Ruger American Rimfire Now With Threaded Barrel Models

Ruger has now added a factory threaded model to their Ruger American Rimfire line. The new threaded models are available in  .22 LR, .22 Magnum and .17 HMR.


The full press release is below …

Sturm, Ruger &amp Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) – Since its release nearly a year ago, the Ruger American Rimfire® line of bolt-action rifles has become extremely popular. Building on this success, six new models over three calibers are now available. New threaded barrel models in .22 LR, .22 Magnum and .17 HMR are available in full-sized (13.75″ length of pull) and compact (12.5″ length of pull) variations. All six models feature 18″ cold hammered-forged barrels with a 1/2-28 thread pattern and a factory-installed thread protector.

“We’ve been pleased with how the Ruger American Rimfire® has been received by our customers. They comment on the superior accuracy and quality of these rifles as reasons for choosing them.” remarked Mike Fifer, Ruger CEO. “These new threaded models are just one more way we’re raising the bar on rimfire bolt-action rifles,” he concluded.

The Ruger American Rimfire® shares many of the features that made the centerfire Ruger American Rifle® popular among hunters and shooters alike. It features a Ruger Marksman Adjustable™ trigger and patent-pending Power Bedding® integral bedding block system that positively locates the receiver and free-floats the barrel, making these rifles true performers at the range and in the field.

Each model in the line includes two interchangeable stock modules that provide comb height options for scope or iron sight use. Standard models come with long length of pull modules, while compact models come with short length of pull modules. By simply removing the rear sling swivel stud, stock modules can be changed in seconds. All four stock modules are completely interchangeable across all models and are available at

Models chambered in .22 LR feature the detachable, flush-mounted 10/22® BX-1 10-round rotary magazine and accept all 10/22® magazines, including the BX-25®. Models chambered in .22 Magnum and .17 HMR use the detachable, flush-mounted JMX-1 9-round rotary magazine. The easy-to-use 10/22®-style extended magazine release provides smooth, no-fuss magazine removal. The 60-degree bolt affords ample scope clearance, while an easy-to-use, receiver-mounted bolt release allows the bolt to be readily removed without requiring a pull of the trigger, a unique safety feature among rimfire, bolt-action rifles. With the bolt removed, these rimfire rifles can be cleaned from the chamber end of the barrel, eliminating the possibility of damage to the barrel crown at the muzzle.

Additional features include a satin blued, target-crowned, cold hammer-forged barrel that results in ultra-precise rifling for exceptional accuracy, longevity and easy cleaning, plus a Williams™ fiber optic front sight and 10/22®-style adjustable, “V” slot, folding-leaf rear sight. A 3/8″ rimfire scope base is machined into the receiver, which is also drilled and tapped for Weaver® #12 bases (not included).

Steve Johnson

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  • WV Cycling

    I bought one of the first threaded barrel 10/22’s that didn’t have sights…. I really wish they would have at least given the option for them. (Model 1261)

    • Cymond

      Unfortunately, Ruger doesn’t make a standard 10/22 with iron sights and threaded barrel, but they make a few versions of the Takedown like that, plus the upcoming 50th Anniversary model.

      • Res

        They sure do,almost every gun shop I’m my country sells them. As locally a .22 without a $20 suppresser us a very rare thing

        • Cymond

          Well I’d appreciate the model number if you can figure it out. They’re certainly not on Ruger’s website.

          • WV Cycling

            Someone linked this, but it isn’t exactly what I was hoping for, not that TD is inherently a bad thing:

          • Cymond

            lol … that was me. FWIW, I really want one of the 50th Anniversary special models with the threaded barrel, peep sight, and American Rimfire-style stock.

          • Stevo

            Model 1261, 11173, 11113, 11121, 11122, 11138, 11139, 11140, 11141, 11169, 11170, 1287

          • Cymond

            Most of those have threaded barrels with NO iron sights, except for the 50th Anniversary and Takedown models, which I mentioned in my original reply to WV Cycling. I was calling out Res’ claim that Ruger makes a standard 10/22 carbine with iron sights and threaded barrel.
            As far as I know, the 50th Anniversary model isn’t widely available yet (and I doubt “almost every gun shop [in Res’] country sells them”), and the takedowns are relatively new. I still have not seen a single factory standard carbine like what Res mentioned.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Ruger has definitely been listening to customers for the last few years.

    I’m curious though, what is the practical difference between this and the 77/22?

    • Steve Truffer

      Adjustable Comb height and LOP. Iron sighted but ready for mounting optics.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Those are the features of the stock. I was more talking about the action.

        The American is a 60degree, and I’m certain it’s cheaper to produce. But I wonder about the accuracy/reliability.

    • floppyscience

      They sure have been, what with the “Voice of the Customer Survey” every year. Two years in a row the things I voted for have been made. 🙂 Here’s hoping we make it three.

      • Cymond

        The 77/22 does also use 10/22 magazines, but you’re right about the rest. My wife has a 77/17, and it really is built much nicer than the typical rimfire rifle.

  • Zachary marrs

    Make it a take down and only then will I give you my money

    • Rick

      yes please.

      waves cash at Ruger hoping to get noticed 🙂

  • Mystick

    I want this for the 10/22 TD….

    • Cymond

      How so? You mean the threaded barrel with iron sights? Or the stock? Because the threaded barrel is definitely an option. There are even some distributor-exclusive stainless models of the 10/22 TD with threaded barrel.

      • Mystick

        Yeah… I’ve seen those.

        I was referring to the threaded barrel, but as an aftermarket piece. The 10/22 TD stock isn’t that bad, except being child-sized and not offering any attachment options(like sling studs or a safe place to put sling studs)

  • Still Learning

    Is the purpose of the threaded barrel so that a suppressor can be used?

    • uisconfruzed


      • Still Learning

        Any other reason?

        • uisconfruzed

          None that I can think of, I just shipped my Ruger MKIII Hunter 22 pistol and my Volquartsen match 10/22 barrel to them threaded for my new suppressor.

    • Rick

      muzzle brake…not for recoil but for muzzle weight. And on my tacSol AR upper, it seems to make a difference in keeping gasses escaping to the side and maybe leaving the bullet alone. looks neato too.

      would never, never, ever be interested in any sort of make quiet device cuz those are terrible and evil….:)

  • WFDT

    I picked one of these up last week. It’s fantastic. Dead-on accurate right out of the box and with my Sparrow suppressor and subsonic ammo, vewy, vewy quiet.

    • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

      Got mine today, also for use with my Sparrow. Delightfully quiet. Tough finding a Picatinny base though.

  • Alex GottmitUns

    Awesome. Make it a Selective-Action rifle, like the old 1920’s Walther Model 1 Carbine. But designed around the 10/22 rotary magazine with a threaded barrel. It would sell like pancakes.
    Here’s the link to a video of the old Walther in aktion.