PA State Troopers Select Sig P227

American Rifleman posted that the Pennsylvania State Trooper have opted for the Sig P227 as their new issued service sidearm. The contract calls for 5,000 handguns.

The P227 is being issued to the current class of State Troopers.

According to American Rifleman:

The Pennsylvania State Police is the primary law enforcement agency for approximately 81 percent of the land mass and 25 percent of the population of the Commonwealth and currently employs 4,719 troopers.

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  • Nicks87

    Surprising they went with a 45. The Pennsylvania State Police must have a large training budget.

    • Paul Dawson

      Maybe they got some of that $1 Billion worth of extra munitions that the federal government found stashed in away in their warehouses and was going to send to the scrap heaps….

    • I believe they were already carrying .45 ACP, just moving away from Glock.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        This is correct.

        I have a cousin in PA state training camp now. They were the first class issued SIGs. It’s a 7 month schedule and it seem the first two months are entirely devoted to weeding out fatties and anyone might have and issue with orders.

        • The Hun

          TBTB only want the most mindless of mindless automatons to fill LE ranks for the coming shitstorm

        • big daddy

          Yes they must get those Nazi types to follow orders and be the perfect trooper. There’s a fine line with that and I hope you know and understand it, which would be no by my first impression.

          • big daddy

            If the shoe fits wear it as the old saying goes. I hope people never stop using Nazis and Hitler to express the worst of humanity.

          • big daddy

            If you have to use Wikipedia as your reference your credibility is zero. A troll….LOL…..look in the mirror Richard or should it be Dick?

          • valorius

            Wikipedia is a useful resource.

          • big daddy

            Not if you want to be taken seriously.

          • Bullitt315


          • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

            Can you guys petition Disqus to bring back downvotes? Showing only upvotes can be problematic. I liked the old system better 🙁

          • Cymond

            I would LOVE downvotes back. Disqus was adamant about the benefits of a binary scoring system just a few years ago. I really appreciated seeing the ratio of Up vs Down votes. If they don’t want to show the exact number, it would be nice if they gave some kind of indication.

          • big daddy

            Does anybody really or should they even care if they are downrated? You voice an opinion and it’s should be yours based on fact or in some cases inaccurate information. I think people are a little too caught up in ratings. It hasn’t helped the quality of TV, has it, no.

      • Bill

        No, the PSP has issued the Glock 37 .45 GAP since 2007.

    • Double stack–45acp and a Sig—can’t beat that:-)

      • Well you can, with a double stack Sig in 40 😉

        Strapped one on myself just about every day for the last 9 years.

        • I don’t know…my back would disagree. As a guy who carried both a P226 (in .40) and a Glock 22 on patrol, I really had an appreciation for the weight (or lack thereof) of a G22. The P226 is a fine weapon, but half-a-pound heavier with less capacity.

          • Nicks87

            We carry Sig P229s and I like them much more than the Beretta 92s we used to carry but if I had a choice I would be carrying a Glock 17. I think 9mm is just fine for LE purposes and while I do believe that shot placement is king it’s nice to have the ammo capacity just in case.

          • valorius

            Glock shot placement too often involves the officers own leg…

          • Nicks87

            Lol, that’s a good one. I think you have the word officer and idiot confused.

          • valorius

            Sadly, they are often synonyms.

          • I have always carries a 229. While it’s only 2oz lighter than a 226, it’s not a bad EDC.

          • supergun

            Springfield XDs 45 is the ultimate carry.

        • valorius

          Ill take a 9mm+p+ thanks.

          • Kivaari

            The Federal 9BPLE was a fine load in the Glock 17. My issue weapon had nearly 30,000 rounds of 9BPLE or equivalent department reloads and the pistol just kept right on going. We found the load was TOO fast in the MP5 and eventually went to a Speer Gold Dot load that performed well in both.

          • valorius

            Ive shot a ton of 9bple from my hk p7, its a really good and accurate round. And dirt cheap too.

            The speer gd 9mm+p+ is an excellent round too, i have a couple boxes of it stashed away for a rainy day. Sadly they only sell it to LE.

        • supergun

          Love that 40 also. My favorite is the 1911 45. But the 40 is a Bad Boy also. The Smith and Wesson M&P 357 sig/with the 40 cal. barrel is a nice weapon. I love my Sig 238 380 as a carry in area that require invisibility.

      • supergun

        Beautiful looking pistol

    • JLR84

      If I recall correctly, they’re coming from the Glock in 45GAP.

      • Spectre

        They were issued the 37 and had then switched to the 21. We (Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA) handled a lot of the transfers for troopers keeping their 37s.

        • Sam Schifo

          Why would someone want to keep a G37? That round/gun combo is a solution looking for a problem.

          • Paul White

            If you know your gun and you’re used to it and good with it I can see it.

          • Stickshift

            Sounds like a good excuse to start reloading to me, especially if the gun is cheap/free.

  • The Hun

    They pick the gun- we get the bill- what a joke. Buy them Hi-Points and if they want Sigs let them pay the difference out of pocket.

    • Xyz

      Out of interest does your boss get you Sh1t tools and tell you to pay the rest?
      It’s not clever to sound like the thickest guy on the board.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    It seems like every few months, state troopers are either getting new Sigs or getting rid of Sigs, in some case just to go back to Sigs.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      It’s almost as if training and discipline issues can’t be fixed by rotating to different gear!


  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    That picture doesn’t look like a 227. There seems to be a trend away from the exotics, .40 S&W etc. and back to the classic 9mm and .45 ACP in LEOs. I wonder what the price was or if Pennsylvania requires posting contract details.

    • Bruce

      It does if you click on the P227 instead of the carry version.

  • Secundius

    Learning past histories of the .45ACP can be a good thing, And Sig Sauer, are excellently thought out designs, craft/workmanship firearms out there. Live up too the heritage P227.

  • kingghidorah

    Lots of pissed off glock squeezers on a new platform.

  • disqus_Cc20uRF6eN

    CHP Smith 40 cal.

  • Lance

    Still most states use Glocks for there State Police pistol.

    • tiger

      The Current PA state Police gun is a Glock.

  • Brandon Pohl

    Great, another new gun they can use to miss the bad guy’s and hit bystanders/themselves. F***king idiots.

  • Pat Boyle

    That’s the same gun that won in my year long personal investigation. I have mine chambered in .40 S&W.
    They could have just asked me.

  • valorius

    What was wrong with the old guns?

    • tmoore

      There was probably nothing wrong with the old guns, but just wanted something new. I’m sure the budget was over flowing .

      • valorius

        All that federal grant money that uncle sam steals from us.

  • Tekkie

    Continually baffled by LE Agencies decision to issue Sigs as duty guns. They are fantastic weapons, however they just do not make sense as daily carry guns. They are heavy, metal framed, low capacity, and difficult to change grip size. I’m sure they are more expensive as well…

    My department issues P226 in .357 Sig and I would kill to carry a Glock instead.

  • James Young

    It only carries 10 rounds…