Ruger Single Seven Revolver in 327 Magnum

lipseys 327

The new Ruger Single Seven is a revolver available exclusively from firearms distributor Lipsey’s.  The gun is based on the New Model Single Six revolver with a seven shot unfluted cylinder.  The gun is chambered in 327 Federal Magnum and will be available in three different barrel lengths:  4 5/8″, 5 1/2″ and 7 1/2″.

ruger 327

Although marketed as a self-defense cartridge when it was introduced, many people have suggested the 327 Federal Magnum would make an excellent small game cartridge.  The Single Six line of revolvers have been used by many for handgun hunting, and I would imagine that will be a primary purpose of many people who buy the Single Seven.

ruger single 7

As with other 327 Federal Magnum revolvers, these guns can also shoot 32 H&R Magnum, 32 S&W Long and 32 S&W Short cartridges.

MSRP is $659 for all three barrel lengths.

Richard Johnson

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  • SD3

    Neat gun, but I suspect .327 mag is about as scarce as 22lr.

    • Sam Schifo

      From what I’ve seen it’s about as common as 10mm. Not a lot of people shoot it but it is still somewhat popular.

      • I think that is pretty accurate. I’ve been able to find 327 ammo, but not 22 LR.

        • jimmarch

          Because the bore size is the same as the rest of the 32cal pistol rounds, *parts* will always be available to reloaders, all you need is shells. Reloading gear for 32H&RMag can generally work with the longer shells. So…it’s always going to be possible to shoot it. Finding 327 ammo on a store shelf on the other hand may be…rough :).

  • Cameron Bissell

    now if only they would make it in the sp101 again

  • smartacus

    Begs the comparison: which is the BETTER 7½” Ruger once and for all?
    Blackhawk in 30 Carbine or Single Seven in 327 Federal?

    • Zachary marrs

      Blackhawk 30 carbine, dat fireball tho

      • Zachary marrs

        To go into more detail, you get bigger fireballs with rifle loads, muzzle blast and fireball size is completely reasonable (around a .357 loaded hot/ or a really weak .44 magnum) with dedicated pistol loads, but since I like to share ammo with my rifle, im not too eager to find out what a pistol load would do to my carbine

    • El Duderino

      30 Carbine…preferred pistol cartridge of the American Hearing Aid Manufacturer’s Association.

      • smartacus

        hahaha! i hear ya

  • Blake

    327 Fed Mag is a nice little cartridge. Fitting an extra round in the cylinder is a bonus.
    Chuck Hawks certainly seems to think so. I’d love to have a lever-action carbine chambered in it.

    See also

  • Fred Johnson

    I really like that new Single Seven.

    It falls into my “if only” category. If only I had more gun money. If only I had the desire to add another caliber. If only Ruger would make that 7.5″ Single Seven with a Bisley grip frame to balance better in my hand. 😀

  • Adam

    This is the gun Ruger should have made instead of the .327 Blackhawk. But it might be too little, too late.

  • RSIA-01

    I want 10 shot .327 Redhawk 3-4 Inch Barrel with moon clip ! Great service handgun for revolver mania.

    • RSIA-01

      or 11/12 shot if possible lol

  • dan citizen

    If you reload the .32s are a really nice small plinking/snake/farm round,

  • David Sharpe

    I’m intrigued, I kinda like it.

  • percynjpn

    So they stopped making the GP100 in .327 because it wasn’t popular, but they now make it for this model – I don’t get it.

  • gaosmer

    no luck at my local shop, even when asked by name.

  • Tom Wittlief

    This piece, with a 5 (five) round cylinder is what Ruger shoulda’ made in the First place. Oh well…

  • David Harris

    Just to clear up some things. I purchased a single 7 two weeks ago and I’m having a ball with it. The ammo is much easier to find than 22lr, although the hot stuff is just as pricey as 357. Big advantage is the fact that you can shoot five different types of ammo, 327 FED, 32 H&R, 32 S&W Long, 32 S&W , even 32 ACP.
    I hunt anything from rats in the barn(32 S&W) to deer at 30 yds (327 Fed), with the same revolver. As far as Ruger making any decisions on this model, they didn’t, Lipseys did! If its sales continue at the present pace, I believe Ruger will get another order from Lipseys. I have personally ordered two more(a 7 1/2 and a 4 5/8). Any gun shop that doesn’t know about it, AVOID, they probably have basketballs and shoes to sell. Your local dealer will need to get ahold of the Lipseys rep to order one for you.
    The 32H&R missed the boat because of H&R’s inherently weak design. The 30 carbine is only a 30 carbine, and most of them can’t be loaded down, or use a lighter chambering. This caliber really lends itself to the reloader five different ways.
    The single six has several mods to the cylinder and frame to accomodate the 45000 cup pressure. By the by, all my 32 cals are extremely accurate. I too would love to see the SP101 in 327 and a 4″ barrel come back. The Cylinders of the Single 7 and the Sp101 are indentical in outside diameter, I measured them myself.
    As far as a rifle, a pump gun ala the Colt lightning would be my wish, rather than a clumsy lever.

  • Chained

    I hope they don’t go the way of the SP101 chambered in 327. I so want one of these single sevens, great versatility.