KAHLES K624i Rifle Scope

The below post was contributed by Conal, a TFB reader who attended Eurosatory.

KAHLES, the Austrian scope company, had a new variation of their K312 II scope that they used at Eurosatory 2014 as a vehicle to unveil – the K312i. It moves the parallax adjustment to the top turret to sit below the elevation adjustment as found in their K624i scope. They have moved the windage turret to the left side thereby swapping sides with the illumination turret which now resides on the right.

KAHLES K312i Eurosatory 2014

KAHLES K312i scope Eurosatory 2014

This means the majority of shooters (i.e. right handed) can observe the condition of all three adjustments (elevation, parallax, windage) with the left eye and adjust all three using the left hand and leave the right hand to operate the bolt and trigger.

This should appeal to those shooting right hand from a supported position. Admittedly if you are shooting off hand, with a sling or for those who rather hold off rather than twiddle windage it will be of less interest.

The scope on display used the MSR/Ki reticle and had all the other features of mil turrets, first focal plane and clear glass that was free of any obvious issues albeit I was viewing it in an exhibition hall which is not ideal. The scope is apparently to be offered with clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation and their zero stop operation which for this scope does not require the removal of the turret top. It is a double rotation elevation turret and so uses the pop up red button to indicate it is in the second turn. With a 50mm objective lens and that magnification range, I found the scope easy on the eye when it came to getting a clear sight picture. Regarding weight KAHLES believe amongst other 34mm tube scopes, it is the lightest on offer for that class of scope (magnification/objective lens).

I did not discuss price as this can vary between what we pay in the UK and the US market. Typically they are highly competitive when compared to their German competitors across the Alps

When asked if this set-up would transfer to the K624i, the KAHLES representative thought next year sometime so we will have to see if and when this turret changes arrives. If they do, one will be joining my Nightforce F1.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    I like the MSR reticle fine enough, more if it had an open center…

    But they are off their rocker with top mounted parallax and left side windage! I get the idea that it’s better for a right eye shooter, but man that just seems like a way to immediately cut your market base into 1/8th or 1/16th.

    Maybe this is the start of a revolution and all scopes in 10 years will be left hand windage… But I really doubt it.

    Esp when you consider Horus reticles where some guys aren’t dialing windage at all any more. Nightforce’s new CSASS scope has a capped windage turret ffs. A military scope with a capped windage turret. And Khales thinks you need to see it on the left side because…… ???

    Count clicks. And if you’re mil, your spotter should double check your settings if for some reason you get mixed up.

  • Timothy G. Yan

    I am seeing a prism sight next to it.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Yea, and unless it’s a 4x or 6x with a MSR reticle or even better something with a Horus-like tree, priced under an ACOG, I’m entirely not interested.

      Judging by the market of prism scopes, no one else is either.

      • Markus

        It’s a 4x with a so called “Circle Dot” reticle, which pretty much is what it sounds like: a (~20 MOA) circle with a 1,5 MOA dot inside, both illuminated as well as a 5 MOA tree underneath it which is not illuminated.
        Being Kahles, it’s safe to assume it will be insanely expensive – I’ve seen it quoted at around EUR 2400 (+3k USD)

  • Munkfish

    Kahles, like the Klingon Jesus?

    • Geoffry K

      Same thought came to me.
      No price?
      Oh. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

      • Markus

        Somewhere in the two to three thousand Euro range, depending on which model you want and how much your dealer likes/hates you. I think I paid around 2k EUR for my K 312 II (the non-illuminated predecessor), the 624 is obviously a bit more expensive (starting from 2.6k or so) and only comes with illumination. I’d expect the 312i to be priced in between those two options.