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  • Raven

    “PC load letter?! What the fuck does that mean?”

    • Vhyrus

      Think how much better office space would have been if there were guns in it.

    • Steve Truffer

      Load, work, process, etc. It makes getting words from point A to points B through AK easier without having to say them aloud.

    • hkryan

      Awesome movie! Enjoyed watching it in college and now I’m living it…

  • From Veteran to Veteran, that status doesn’t exempt you from the rigors of life my friend. One should never expect special treatment for a choice we made. If HP wants to charge you for tech support, just like they do EVERY other business wanting their support, deal with it. Don’t whine about having to pay just because you’re a veteran. Appreciate the things supporters give us, but never expect them.

    • Dracon1201

      It’s bull crap that you should have to pay in the first place! He just gets better toys to “fix” it with.

    • LRB

      I agree, as a fellow combat veteran I am not a fan of this video. Also he never indicated that this was his personal property either and very well likely he destroyed government property while ranting about HP customer service. From the uniform and patch, this looks to be Georgia national guard, Iraq circa 2003, 04 or early 2005. Its actually a douche move.

    • gunslinger

      depends on a bunch of stuff. if it’s right out of the box, and it doesn’t work, then yes, TS should offer help. if the thing is 3 years old, then any type of warranty is probably expired.

    • Guest

      He did deal with it. Other companies don’t charge for tech support.

    • Mobious

      Maybe more companies should just make printers, or hey, products in general that work as advertised. Remember when you fix home appliances yourself, or how they’d be constructed of metal instead of plastics and last forever?
      Oh wait, you’re “appreciating” the modern age 🙂

  • M.M.D.C.

    The “testimonial” at the end is hilarious!

  • hydepark

    Good thing they filmed this with a toaster. Heaven forbid we see any detail whatsoever.

    • gunslinger

      edited for national security

  • foobar

    I love social media …. keeps the corps honest

  • steveday72

    That would be satisfying to do on so many shitty products. The only thing better would be to box up the shrapnel that’s left and ship it back to them.

  • some_guy

    I remember seeing this years ago. I work in IT and always feel the same way about HP’s customer service.

  • LRB

    No helmet, no ear pro, no PT belt, range not clearly marked or indicated for squad level weapons and potential destruction of government property. SGM’s loosing their minds watching this video…..

  • WFDT

    I have two Apple G5s down on my range that are currently under repair in a similar fashion, albeit with a smaller caliber and a much slower rate of fire.

  • gunslinger

    love the last line. what a pos this is

  • dannye

    So now he has no printer at all? Smart.

  • anonymous

    HP — because you suck, and we hate you.