Mack

          Because i thought it would of been a much better feature. But the gun is way to much gun for me anyways! if i was solider over in the sandbox, i would want this gun all day long. Very clean, can run dry, great accuracy, never hiccups, full quad rails and forward charging would be great feature for way faster reloads. i like running rail covers to save my hands, for a solider this wouldn’t be a problem because of always wearing gloves But for a recreational shooter, its a lot of gun. More then i needed!

          • RawDawg

            Never go full quad rails, that’s like going full retard, never.

          • Outlaw

            That’s what they make ladder covers for, full quad all the time.

  • ensitue

    As a LH shooter I’d be happy to have an external charging handle mounted on my ARs, as this is my #1 complaint of the AR design, but not at the price of packing a piston driven 9 pound poodle shooter. For WROL I’d swing w/ Ruger Mini 30 Tactical

  • Martin M

    Sure the forward charging handle is faster, considering the shooter starts anticipating the duds.

    • Joshua

      Not to mention he slaps the mag in with such pansified force that it would do squat to get it properly seated.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Has ADCOR worked all the bugs out yet? Have they improved their customer service? If not, you might as well go with the LAR-PDS or ARAK.

    • Mack

      There customer service is amazing, my first one had slight carrier tilt and i mean slight, so i asked them about it and they said send it in and they will check it out, in about 3 days i had a box at my door with a return slip, sent it back in, about 1 week after that i get it back, and they said everything was in spec, but he replaced the bcg, with their new once piece design, and function tested it. All of this was free of charge and i was emailing back and fourth with Mike Brown himself. I also asked mike if it could of been my lower out of spec, and he said send that in also and he would replace if it was, but i informed him that the lower was of a different company, he said no problem, no matter what, he would take care of me! i got the gun back and it works flawless with zero carrier tilt. That’s my experience.

  • ColaBox

    So its a SCAR-L in an AR’s body with one extra handle.

  • Vhyrus

    Mutton Chops Level: Tier 0 Operator

  • dan citizen

    Rear charging handles are great, that’s why most weapon systems use them, right? let’s see:
    Swiss K-31 (up until 1958)

  • PeaverBogart

    I like the side charging handle. Just like my HK 91. I just wonder why they still have the the rear charging handle. And do the still use the buffer and buffer tube? If they didn’t , then the could have a folding stock which would be nice.