Because ‘Murica… The BenchMaster Sniper Seat 360

What happens when you combine American know-how, guns, and epic laziness? You get the Sniper Seat 360 “feature-packed shooting chair.**” Its star feature? A arm-rest mounted shooting pole. Oh, and it reclines too! (**Coozie not included)

Sniper Seat 360 lifetsyle image2

The Sniper Seat 360 “is easy to transport,” weighing in at “only 25 pounds.” But don’t worry, it has backpack straps. (Guaranteed to be at least as uncomfortable as an ALICE pack)

Deployable for all terrains, the legs are able to be extended or retracted individually for uneven ground. You can maintain full 360-degree awareness with the built-in swivel.

Sniper seat 360 lifetsyle image 4

You can pick up this outdoor “Lay-Z-Boy” for only $129.99. For a limited time you can even record yourself sitting there with the included Sniper Seat Camera Mount (a $19.99 value).

sniper seat full

Just think, for four easy payments of (about) $39.99, you will be king of the outdoors on your own iron throne. Sit back, relax, swivel, and recline while exterminating your choice varmint.

Full Press Release Below:

The Sniper Seat 360 is a feature packed shooting chair that meets the needs of multiple shooting scenarios. The adjustable legs with attachable discs allow for sturdy footing on uneven terrain, while the smooth swiveling seat allows for 360 degrees of rotation. Weighing in at only 25 pounds, and coming standard with backpack straps, carrying the Sniper Seat to and from your location is simple. From the woods to the range, this chair will go anywhere!

Are you a bowhunter? Then the Sniper Seat 360 will meet your ground hunting needs! Easily remove the arms for greater range of motion when ground blind hunting with your favorite vertical bow.

For the shooter that wants something for use with his gun, the Sniper Seat 360 is perfect. The gun rest provides stability for your weapon that will enhance your accuracy while the 360-degree rotation allows for quick target acquisition.

This seat is remarkably comfortable, with reclining foam padded back and 16 by 11 inch foam padded seat, for those long hours on the hunt.

This exceptional seat comes with a five-year warranty and weatherproof, nylon webbing on a powder coated steel frame. That’s half a decade in any weather conditions guaranteed without rust or rot! Experience the ultimate shooting solution, and use a Sniper Seat 360 on your next outdoor shooting adventure!

If you purchase a Sniper Seat 360 now, you’ll get the Sniper Seat Camera Mount free! That’s a $19.99 value!

MSRP – 129.99
Part # – BMSSSC
Weight – 25.6 lbs
Height – 13″ – 17″
Seat Dimensions – 16″x11″
For more information on BenchMaster products, visit

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • wetcorps

    For all the armchair snipers out there…

  • Gyufygy

    Chairborne Rangers lead from the rear!


  • Bullseye_Bob

    I would rather have the Caldwell DeadShot Chairpod.. Way better:

    • Peter B

      The Benchmaster has several adjustable joints in the force path between the rest and the ground. I bet it tends to wobble more than the Chairpod though I wonder about that one too.

  • Nicks87

    All it needs is a cup holder for my beer!

    • CaptainSlaughterboard

      Looks battlemug finally found certain place to work properly.
      Now the only thing we need is picatinny rail mount for this lay-Z one…

  • Phil Hsueh

    Nice, but it’s missing a cup holder.

    Btw, a couple of minor typos in the article. Towards the beginning, it should be An arm-rest. Then in your last paragraphs, you missed a “be”, you wrote “. . . you will king of the outdoors” instead of , “. . . you will BE king of the outdoors”.

  • iksnilol

    No cupholder? That smells like communism to me.

    • gunslinger

      heated/cooled seats? radio? cooler holder 🙂

      all things aside, i can see this useful for people. and the price seems to be very competitive.

  • Roy G Bunting

    Inexpensive shooting bench that you can pack up when you are done? Seems like a win for varmint shooting, or people with conditions that make it uncomfortable to stand or hunch over for long periods of time. Like old age?

    Might also be useful for teaching rifle shooting. Sit here. Place rifle. Focus on breathing and trigger, not stance or anything else. Take out the variables, make it as easy to do as possible, shorten the learning curve.

    • Dan

      much better than lugging a shooting bench and chair out into the forest for precision target shooting. if it’s stable, it’s a winner.

  • BillC

    The write up seems pretty sarcastic, but I see this as a huge benefit for wounded/disabled hunters and shooters. Just sayin’

    • If there was a sarcastic font, I would have used it, but that does not take from the utility of the chair.

      Being a Marine and a husband to an OT, I am very sensitive to the disabled. Hence why I did not poke fun at that audience in any way. I poked fun at the rest of us beer-swillin Murican’s.

      • BillC

        No issues with that.

  • Anon. E Maus

    This seems silly, but if someone has some kind of muscular weakness or anemia or something, this product could be what allows them to engage properly in their sport.

  • Aaron E

    OK I’ve got to take a shot at “epic laziness”. As an avid hunter and shooter I see this as a good option for a more steady ground shooting platform. There are many hunters who hunt from the ground as their only means to take game, and having a quality shooting seat can easily make the difference in success. Sitting on the ground usually sucks. The adjustable legs and back are a great feature.

    The Caldwell DeadShot is more sturdy, but a little but more on the complicated side, and more expensive. This Benchmaster has arm rests (nice addition) and, a simple rifle rest that provides more ease of movement for the shooter’s arms.

    • Its all in good fun.

      If I can spread the word about a product and make most of our readers laugh, I will do it.

      Yes, it does have utility. Its actually pretty cool, but the Press Release and marketing for this is almost silly.

  • Burst

    Don’t forget your Sniper diapers.

  • Julio

    I took a look at one of these back at IWA in March. What impressed was how comfortable and how light it was. These were clearly the designer’s priorities, whilst Caldwell’s offering prioritises stability. In my experience portable and stable lie at opposite ends of a spectrum. By the way, though able-bodied, I shoot a lot from ground seats, with or without blinds, as well as from treestands following the old advice to “move less and see more” when hunting.

  • gunslinger

    needs a legrest

  • Cynic

    I can see a use for it being disabled. Anything that makes stand style hunting in the cold and wet less painful and allows men and women like me to access the sport is a great idea.

    Similarly eradication of things like groundhogs or hogs where you are shooting allot from a small area it would help. My only concern are stability and how the recoil of the weapon is handled by the chair.