Kahr Arms Adds 9mm to CT line of Pistols

Kahr Arms is adding a 9mm to the affordable line of CT pistols.  The CT9 joins the CT40 and CT45 to complete the series of affordable pistols.  At an introductory price of $369, with a coupon for a free magazine it truly is a budget pistol.  One thing of note, the press release below lists the weight as 20.6lbs loaded.  I suspect that it is a case of a mis-placed period and weighs 2.06lbs fully loaded.

Edit: It has been pointed out that the pistol more than likely weighs 20.6oz fully loaded, and not 2.06lbs, or 20.6lbs as noted in the press release.

Check out the press release below, and head over to the Kahr Arms website for more information!

Pomona, NY – Kahr introduces their newest full-frame value-priced full frame firearm; the 9mm CT9.  Earlier this year Kahr introduced the CT40 and CT45, and with the addition of the CT9, it completes their value-priced CT Series.

For decades, Kahr has offered gun enthusiasts the option of both compact and full-frame firearms. Their popular TP9, TP40 and TP45 have become legendary, but as the economy continues to take a hit, the demand for more affordable firearms has become a call to duty. Kahr took the best features of their TP-series and with ingenuity and their meticulous dedication to detail and quality, they developed the CT Series.

The CT9 features a full-size polymer frame with a matte stainless steel slide and drift-adjustable white bar-dot sight configuration. Features of the CT9093 include a 3.95” conventional rifling barrel length, overall length of 6.5”, height of 5.08” and a slide width of .90”. It weighs just 20.6 lbs. with the magazine, making it very slim, lightweight and perfect for concealed carry. The pistol comes standard with one 8 rd. magazine, but, if you purchase now you can also qualify for one free magazine. The downloadable free magazine coupon can be obtained by visiting the Kahr website. The MSRP on the CT9093 is being offered at the introductory rate of $369 but only for a limited time. That is a savings of $80.

In the last four years, Kahr has dramatically improved their USA manufacturing and production processes making it possible to pass along the savings to consumers with this price breakthrough. Kahr is currently the only firearms manufacturer to offer this level of technology and innovation at this level of value.

Like all Kahr pistols, the CT4043, CT4543, and the new CT9093 feature Kahr’s seven patents and industry-leading slim and clean single stack design for concealed carry and home defense.

For more information on the CT Series, or any of the other fine firearms offered by Kahr, please visit www.kahr.com.


  • ReManG

    Now if they would do this with the .380ACP they would have a low recoil and low slide resistance (ease of racking) pistol for those with weaker hands, or who want an even slimmer (3/4″) carry pistol. It is not as crazy as it sounds. For a new shooter, having an easy to rack slide from the lower recoil .380ACP, and the Kahr simple manual of arms, this would be a viable choice compared to a snubbie in .38 special (the popular and wise recommendation). The current size P/CW (which is excellent IMHO) 380ACP is simply too strong to rack easily, and there is not much for a new shooter to hold on to, which is not confidence inspiring like having a more regular size pistol is for a new shooter. But I am sure this 9mm version will be close to what I am thinking of, I shall have to find one to try out…..

  • Mark N.

    No, it is not a misplaced decimal. They meant to say 20.6 OZ, not LB. Two pounds (a la 1911) is not accurately described as “light.” My CW9 (7+1) weighs just over 16 oz with magazine, 3.3″ barrel, and OAH of 4.5″, OAL 6.5″. It is also big enough for a full grip for my average sized hands. It is a bit jumpy, but not harsh.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I have updated the article.

    • Alberto Paulsen

      Last time I did maths 32 OZ = 2 lbs. But what the hell do I know I’m just a squirrel that is dragged behind a boat for a living. And we are very bad at maths, but I still love my Kolibri 3mm handgun!

      • Alberto Paulsen

        See what I’m dealing with here?

        • gunslinger


  • Cymond

    “full-frame value-priced full frame firearm”
    I guess I missed the post about the new full-frame CT series. It’s certainly a good value but I’d like to see one in person.

  • Zachary marrs

    I don’t pwn one, but ive shot them, kahr makes good stuff

  • mig1nc

    Still wishing Kahr would make a double stack metal frame 9mm striker pistol. They’d sell like hotcakes.

    • Sulaco

      I spoke with a Kahr rep at a shot show in Vegas and he asked the same question, what would it take to make Kahr a duty carry gun. I told him what Mig said in effect. They have stayed at the CCW level cause that’s where their sweet spot is and I don’t see any effort to move up but still they are excellent guns. I last week shot my annual qualification shoot with a P9 and that dead nuts on gun made it easy. The P40 is a little jumpy but still a point and it goes there gun. The P45 is another page and jumpy with only a 5 round mag…

      • mig1nc

        Roger that. People have been screaming for this for years. I am not a rich man, not even a little bit, but I would plop down my credit card on a double stack metal frame Kahr 9mm striker gun today. Pre-order style. I don’t know why Kahr isn’t listening. They seem like a good folks.

        • Geodkyt

          I agree — I’d buy a double stack T- or CT- series pistol TODAY. (Probably the CT- version, because I don’t mind quality polymer frames and the cost savings changes. And almost certainly in 9x19mm – double stack .45’s are generally too fat for my tastes, and I already have a nice full size DAO in .40S&W.) If it used an already common, reasonably priced, and reliable magazine (say, Beretta mags), I’d knock people over trying to shove my money across the counter.

          I LOVE me some DAO full size pistol for a “nightstand” gun, and I love the Kahrs. But I see no reason to buy a “service pistol” that holds 3 rounds less than my “subcompact” Sig.

          I never understood the rationale behind the single stack T- series (except .45ACP and *maybe* the .40S&W). Even a Browning GP35 holds five more rounds than the T-9 and CT-9, and it’s got a grip slim enough for any adult with near normal sized hands (including very petite females).

          I understand Kahr wanting to stay focussed on the market segment they have – compact CCW. But, by building the “full size” T- series, that’s already *out* of the compact CCW market. Might as well build the pistols that most people thinking of a full-size DAO would want. That would also set them up to really break into the police duty pistol market, for cops (or department policy gurus) who are uncomfortable with the shorter, lighter, Glock “Safe Action” triggers.

        • Hyok Kim

          “They seem like a good folks.”

          CEO is a moonie. In the mid to late 70’s, they had a falling out with SK government because they had tried to infilitrate the SK government, and destroy the secular principle that uphold SK society. They were purged in SK, and that’s how they ended up in U.S.

  • percynjpn

    Great guns, but lack capacity – shame.

    • Hyok Kim

      It was meant to be for people with small hands, never meant to be a ‘wondernine’.

  • Hyok Kim

    For not much more money, walthers are far better guns.