SHOTMaxx Timer Watch

CED and DAA collaborated and made a shot timer watch. It retails for $150.

It is smaller than the CED7000 and has a more advanced method of registering shots.

Currently, all timers on the market are “sound activated” only in their shot detection method. This method of design can lead to confusion when other shots are fired in close proximity to the timer in use. The new SHOTMAXX eliminates this problem by running a sophisticated shot detection algorithm. This is a far more advanced method of shot detection than ever before used. It analyses the wave form of the sound it hears, decides if it follows a well-recognized form of a shot’s sound pattern and when it concludes that it does along with meeting the threshold required, the shot is recorded. The Shotmaxx has 10 levels of digital sensitivity adjustment built in. The new high tech internal microphone offers more range than ever before!
Additionally, the SHOTMAXX is the FIRST shot timer ever to use Accelerometer sensor technology, along side of the microphone sensory, to detect shots. When the acc (accelerometer / recoil sensor) is activated, the SHOTMAXX looks not only for the sound but also for the recoil as well. The perfect solution when on a line of fire next to several other shooters, and you want to record only your shots fired. The timer looks to match the sound of the shot with the identified recoil – and when the match is made, – a shot is recorded.

According to CED, the SHOTMaxx is so sensitive that it can work with much-quiter-than-the-real-thing airsoft guns. So now you can increase your off-range training beyond dry firing and SIRT training guns.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Cymond

    If this shot timer is sensitive enough to detect airsoft, then will it also work with suppressors? Or will the algorithm exclude those?

    On another note, a recoil sensor … seems like an inventive person could design a shot timer with a linked wireless recoil sensor that bolts on to a picatinny rail. Of course not every gun has rail space available, but it would be interesting to have a shot timer that is completely immune to other noises.

    • Giolli Joker

      Recoil isn’t universally quantifiable and is affected by many factors, such a sensor might even be fooled by shooter’s movements… personally I don’t think that it would be very reliable.

      • gunslinger

        unless said sensor is tied into the audio detection?

        what about a 2 piece recoil sensor. attaches to the bolt and the frame. thus as the bolt travels, the 2 sensors “line up” and complete the signal circuit. thus detecting the shot. Granted wouldn’t work for pump or revolver. and could be clunky. but that’s another way?

      • James

        The Accelerometer is working flawlessly and it is indeed linked to the audio signal.

  • SafeArmsReview

    I think this is a great product – its a convenient wrist watch design and apparently weeds out other shooters = good stuff. Price isn’t bad either. I also think that with the recent USPSA timing scandal by Paul Hendrix, more competitors will purchase this to verify their times and keep ROs honest.

    If you have not heard about the USPSA Paul Hendrix Timing Scandal check out this video…

    Seems that Paul Hendrix a USPSA grandmaster, range officer and retired LEO has been trimming and adding time to certain shooters. I look at detail on some runs he oversees and it warrants further investigation. Seems when he does not know people or people who are not on his team, he adds time to their score (about 1-4 seconds). Now you might say his shot timer is out of calibration but when fellow team mates shoot their scores are trimmed.

    What is amazing is that a lot of shooters have posted videos on youtube of their COFs (course of fire) and even if you just time it with a stop watch the times are off. With that said, I think this product will help keep the playing field honest.

    Fact remains its sad that a few bad apples ruins a sport.

  • gunslinger

    is thre a “countdown” timer? i never shot like this, but the systems have 3rd party with the timer, and you can get into position, and when you hear the buzz you start, and it can detect “draw time” then shot period. does work the same way. say you hit the start button and you get 30 seconds (adjustable) to get into a ready position and begin?

  • James

    The microphone sits just under the SHOMTAXX logo and not where it was mentioned on the Video.

  • dan citizen

    Is it Paul Hendrix approved?

  • Callum King-Underwood

    looks an awful lot like a Texas Instruments EZ430 Chronos. The LCD display is different from the chronos but the actual shell and wristband are identical. The original chronos has no mic on it but does have a short range RF modem on it, the mic on this is more or less a non integral accessory added to the strap. I’d wager that it is simply a Chronos with a new display and the mic communicating via RF. Chronos also has an accelerometer onboard.

    Really wouldnt surprise me if someone busted one of those open and sure enough found the CC430F6137 chip inside there. If so then it would certainly be possible to write a custom firmware for the standard Chronos devices to duplicate this functionality.