New – Spike’s Tactical “Dynacomp 2”

Spike’s Tactical has released their latest version of their Dynacomp… the Dynacomp 2. The comp is about the length of a 5.56 round (about 2.3″). The principle changes from the original Dynacomp include a revised crown (which actually looks like a real “crown”) and a revised mounting lug area.

It keeps the signature Dynacomp golf ball dimples for “smooth expansion of gases and rapid heat dissipation” and increases a 14.5″ barrel’s over-all length past 16″ when mounted and pinned.

Capture 2

The Dynacomp 2 is available in both Black Melonite and Nickel Boron finishes. The two models retail for $110 and $120, respectively, and are available direct from Spike’s Tactical. The Dynacomp 2 kit includes crush washers and a pin for permanent mounting.  Currently, the “2” is only available in 5.56.

Have no fear, if you prefer the look or price of the original Dynacomp, it is also still for sale ($89.95).

Nathan S

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  • Kris

    I have 3 of the original Dynacomps. I’ve compared them to the BattleComps…I think they do just as good a job at 1/2 the price. Very happy with them.

    As one guy said at a 3-Gun match after trying my rifle out with a Dynacomp and Geissele trigger…”That’s almost like cheating!”

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Once someone points out what their logo looks like… It’s damn near impossible to see a spider ever again. They are in such need of a logo refresh.

    As to the product, yea, that’s what’s needed. More larger brakes.

    • CantUnSeeIt

      Great, now I see it. T’s and D’s

      • Zachary marrs

        I must be missing something, I see darth Vader?

        • DamnUarfcom

          Two Ds about to sword fight and an owl in the back watching.

        • Cymond

          Mods, feel free to delete this if needed, but it’s really nothing but a little paint added to show what is already part of the Spike’s logo.

          • Zachary marrs

            Oh god…

          • Carvey

            I. CAN’T UNSEEN. THIS. THING!!!!!!

          • gunslinger

            bringing new meaning to the term penetration.

  • Still haven’t fixed my primary complaint. Close off the bottom, dummies!

  • Ken Rountree

    They have a new Barking Spider muzzle break out too – basically a KX3 with holes.

    • gunslinger

      looks a little stubby

  • sadfdadfsdf

    too long