Unconventional Pistol Shooting Grips

Iraqveteran888 and Jerry Miculek look into the practicality of shooting a pistol sideways and upside down. It can be done effectively but Jerry mentions one major disadvantage with shooting sideways.

Nicholas C

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  • Mystick

    Didn’t Mythbusters already do this one?

    • Billy___Bob

      Yes. I think they decided that the one handed shooting method from the old days actually worked ok.


      • Christine

        I would love to see someone taking that stance and centering themselves while taking fire.

  • Nicks87

    The crotch grab seems appropriate.

    • Fred Johnson

      A gun in each hand . . .

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    “They put a sight on the top for a reason.” – Frank Castle a.k.a The Punisher

  • Joshua Madoc

    So EVA’s Broomhandle Sweep that Snake explained in detail was actually plausible after all.

  • Bill

    At the ranges we fight with pistols, it doesn’t really matter what orientation the sights are in- upright, sideways, upside down, as long as we align the sights and press the trigger, we’ll get hits. Of course, the fastest, most efficient way to do that is with the pistol upright, but nobody thinks twice about shooting from under cover or rollover prone with the weapon sideways. The bullet and barrel don’t care.


      I’ve seen SWAT operators using the ballistic shield alongside a sidearm using the sideways grip. Seeing how the body and the arms are orientated with the two items, providing protection is more important for the shield-guy than shot-placement. But, like you said, the pistol ranges for a shield guy are probably a couple of yards or even feet. And not to mention, we got stuff like aiming lasers.

      • Christine

        The FBI states that the range a person usually draws and fires their weapon in self defense is 3 yards or less, so “pistol ranges for a shield guy” are realistic ranges for the person who concealed carries.