5.11 Select Carry Pack

With the increasing interest in pistol ARs, thanks to the ATF ruling on the SIG Brace, the 5.11 Select Carry pack is looking a lot more useable now. I was talking to a School Resource Officer who was contemplating carrying an AR-15 on duty. He was ambivalent due to pros of having one for an active shooter scenario and the cons of having it at all times. If he locks it up in his office, it is useless when he may need it to respond to an emergency. My concern is the open carrying of an AR-15. Even though he is a School Resource Officer, I can just see ignorant people freaking out. Most likely parents.

I recommended looking into a pistol AR, since engagements will probably not be very far. With a pistol AR, it can be concealed and I showed him this video.

Now the video shows an MP5 but you can fit a 7.5″ pistol AR inside.



A 10.5″ pistol AR however will stick out.


Here is what it looks like when worn. If you are clever you could dress up the buffer tube like a tennis racket handle and no one would be the wiser.


Nicholas C

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  • John

    For the majority of us who will not use the bag to quick draw an SBR, here’s something nice to know:

    It fits a 16″ AR-15 broken down into upper and lower halves

    • Nicholas C

      You are correct. But a pistol AR is doable. And more useful combined with this bag.

  • Eric

    A gas piston 556 pistol would be even easier to conceal…


    • M H

      Pretty sure that is a Sig 556 pistol — but we get where you are going…

      • LT

        He never said it was an AR, just a 556 pistol. It looks like it has a 60rd Surefire magazine too.

        • FourString

          lotta wallop in a tiny package

          • Frank

            if the surefire mag doesn’t cause jams, or the extractor on the sig doesn’t work

    • FourString

      Yup, since there’s no buffer tube, you can carry around one with a folding stock too.

      • Anon. E Maus

        I’ve seen Arm Braces fit on folding-stock trunnions, so there’s no reason you couldn’t have a folding stock without changing classification to an SBR.

        • FourString

          Nice. The Sig SB-15 yeah?

  • james

    If I was the cop I would just carry a p90 and five seven pistol. Pretty much the perfect choice for super close fighting and at less than 20″ end to end could be hidden in a backpack or briefcase. Unfortunately most PDs wouldn’t let the officer choose.

    • james

      Even though ar pistols generally suck, they will fit in a laptop bag. My brothers carbon 15 would perfectly fit in a messenger bag.

    • FourString

      full auto p90 :DDD’ ahhhh

    • Anon. E Maus

      Most PD’s probably don’t want to go through the hazzle of outfitting a regular patrolling officer with an automatic weapon.

      A PS90 SBR could very well work. Personally I am no fan of the 5.7x28mm though.
      Could make a great varmint round I suppose.

    • Panzer-Knacker

      The 5.7 is meant for armor piercing. While in Law Enforcement we do want a round that can get through heavy clothing we do not want a round that will go through someone and into something else. 5.7 being the way it is (Meant for Armor Piercing) it does not have the “Knock Down” that other pistol caliber rounds have that is necessary for Law Enforcement.

      • FourString

        Depends. In 5.7 LE loads it’s armor piercing. Civilian hollow points = less overpenetration than 9mm. It’s a good platform for both applications.

  • Blake

    My favorite SMG is the PP2000.

    But back in the ’80s the Secret Service was already concealing Uzis in briefcases, so this isn’t really that hard a problem to solve (if you have a weapon designed for the application)…


  • Miami_JBT

    Welcome to five years ago…. been usi9ng one for my SBR PS90.

  • hkryan

    Go with a cheapo tennis racket bag instead.

    • gunslinger

      just go old school and use a guitar case!

  • Bill

    A SRO who wants to carry an AR or any variant full-time is WAY too enthusiastic, or has never been required to carry an AR of any variant, on his/her person, for an entire shift. More lives would be saved by carrying an AED constantly, and rigorous practice with the pistol

    • Alex Blascyk

      who’s to say people can’t have options? being way to enthusiastic is still an option.

  • Duncan Idaho

    I have that exact same bag in black (don’t get it because it screams TACTICAL). I use Kel Tec’s Sub2K folded in half in the bag. Since it is the Glock magazine version, I have 2 33 round magazines in a double carrier inside the bag. I also have a G19 inside the front pouch with one extra magazine. The “one point sling” attachment in the bag is used to secure the buttstock inside the bag. Not a high speed low drag setup, more like some speed, some drag.

  • tizzle

    my 5.11 bag carries my PAP M92 AK pistol wonderfully. Too bad it won’t fit with the “arm brace” or I’d be all over that.

  • DVC

    The latest entry for the 2014 Waffenposselhaft Award!