Shooting On The Move Practice

Dave Harrington shows a very clever drill/stage. It focuses on shooting on the move. However he wants to focus on the moving so he brings a treadmill out to the range. One aspect to the treadmill is that the targets remain at the same distance. You can take that as a positive or a negative. I like to think of it as a challenge. When moving forward and engaging stationary targets, the targets get larger as you approach them. Thereby making them easier to hit. In Dave’s drill, you have to be smooth and steady on the treadmill while still making your shots count. You can hear he is out of breath after the drill. Looks like fun. If you plan on trying this, just like any physical activity with a firearm, be safe.

Nicholas C

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  • Philip Drye


    • commanderbond

      I used to
      practice shooting on themove wit a good airsoft pistol. lot’s of fun…

      Shotting while moving left and right and while the target moved (on a pulley
      -run by a electric drill)

      • commanderbond

        Spelling corection (I was in a hurry)
        I used to practice shooting on themove with a good airsoft pistol. Lot’s of fun…

        Shooting while moving left, right and while the target moved sideways (on a pulley closeline – run by a electric drill). I discovered a lot of ideas that I later confirmed reading shooting publications.

  • Peter Larson

    Cool idea, but i’d be concerned about stray shots, since I would probably trip and fall

    • Nicholas C

      I was concerned about that too. And although walking on treadmill is slightly different than walking on the ground, there is potential to trip and fall on the ground as well. And if you can’t manage walking on the ground with a gun, then you may not want to try this haha.

      I think I may try dryfiring in my house with my treadmill.

      • Cymond

        Yeah, but at least if you fall on the ground, the ground stops moving. My wife is quite fond of various “LOL” websites like FailBlog, and I’ve seen a lot of treadmill mishaps that throw the person off quite awkwardly.

  • LongBeach

    Better advice: leave the treadmill in the basement, put on some gym clothes, and just run for 30-40 minutes in your basement. Then, shower and get dressed and go to the range. Most of us need to worry more about the treadmill part than the shooting part. Doesn’t matter if you can rip double taps all day long if you wheeze while mowing your lawn. Get fit, then train for tier 1 operations all you want. We gun people (myself included) seem to substitute press-checks and tango sweeps for push-ups and wind sprints far too often.

    • Lon

      The whole point of SuperDave’s drill is to experience shooting while moving/running.

      • LongBeach

        You are right, but a large part of the gun-owning community would see greater benefit from physical fitness than from training like this. We are very quick to latch on to the newest, greatest training tips, but even quicker to forget to put down the cheese fries. It doesn’t matter how much training I have if I can’t use it effectively. This type of training is beneficial, my post simply attempted to explain that training is holistic, and a lot of the most important stuff doesn’t have anything to do with the gun.

        • Gallan

          Yeah but like a bear storing fat for the winter, these fat operators are storing fat for when the shtf and food is scarce. Smart

        • Nathanael S.

          Every time I run, I picture myself doing it with a rifle and full bag in the apocalypse. True story.

  • Hilmer Lindberg

    1996 called. They want their camcorder back.

    • Zachary marrs

      Geez man, don’t you appreciate how long it took them to get the film developed?

  • KiwiGuy

    Universal Shooting Academy with their Monster Shoot 🙂

  • Jbgleason

    That was one of the most impressive shooting feats I have seen ever. Very nice.

  • Gallan

    This is rather stupid though, since he’s walking towards the shooter, Your supposed to avoid getting shot and shoot your opponent, not make it easier for them to shoot you. He should mount the treadmill sideways/diagonally and shoot from there, that way he’s shooting back and getting out of the line of sight of his opponent.

  • Quach

    To the guy saying Super Dave needs to get in shape, you do realize he is not in his 20’s anymore and running with Army SF right? haha

    • Nick Aviles

      Age is no excuse to be obese.

      Doesn’t matter what age , creed or occupation you have unless you have a health defect you should be in good shape.

  • Fruitbat44

    Well if it’s stupid, but it works; it aint stupid.

  • Zachary marrs

    “A treadmill is very unforgiving” L-O- L omfg, I cant breathe.
    It looks like a jogging speed, not that impressive

    Oh, gotta love the traffic cones, safety first?

  • gunslinger

    this looks cool, but you are onlyl limited to “forward” motion. don’t they have “360” treadmills for VR type stuff? At least that way you can block off 120 degrees or something more than the forward direction of a regular treadmill

  • William Baker

    Well, by taking the treadmill to the range his neighbors finally got it out of his front yard next to his mustang on cinder blocks.

  • Ben Branam

    Look it’s a gerbil with a gun! Just looks like fun…but it’s not perfect. You aren’t really moving so the target appears to not be moving so you don’t have to track it as you are moving on angles. Still a fun drill.