Happy Independence Day from TFB

TFB wants to wish everyone a very happy Independence Day!

To all, anywhere, who have sacrificed for the rights of people to determine their own destiny, thank you. We raise our drinks to you and celebrate in your honor.



A few tongue-in-cheek reminders from the TFB Staff. In case you can’t tell, we really like our readers and want you to keep coming back.

  1. 5 second rule is in full effect. 10 seconds if it is bratwurst.
  2. Please don’t drink and comment… Unless its really funny.
  3. Do not mix alcohol with explosives or guns. Mix alcohol with alcohol (just don’t mix colors).
  4. It is better to arrive late in this world than early in the next.
  5. Don’t watch her behind. Keep safety in mind!
  6. In case of grill fire: 1 – Get fire extinguisher. 2 – Make sure its loaded. 3 – Pull the pin like a hand grenade 4 – Depress the trigger until magazine is empty. 5 – If your target is still on fire, reload.
  7. If you don’t want your wife to spend your 401(k) (or know how many guns you really own), don’t get hurt today.
  8. Don’t slip when carrying your breakfast – you’ll end up with egg on your face

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

The above post is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any company or organization.


  • priest

    as an englishman, happy birthday america! please send us guns.

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox


  • claymore

    And a big thanks to the staff at TFB for actually remembering and honoring our creation.

  • Zachary marrs

    Well aren’t you just a little party pooper.
    Just kiddig, mostly

  • dp

    Happy I.D. American friends. Be mindful of your Constitution!

  • ColaBox

    Happy 4th everyone! For all you lucky folks with land, have a good ‘ol shoot for the rest of us eh?

  • guest

    Happy birthday USA! Hope you remember that ol’ “just a piece of paper” Constitution, and use it every once in a while.

  • On this day, 238 years ago 56 men revealed to the world that they had signed what was essentially their death warrant. To me the United States Declaration of Independence is one of the most beautiful documents ever put to paper. Honor the men who fought to create this nation by reading the Decleration if you haven’t and keep the spirit of this holiday alive.

  • Happy ‘Murrica Day!

  • Happy Independence Day from the NW corner of the country! As usual it’s overcast and threatening to rain.

  • totenglocke

    I spent my 4th of July at a cookout listening to half a dozen cops and soldiers talk about how only the police and military should be allowed to have guns. So glad to have them “protecting” my freedom.

    • claymore

      Yea right……………..

      • totenglocke

        And people like you are exactly why we will eventually lose every last one of our rights. Yes, I know, when we were all kids in school they told us that we should worship the military and police and that they’re the “good guys” who never do anything wrong.

        The reality is that a very large percentage of them view non-government employees as inferior and do not think we should have rights. For some insane reason, a large number of gun owners worship the military and police despite the constant things they say and / or do to violate the Second Amendment. Until Americans, and gun owners especially, wake up and start realizing that just because you wear a government uniform does not make you a hero and does not make you a defender of freedom, we will keep seeing our rights eroded. It’s seriously psychotic that so many gun owners proudly worship the very people who want to violate their rights.

        • claymore

          Right how many police officers do you know? Just take a look at oathkeepers site and see all the police officers on the rolls.

          • totenglocke

            I used to work as a contractor for a major (as in LA, NYC, etc – not going to say EXACTLY where) police department. Also, I have several relatives who are police and military.

            Sorry, but Oath Keepers is a joke. They claim to uphold their oath to defend the Constitution / the American people, yet they do nothing to stop the criminal behavior of the politicians they serve or their fellow officers / soldiers. They talk a lot to get people like you to support them, but that’s all it is – all talk, no action. Oath Keepers is a PR campaign to get people to support the police and military despite their constant violations of our rights, nothing more.

          • claymore

            LOL so you think a couple of police officers can just go start arresting people without evidence. YOU would be one of the first to be whining about it if they did. Yea right the old TOO SECRET to tell you about my walter mitty life. LOL keep it up stories like this always amuse me for the ridiculousness.

          • totenglocke

            “LOL so you think a couple of police officers can just go start arresting people without evidence.”

            When did I say “without evidence”? We have TONS of evidence against plenty of soldiers / cops, most of congress, the President, etc. The problem is that your “good ol’ boys” network won’t DO anything about any of it because they gain too much from the corruption. Hence why we keep seeing expansions of government power and losses of civil rights.

            Remember not that long ago when you could fly to Disneyland without having a public rectal exam? I know I do. People like you and the police / soldiers who refuse to uphold their oath is why we’ve lost so many freedoms over the last few decades.

          • Wow I wouldn’t even know where to start to answer all of that.

          • totenglocke

            ……..the entire point was that we don’t have much freedom left. You’re celebrating something that no longer exists. Seriously, with all of the checkpoints, full cavity searches to board a plane, constant spying, no-knock raids, etc you’re seriously claiming that we still have freedom in this country?

            With the current state of this once-great nation the Fourth of July should be a day of protesting and mourning the freedoms we’ve lost, not celebrating the government and those who’ve taken away our rights.

            Don’t worry, I won’t comment on this any more. Your comments have made it quite clear where your loyalties lie.

        • Did a cop or soldier steal your woman or something?

    • In all the years I served I have never heard a discussion like that. If it came down to it most would do an about face and refuse to follow any order not in keeping with our oath to uphold the constitution.

      • totenglocke

        It’s nice that you believe that, but the reality is that the majority of soldiers and police view the American public as “the enemy”. Hell, US troops fired on unarmed Americans on US soil multiple times during the 20th century, so we can’t even say that “in the good old days, they’d refuse to do that”.

        But like you said, you’re in the military (or used to be), so you have a reason to promote the military as “the good guys” to gain public support for the military. I’m curious though, what reason would a pro-gun person person possibly have to lie about things said by soldiers and police on the issue? If they were on our side, I’d have every reason to be pointing them out as an asset to our cause and it would be incredibly stupid of me to lie and say that our allies are our enemies.

        • Served as in right at 30 years as a police officer. I just honestly don’t know where you come up with that stance.
          No the public is not the enemy. If you mean Kent State those were poorly trained National Guard Troops.

          • totenglocke

            I came up with that stance from dealing with the police (at work and friends / family members), reading the things police officers post online, watching their behavior on the news, etc. I honestly don’t know how you can insist it’s not true when we see evidence of it EVERYWHERE in our daily lives.

            I wasn’t just talking about Kent State. There were several other occasions, but my personal favorite was when the US Army attacked the “Bonus Army” during the Depression (a group of WWI vets who were protesting to get their bonuses early, due to the poor economic conditions) – when the military will attack unarmed military veterans, you know that they have no problem attacking any other US citizen.