Worst SKS Scope Mount, Ever

A reader sent in this photo, published by Reuters, showing a Syrian “sniping” with a SKS. His DIY scope mount must be one of the worst I have ever seen. Two see-though (high rings with holes that allow the user to use the iron sights) are attached to a very short length of picatinny rail about 1″ part. The forward ring is only half on the rail. The rail is held in place with two U-shaped brackets bolted together. The bottom U-bracket goes through the trigger guard. Depending on the SKS model, it may even prevent the safety from going fully forward.

scope sks


It is hard to tell, but I don’t think that scope is in parallel with the bore. This kid has probably never been near the front but was happy to pose for a photographer.

Thanks to Jim for the photo.

Steve Johnson

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  • cpock

    But he has multicam pants, so he must be a tier 1 operator! 🙂

    • BOB

      dammit, beat me by 14 min.

      • T-Bone

        Have to admit the pants do blend well with his background.

        • Gallan

          Evidently fighting on the U.S sponsored side.

  • Zachary marrs

    Nc star?


    Oh, Jesus. He’s better of using the iron sights. That is if he even knows how to zero them in.

  • Bob Hunter

    Seems legit.

  • Guest

    I’ve seen better improvised Syrian weapons, but he’s got the right idea. A lot of fine tuning needed.

    • Right idea? I think the kid did not have access to a drill and tap, which must surly be as commonly available in Syria as the rest of the world. My guess is he is just some kid playing militia with his dads home defense rifle (with a scope from his dads hunting rifle). For his sake I hope he stays away from any real fighting. At best he will waste ammo, at worst get himself killed.

      Enough blood has been lost in the middle east, I hate to see children throwing their life away.

      • John

        Dude looks older than me and I’m 40. They must aeg fast in the Middle East if he’s still a kid.

      • Giolli Joker

        That or… he has already been in fights that cost him his right arm…

  • ClintTorres

    Those -200MOA scope mounts can be pricey!

  • Blake

    Nevermind the incorrect elevation, that mount won’t hold any kind of zero (already had a bad enough experience with a cheap SKS receiver mount rail, requiring copious amounts of loctite to rectify).

    Also you can bet that whatever scope that is doesn’t have 5+ inches of eye relief as pictured…

    • James

      Or you could just use the scope to range, and ID targets, then use the irons to actually take shots. Or you could just not pretend to know everything, and be perfectly set up to fight a war when you live in poverty.

  • rick ross

    Haters are gonna hate. He’s got the enemy on lock with that set up lmao!

  • Lance

    Its a Syrian terrorist who cares. I hope they buy more NC Stare junk make Iraqi and Syrian army beat these Jihadist easier.

    PS Its cool to see the SKS-45 or Type-56 carbine in use.

    • No.

      America cares, because if Assad keeps power, more ME govts will abandon the USD for oil sales, and our people will starve.

      He’s not a Jihadist. If Assad was an honest man, there would be no one to challenge his rule. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Assad will fall in line or he will just fall.

      • iksnilol

        Firearms not politics.

        I will digress from that rule, Assad kept the different factions from killing each other just like Tito did with Yugoslavia. Honestly? I wouldn’t be surprised if USA aided the rebels to weaken the region for oil. Ghaddafi wanted to create an own currency for oil (he didn’t want USD anymore) and the US immediately started a proxy war against him.

        Sure, dismiss me like a paranoid tinfoil hat wearing person but unlike you I know people who live/lived in these regions who know far more than the western world regarding this topic.

  • dan citizen

    At least he’s lined up behind the weapon, half those guys aren’t even really looking in the direction they’re firing. Which really doesn’t matter when you’re shooting at a T-72 with a rifle.

    • Sam

      It matters when you are shooting at support personnel, or external cameras. I don’t think I’ve ever seen rebels firing at a tank that did not have exposed areas or personnel.

      • dan citizen

        There are many videos of rifle vs tank in the current middle east, I have seen perhaps a dozen. They all end the same if the tank crew notices.

  • Risky

    Soon to be on ebay and endorsed by youtube preppers everywhere.

  • Gallan

    It’s a magical rifle scope.

    • Gallan

      Actually considering the level of agency Muslims give to divine power/Allah, he may very well think Allah will guide his bullets into his enemy.

      • iksnilol

        If that wasn’t sarcastic then it is really bigoted.

        • ChuckyTee

          Its neither. Its more like the truth.

        • RocketScientist

          Or accurate in many cases… In grad school probably 1/3 of the people in my classes and who worked in my research group/lab were exchange students from various predominantly Muslim countries, and were Muslims themselves. Brilliant men, great scientists, and good friends. But I was constantly amazed by the very direct role Allah played in their lives. A phrase you will hear very often in conversations with them is Insha’Allah, which literally means “If Allah wills it”. I initially assumed this was an idiom, much like many Americans will say ‘God willing’. After getting to know them it became obvious that to many of them, they literally and truly believed that the event in question would only happen if Allah willed it, and that it would be his explicit direct action that caused it to happen. I am a fairly devout Catholic, so the idea of ‘God’s plan’ and his role in my life is nothing strange to me, but i found to these Muslims, it was a much less abstract or theoretical belief than it is for most of the Christians I know, and a much more ‘real’ and ‘concrete’ thing. So no, as someone who knows (an albeit small sample size of) muslims very well, his comment did not strike me as bigoted at all, but rather insightful.

        • Ergo

          doesn’t matter still freaking hilarious

  • Bill

    Seriously, no one here couldn’t spend 10 to 20 rounds to determine POA / POI on that thing? When you don’t got all the toys, you improvise, adapt and overcome. It’s hilarious until your buddy’s skull turns to chunks.

  • Secundius

    Jury-Rigging a scope in a combat situation, is a receipt for disaster. I wonder it the poor stupid fool, is still alive today.

  • See to me it just looks like he as -40MOA of adjustment built into his mounting system…

  • afdsd

    Do some of you morons not realize that as a Syrian rebel, you don’t exactly have the option of ordering an actual mount from freaking Cabela’s? You act like people actually involved in wars have all the same options as you, who only have to buy guns to go be a douche at the range, or if you’re police, invade people’s homes because there was a rumor someone had a marijuana plant.

  • JimCans

    No doubt it’s ugly, but when these people have zero resources to start with, that improvisation may be what puts better guns in your hands. When Assad decides to kick your town in the teeth, do you sit on your hands until you find a complete sniping system or do you wrench something together to join the fight now? It’s easy to shit on this kid’s rig from America, but their front lines are the streets they live in and high quality gear doesn’t just fall from the sky. It takes guts to take on state troops with junk hardware. More than it takes to sit on your ass in Chipotle with a $3000 toy in your lap.

    • Dan-O

      Are you actually trying to make us feel sorry for these child molesting jihadists? One man’s terrorist is another man’s impoverished freedom fighter and all that right? No, not so much, they’re all the same, and you’d fucking know that if you spent any time over seas killing these assholes rather than sitting at Chipotle with your $3000 lap toy. The faster those savages can erase each other from the planet, the world will be a better place.

      • Please refrain from making comments like that, they are hair-raising and horrible, and imply we should CONTINUE fighting over there.

        Are 12+ years of endless, fruitless conflict in the Middle East not enough?
        Do you seriously think chasing terrorists in a country that is THEIRS and not OURS is a GOOD IDEA? Do you seriously believe it has achieved ANYTHING so far? Oh sure, yay, Bin Laden is dead. He’s one of many.
        Should we not focus on the problems in the inside before going to play world police – and failing miserably?
        Were the 6600~ dead and 50.000~ wounded not enough? Should we send MORE Americans getting shot for a war that has been a waste of resources, human lives, and time, and which achieves NOTHING?

        And did you have to sound like a total bigot, to boot?

        You make me sick. And from now on, Firearms, Not Politics. PLEASE.

    • Zachary marrs

      Its too bad something like this wont work, and could quite possibly, get him killed. Most likely he wanted a scope to look good on camera, but has no desire to use it.

    • Porty1119

      Are you kidding? The way that war is going, Assad is one of the good guys. I don’t see the SAA massacring folks for their religious beliefs.

  • FarmRuns

    Ask our buddy Y Man, how stupid this guy looks. Everybody’s got to start somewhere.

  • insertjjs

    Maybe his mama told him he can’t kill anyone, so he rigged up this scope so at about 10 ft or so he can put the crosshairs on a mans head and shoot him in the foot.

  • Gallan

    Maybe it’s like the muzzle loader era and line infantry, where most soldiers would fire into the air. They didn’t have the nerve to kill. Perhaps this is something similar, to prove his manhood he goes around shooting at Assad forces, but isn’t actually killing anyone.

    • Timothy D. Bucklin

      They didn’t have the nerve to kill? Are you serious? So what happened when they closed to bayonet range?

      • Rob

        Pillow fight!

  • iksnilol

    I believe he just uses the scope to scout (like you would use binoculars) and the iron sights for shooting.

    • Zachary marrs

      I cant see any irons on his rifle, and even then, that clamp he is using is blocking the view

      • Zachary marrs


  • guest


  • vadaskott

    Rebel in Ukraine losing scope.

  • Travis

    Any possibility the scope could be zeroed to compensate for the angle?