Full Auto SCAR-H

In this video, FPSRussia gets his hands on a SCAR-H, the select fire version of the SCAR 17S. It’s rate of fire is a lot slower than I expected, it is still an impressive machine and is one of my bucket list guns to shoot in Full Auto. I would like to have seen the SCAR-H used on moving targets or at least in a stage where the shooter has to move. Kind of like what we see at Knob Creek.

The combination of incendiary bullets and spray paint cans makes for a rather spectacular target.

fps fire


Steve Says: I have shot the SCAR-H on full-auto. I can confirm it is a lot of fun to shoot, although I can claim to have gotten more than maybe the first couple of rounds on target.

Nicholas C

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  • The_Sargentos

    Can or cannot “claim to have gotten more than maybe the first couple of rounds on target”? Just that the wording makes it seem like “cannot”.

    • gunslinger

      i can neither confirm nor deny…

  • Andrew

    Do spray paint cans only ignite with incendiary rounds, or will tracers work?

    • Michael Bergeron

      tracers can work but incendiary rounds always work.

  • gunslinger

    fps russia….always an “interesting” view

  • dp

    Scar 17 you say? Rest better go to their knees…… but wait, that FA is still kind of out of place.

  • 11b

    “The Cadillac of Battle Rifles”- but weren’t there a lot of quality control issues with the SCARs? Some guy on here was saying how his ODA didn’t use them because they had a lot of failures, even a one catastrophic…. then again, everyone on the internet is in an ODA so idk haha

    • Lance

      Yes any 7.62x51mm rifles have stability issues on FA. Most choose to shoot them in semi auto.

      • DVC

        FA on a full-house battle rifle is best used for ambush response. Spray a few rounds to shake up the enemy, then switch to semi and find the front sight for actual fighting.

    • seans

      There is a ton of quality control issues with the SCAR family. Especially the MK20s. But the SCAR fan boy crowd who have never been issued one are whose only experience is one or two civilian models will call you out the moment you try to bring it to light.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Why would the Mk20 have more problems than the Mk17?

        • seans

          Guns going full auto, random shifts of POI up to 7 minutes then just randomly shifting back. A quick detach suppressor that doesn’t hold a zero, light striking. The SCAR family has a ton of quality control problems but the MK20 is especially bad.

    • n0truscotsman

      With some yeah. But not all.

      At least, not any more than any other new system that is starting to be used long term.

      We had issues with the trunnion screws, butt stocks, and eotechs being damaged (but aimpoints and trijicons were fine). I know the SCAR’s issues have been exacerbated and exaggerated on the internet, just like it was with the M4 (and the next person that tries to use Wanat as a example of M4 “unreliability”, im going to start clubbing baby seals)

      The family is not perfect by any means. FN’s antipathy towards improvements and making it a great rifle is what pissed off myself and others.

    • Michael Bergeron

      Have you seen how many GM vehicles have been recalled lately, including Cadillac, so the moniker still fits.

  • Lance

    Still would stay with a M-14 AR-10 or FAL over this plastic toy any day any were.

    • hkryan

      I could see buying one someday but I won’t be getting rid of my FAL to do so.

    • JosefOrwell

      You are quite possibly the worst poster on TFB.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I thought there was supposed to be a no trolls policy. But he’s been trolling this site and KitUp for YEARS.

    • buzzman1

      Lance just how much experience do you actually have with any SCAR?

  • 762Soldier

    SCAR has matured extremely well as a platform. FN has done a great job getting this weapon to work as it should. The 7.62mm version is only 500 grammes heavier than the 5.56mm one.. A remarkably reliable weapon. So simple to strip and clean. In a word, sturdy. (FYI Lance, the receiver is aluminium not polymer. Only the butt and TMH are polymer – same as they are on many AR15 derivatives. Changing the polymer parts for aluminium would not be a problem, or fundamentally change the weapon or its performance.) All in all this is a very clever design. Anyone know who else is using it apart from 75th Ranger Regiment?

    • seans

      So how much actual experience do you have with the SCAR H.

      • buzzman1

        Sean, I own one and I love it. Close to zero recoil. Sub MOA with common off the shelf ammo.
        I did however change the lower to an aluminum one and put in a Timney Trigger. Nothing really wrong with the trigger, just didn’t like the feel of the stock trigger. The lower I bought because its more ergonomically correct and converts the SCAR to common mags from expensive FN mags.

    • LCON

      Kenya, Chile, Lithuania, LAPD Swat, Peru, Malaysia

    • buzzman1

      There’s a company out of Washington State called HANDL Defense that makes Aluminum Lowers that are more ergonomically correct than the original lowers AND takes standard Mags instead of the hard to get $55 mags from FN.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    So TFB is plugging FPSRussia now? It’s a sad day for America.

    • FourString

      I read “plugging” in a drive-by kind of sense o.o

  • Ken

    Hmm, looks like it does a great job making watermelon juice instead of blowing them up. I seriously want to try that now.

  • FPSRussia might not be the most informative, or hard-hittingly journalistic of the firearm-review YouTube channels, but I’ve never NOT had a big grin on my face by the end of a segment.

  • DVC

    The SCAR is FN’s replacement for the FAL Para, at about the same pricing as you see for the few all-FN or all-Springfield guns that come on the market. Got a stack of FAL mags? 2 minutes of simple doctoring converts them for the SCAR (drill the mag catch hole and squeeze or grind off the bump on the front of the mag). If you want to be able to interchange mags between (Metric) FAL and SCAR, it’s only 1 minute of doctoring to the mag (mag catch hole) and 10 minutes of doctoring the SCAR (a groove to accept the bump).

  • sometrend

    Nice gun,I don`t have 2600 bucks in disposable income right now though. Guess I`ll have to rely on my springfield M1A for now.No matter,I can hit a baseball at 400meters anytime you want me to…and I can hit 20 of those targets between 50 & 400 meters in 90 seconds

  • Steve_7

    Look everyone, a full-auto 7.62mm NATO rifle! Wow! Now go and read the article about Jerry Miculek using a 1957 vintage AR-10 that does exactly the same thing…